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it's a sad day in batg-ville.

(beauty & the geek results below)

so, the geeks have to try and get ladies' phone numbers (again), but this time they have furry accomplices (uh, dogs). this challenge was pretty lame and contrived and whatever, nate wins by usurping mario's leftovers.

way to go, nate. (fake geek, what?!)

then the ladies have to create doghouses* and cecille pulls a "mr. boston" and meanders through the challenge like a monkey on qualudes.

will someone PLEASE pull a ripsi on cecille already?

so anyway, megan/scooter are safe along with nate/cecille, which defaults nadia/mario and niels/jennylee into the elimination round.


this is not going to end well.

jennylee and nate decide that it's now or never if they are going to make out and no one is the least bit surprised when they do. except, maybe, nate. [insert eye roll here]

anyway, both teams put up a valiant fight, but in the end mario narrowly misses a really questionable question and he and nadia are sent packin'.

i cry.

goodbye nadio. so long maridia. ye shall be missed.

* it must be reality show build-a-doghouse-week


M.Sizzle said...

Good episode as usual...nadia was the best, i think i may have feel in love with her...tough to see her leaving over ppl like ceci

cj said...

i am the one who wrote that article about nate not being a real geek.. and i stand by it!!

it takes a little more than wearing vintage clothes and misquoting star wars to become a geek.

trust me. i know.

i will say though, after watching jennylee(s) throwing herself at natedog and him do nothing about it... but hug her!>!>!> i might take it all back