stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


mum mum mum mah

where to start!!

my life is a crazy hodge podge of EVERYTHINGCOMINGATMEALLATONCE but the also a whole bunch OF HURRYUP and W ...A... I... T.


only, this: we are still waiting for the %&*(^ governments to send all pertinent documents because we are doing an FHA loan and (THE GOVERNMENT IS F*CKING SLOW) therefore STILL don't actually have an official close date. It was supposed to be March 27th, 2009. HOWEVER. it is now looking like April 3rd, 2009 or MAYBE even April 10th, 2009. WHO KNOWS. we were supposed to find out Monday. we were supposed to find out yesterday we were supposed to find out today. i mean, um, WTF, motha f*ckers. WTF.

the good news is that everything will happen, it's just that it's taking longer than planned.

boring condo talk, i know.

moving on.

TODAY. i confronted a MAJOR fear. i presented to a class full of 20-something young adult college students at USC. I went in with [my company] branded tote bags and water bottles and I had on my salmon pink shell with my short sleeve jacket and pin-striped black pants with my Bebe black mesh with salmon pink and assorted other embroidered flower 3" heels. AND. NEWS FLASH. i did not, per my normal MO, TURN BRIGHT RED, AKA into the RULK. i was calm, relaxed, somewhat articulate and even, in some parts of my presentation, FUNNY. i made some of those college kids laugh, even.

It was equal parts SCARY AS HELL and PRETTY AWESOME.

so.... yay! fear: confronted & conquered.

for posterity because i've been noticeably unable to string together an entry:

saturday night was liana's bday party DOWNTOWN. her new place is AWESOME and not that far from ours. as a test, we parked my car at my work parking lot and TOOK THE METRO (WHAT? YES!) and it was very nice. as a result of not driving, aaron and i were able to DRINK TOO MUCH. and then i was hungover on sunday. meh. but i still managed to pound out a 10 - mile run. 24 hours previous to that run, i was face down at the chiro getting a massage. only, this time i said: please, can you only focus on my back for 60 minutes (including heads, shoulders, neckmeats and glutes) and my massage guy said YES OF COURSE. and after that? i was pure mush. which was brills because EVEN PRIOR to that, i was getting my ass kicked by anorexic-looking erin at the gym in her "BODY SCULPT CLASS."


hours upon hours BEFORE THAT i was at a play called Womens of Manhatten or somesuch and it was fun and good and I lurved it. earlier in the week i had a GNO (GIRLS NIGHT OUT) with tenna, amanda and ryan. which was awesome even if Ryan isn't even a girl.




I think i have a bit of a wine buzz and I also kind of feel like a drunk spaz.



i haz a birfday

i dont really have a shitton to say ... except that...

my birfday was da bomb.

and it's NOT EVEN OVER YET. well. ok. it is.


i still have plans this weekend, ya know. birfdays on thursdays linger.... on....

Aaron went BIG this year. bought me a WII, took me to the THE LITTLE DOOR, procured a DOZEN ROSES, let me watch AI, ABDC AND SURVIVOR.

i'm the luckiest grrl alive.


holy OMG.

it took me 33 years to become an ADULT.

i'm overflowing with happy.