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oh, so much!

we finally saw pan’s labyrinth this weekend. i don’t want to say i was intrisically disappointed, but it was definitely not the tenor of film i was expecting. i’m not going to renege on my original golden globes’ “gut” predictions for best foreign language film, but i think i will deifnitely be a little bit more judicious when choosing my picks for the oscars. (apocalypto, yo!) i think the movie definitely made me think. i just, uh, don't like war. at all. that's all i will say about that.

in other happenings, jake gyllenhaal was really fun on SNL last night. his opening monologue was one of the best ive ever seen. fo' real. His skits weren’t what I’d call amazing.. but they were fun. it’s nice when someone like him just totally goes for it and doesn’t hold back. i totally appreciated his efforts. See fo yourself!

in the category of morbid curiousity, this whole shawn hornbeck saga has me very riveted. i’m completely glued to the breaking news as this story develops. if you don’t know the story ... go here::

google news

so many questions... such a strange and twisted situation. no definite thoughts yet. just pure and simple "wtf."

"24" is on now. so, you know, thoughts on the premiere to come soon.

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