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that's the sound of my brains springing around in my skull-case after watching the last moment of LOST.

i mean, like whoa.

i can't BELIEVE we have to wait until january for the next installment. f*cking frack whack jiggety mack.


short butt my week. short week my butt.

+ lately people have been giving me the elevator look (the old up & down) wayyyyyy too much. girls, guys, gays, straights, midgets, and even some giants. i'm WAY too mutha effing self-conscious to deal with this. tenna, you are even guilty of doing this one day. WHAT IS GOING ON? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE? I SWEAR TO BLOG. and so on. but no, really, what are you looking at, fools?

+i worked 10 hours (or so) on tuesday, 12 hours on wednesday, 11 hours today and ?? hours tomorrow. the eff, mange? did i say that right? the bloody hell, mate? what the f*ck, yo momma? i's TI-RED. but my trusty Facility* gets back from the Vacation on monday, so all should be back to NRML, soon. in the interim, i definitely did 10 push-ups in my office 2x today just to get some of the hyper adrenalines and craziness out of my system. i felt 10000% better after that, and my biceps were pretty engorged as well. i just asked aaron and eddie how to spell "ENGORGED." they didn't even look up from whatever weird youtube video they were watching. SRSLY. whatevs, dudes.

+people are always SURPRISED out of their FREAKING minds when i say, "I'm 4'11"." they usually say, "NOOOOOO way, i thought you were at least 5'2"!" and i say, well! that's because i'm always wearing 3" heels or higher! SO, technically, you are right!!" and then i laugh like an evil little maniacal troll. because, this is fun and funny to me. mwahahahahaha. i'm only 2" away from being a midget! mwahahahahhahaa. and so on.

+mostly, i'm just killing time until we "can" watch the FINALE OF LOST. we can't watch it in real time, because then we would have to (god FORBID) watch commercials. so instead, we are doing random other items until we feel like we have sufficiently waited long enough to fast foward through every goddamn commercial! EVERY SINGLE ONE! MY PURE UNADULTERATED EXCITEMENT CANNOT STAND THE WAIT! OMG!!!!! I DIE.

ok. i think 49 minutes is long enough. LOST FINALE, here we mutha f*Cking come.

* you know, my work subordinate.


bigger, stronger, faster.... weirder?

last night aaron, eddie & i attended the fancy hollywood premiere of Bigger, Stronger, Faster. to be honest, when I RSVP'd "yes" for all of us, I really had no idea what this film was about (I mean, not REALLY), but i saw the word "RECEPTION" and thought to myself "FREE BOOZE" and I was in. And, actually, aaron and eddie had been talking about it and were excited to see it, and so it went.

what i didn't expect was to think TOTALLY differently about steriods. i guess i hadn't really given the topic much thought (if any?) before seeing this film (done in the style of and produced by the guys who did bowling for columbine/farenheit 911*), but once i saw it, i was like hmmmmm, VERRRRY INTERRRRESSSTINGGGGGG. just like that. and that, my friends, is why i have to HIGHLY recommend this film. if raising your level of consciousness is your thing, i mean. i still don't really know what to think about a lot of the information presented in the film, but it definitely MADE ME THINK, which is always good. as opposed to being brain dead, you know.

also? the after party of this event was LITERALLY an after-party on steriods. aaron is actually a pretty tall guy (6'2), and is usually one of the tallest people at traditional hollywood events. but this event? not so much. there were several times that I caught aaron looking up, WAY UP, to get a glimpse of someone MUCH TALLER than him. we all discussed what we would do if someone, you know, got THE RAGE. and we all decided that we could probably outrun most of the over-muscled tight-clothes wearing monster dudes. thankfully, we didn't have to test that theory ;)

I myself was mostly amused by the "women" who were there that actually looked like men due to all juice in their systems. say what you will about pros & cons of steriods, LADIES SHOULD NOT BE TAKING THEM. hello, it's testosterone. HELLLOOOOOOOO. i mean, really.

anyway, it was quite a sight and definitely an eye-opening experience on many levels. go see!

the end.

who i rubbed elbows with... haha

*don't worry, michael moore isn't anywhere in sight


camus and cosette celebrate in their own way.

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don't play coi with me.

highlights of the long weekend (which was awesome despite the UNSEASONABLE COLDNESS):

1. friday afternoon "liquid lunch with the ladies" (brought to you by tenna, amanda & ruby)

...nevermind that i had to go back to work afterwards (i was on of TWO people left in the office post-1pm close) with a stellar buzz

...nevermind that i had to do a credit application in the middle of our meal OVER THE PHONE because aaron was out car shopping

....nevermind that the food i ate didn't quite absorb the alcohols i drank

...because: IT WAS FABULOUS.

2. friday evening happy hour at food court la.

nothing follows up a liquid lunch better than happy hour.

3. saturday morning cardio sculpt class + yoga class.

nothing quite like two hours in the gym to make you feel better about having a liquid lunch + extended happy hour the day prior

4. saturday evening fish with the 4-pack.
no one cooks up a better meal than aaron's brother and wife. so effing good, it feels like you're at a restaurant. but you can *burp* and wear pajama pants.

5. sunday morning 10-mile run
yeah, baby.

6. sunday evening old hollywood-style glamour wedding in the a japanese garden.
AND THE RAIN CLEARED JUST IN TIME! it was so gorgeous, my heart (and eyes!) weeped.


-me, doing shots with all the groomsmen + plus aaron before the ceremony

-sitting under the stars with a coi pond, champagne and awesome company

-seeing aaron's acting studio friends interpret "old hollywood glamour" translation: pretty, pretty friends in hot-looking clothes

7. monday morning 5-mile run, 4.5 miles on the eilliptical

actually, it was more than hard to wake up this morning and run. but damnit, i did it.

8. fat fish happy hour to close out an awesome weekend. they changed the menu! new rolls! for your dining pleasure! triple yay!

and that 'bout sums it up.

next on tap: movie premiere tomorrow night, evening at the theater thursday night, and weekend plans UP IN THE AIR (this is always exciting).

hope everyone had FABULOUS weekends!



11:57pm. bloodshot eyes. teeny wine buzz. mush brain. nearly 15 hours of work logged in one day.

it's time, i say to myself, to shut down the computer and shut down your brains.

tomorrow? another day of intense worky-workness and then maybe? i will get to attend one of two industry events i have RSVP'd "YES" to tomorrow night.

more likely? i will just be working late [again].

about 6 weeks ago, aaron booked us massage appointments with two of THE BEST therapists at healing hands. they LITERALLY were booked solid for 6 full weeks. sunday morning at 10:30am, i will settle in for 90 minutes of awesomeness.

if i can just. get. there.

today, around 6:30pm, just as i was STARTING to think about going home to continue working from the comfort of my leather couch, errol called. i let to go to VM.

RUBY. it's been awhile. i wanted to see if you were available at 12:30p on Saturday (the usual time). i'm going to be "out" for a few weeks... so, you know, call me or text me back and let me know.

TXT REPLY: ERROL! i would love to have a massage at the usual time on saturday. it's been too long. see you then! - rubes

so. the deal is this:

saturday, 12:30pm: 60-minute massage
sunday, 10:30am: 90-minute massage

you bet your sweet ass my weekend is going to be off the chizzle.

other scheduled items:

(1) birthday party for british tony in santa monica
(1) rocco de luca concert at HOTEL CAFE (i die)
(2) intense workouts to justify (2) intense massages

and off i go.

TO BED, son!


and they're off!

on saturday morning, aaron and i woke up at 5am to run. i ran just over 5 miles, and he continued for a bit after i finished and probably ran about 7. once we were done, we showered and put on our "race day" running gear, grabbed his mom and little brother's girlfriend and headed to USC to prepare to run the revlon run/walk with aaron's brother and wife. the six of us gathered in the hospitality area of the pre-run festivities. for me, it was my 10th time waking up early on the saturday of mother's day weekend. for others? it was the first. aaron's mom was celebrating her 4th anniversary of running the race. and aaron was on his 9th run.

my sister-in-law was nervous. it was her first road race, ever. and she didn't know how she would fare. i was just anxious. it was the first time i WOULDN'T be trying to achieve a personal best time. instead, i was going to run with the entire group and let them set my pace. something someone as competitive as me doesn't do, easily.

hence, the reason aaron and i got up early and pre-ran before the race. we got all of our nervous energy out of the way and just put our focus on enjoying the race, at whatever speed it would be.

in reality, my sister-in-law kicked butt. she ran a great race and it was only when MY KNEE started bothering me (what? i haven't run outside on the concrete in MONTHS) that we had to slow down. (i know, i suck).

anyway, as we rounded the corner towards the entrance of the coliseum, the tribal drum players set our pace and my sister-in-law took off like a bullet. we all ran to catch her, but she was ghost. meanwhile, my knee pain was flaring up in a major way, but i sprinted as fast as i could anyway and finished with aaron, the second year in a row.

overall, a pretty powerful experience. also? next time? maybe i won't pre-run the race before the race. good advice, son.