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"24" aims to please me

you probably don't need ANOTHER reason to get excited about the premiere of "24" next week... but this falls into the category of "SUPER EXCITING" for me, personally:

"Rick Schroeder, formerly of “NYPD Blue,” is joining the cast. Schroeder plays the new head of field operations at CTU, taking the job that once belonged to Bauer. “He’s going to have a lot of Jack Bauer’s qualities,” Cassar said."

for more "24" news, click here (i know, this news is so last year, but whatevs.)

first sean astin and NOW! rick schroeder! it's like the casting crew is reaching directly into my grade school crush jar to cast new characters. they also have chad lowe on this season. now ... if it were ROB lowe, i might have cried "conspiracy."

anyway, at the rate they're going with this, don't be surprised if suddenly kirk cameron shows up. then corey haim. then... well i think you get the point.


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