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election blahblahblah election

THIS QUIZ did a few things for me.

1. it made me seriously think about a lot of things i never really think about
2. it made me realize how much i need to (quickly) learn
3. i took both versions of the test and was very surprised to see that there were two CLEAR winners for me in both versions. VERY interesting indeed.

do yourself a favor and give it a whirl.

it's not what i'd call fun, but neither is eating cottage cheese for lunch but that's exactly what i'm doing RIGHT NOW.


(thanks to Maddy for the link)


wild thing.

2007 is going to go down as the year that all the movies i saw made me cry.

you might say, Whatevs, ruby, you cry during episodes of BIG BROTHER, for god's sake, for the love of baby jesus, and on and on. and i would have to say HEY EFF YOU MUTHER EFFERS I DO NOT. but then i would maybe be lying. because i DID kind of have a tear in my eye when NICK got UNFAIRLY REMOVED from the house last season.

but i digress.

so um. i saw INTO THE WILD tonight. as much as everyone and their god damn brother told me to see this in the theater, alas! it did not so much work out timing-wise and such and so by the time we were all sufficiently wined-up to go to the laemmle on sunset, it was no longer showing.

luckily, it came in the mail in the form of a SAG screener a few weeks ago, because, you know, aaron's a SAG member and as such, gets screeners in the mail so he can VOTE FOR THE SAG AWARDS. yeah, he forgot to do that this year. BUT ANYWAY. where was i?

we watched the INTO THE WILD movie tonight. post-happy hour drinks, post-SUPER SPICY THAI food which made my eyes water and post-dry eyes. so, when i say that maybe i cried a lil bit during this movie, let's review the facts:

1. happy hour chardonnay ingestion typically leads to moist eyeballs. don't ask me WHY, just believe that it just does
2. spicy thai food that made. my. eyes. water.
3. um. my eyes were dry from staring at a stupid computer all day, so naturally, the "tears" everyone saw were ACTUALLY the result of me putting eye drops, um, in my eyes.

so that's my story. although i was DEEPLY AND PROFOUNDLY MOVED by this movie, i won't say i cried.

ok i cried.


i'm a captain pussass. guilty as charged.
what movie(s) made YOU cry recently? don't be shy...


effing fatuary.

despite the fact that january 2008 has now gone down in history as FATuary 2008, i find myself scouring the restaurant week listings and making reservations to some of LA's finest restaurants to sample some of the finest cuisines for bargain-basement prices.

additionally, i've made valentine's day reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood (yum sandwich). i occassionally check the menu when i want to torture myself with the reminder that i have to wait 3 WHOLE WEEKS until the pre-determined day of obligatory displays of romance and love to sample the hamachi with jalapeno citrus salsa.


to be honest, aaron and i have been together for enough valentine's days (15, if you don't include the year aaron kind of dumped me right before the Big Day) that it's hard to get excited about it EVERY year. i would say we get excited approximately every OTHER year. which works for us. this just so happens to be an "on" year. hellz yeah, mah b*tches.

anyway, on top of all the reservations i currently have filling my calendar, i also just got invited to a fancy Food & Wine event at spago to kick off oscar week.

ah. dang.

i'm really going to miss you, ms. skinny jeans. we hardly knew ye.


Tornado warning issued for southwest L.A.

um. yikes.


it found me!

yesterday, i opened my work email and found a picture sent to myself from, well, myself. when i opened the pic, i was shocked and scared to find the above image staring back at me. at first i thought the CLOVERFIELD monster had found me. because i didn't AT ALL remember sending it to myself. but after some sleuthy detective work (i looked at my sent mail from my phone) i realized i had maybe taken this while in my aforementioned wine-induced fog and then sent it to myself.

so! good news! it's actually just an extreme close-up of cosette.*

i know, right? PHEW.

*it might be a little scary that when i'm home alone, drinking, i take EXTREME CLOSE-UP PICS of my dog and send them to myself. or it might be ? 100% totally classy and awesome.... i am leaning towards the latter.


occassionally, it dawns on me that i might someday want to start actually acting my age. i should do things like, oh, let's say, buy a permanent residence.

now, this permanent residence doesn't have to be a house, persay. it could be a condo! that sounds lovely. or a townhouse! nice, but they don't really exist outside of midwestern suburban cul-de-sacs (do they??). i wish i could just own the our half of the duplex we currently take up residence in. i like it. we have all the luxuries of living in a 2,000 ft living space, but with none of the responsibilities of actually "owning" it. people come and take care of our landscaping. we can make our landlord do certain "things" when they are deemed OF AN EMERGENCY NATURE. and we don't have to, um, fix things. unless we WANT to. additionally, our landlord allows dog(s). and furthermore! he allows us to paint. so you see, the idea of actually paying 1000% more per month to actually own something and actually BE RESPONSIBLE for it, doesn't exactly have "appeal."

but i don't know. i'm at the age where i should start owning things. right? soon, i will own my sweet little audi a4. awesome, right? the proud owner of a 2001 vehicle that, by the time i actually own it, will almost be a whole decade old. with no resale value. sweet.

so yeah, i think i need to think a little bigger.

how much is the down payment on a $1.6 million home? because, that's ALL it would cost to own this whole entire duplex!! only $800,000 for half of it!!


have i ever mentioned how much i like renting? it's so awesome.

work it.

so everyone was pretty depressed yesterday, what with the shocking and very sad news of heath ledger's passing. since i work on the movie business and everything in my life pretty much revolves around acting and actors and such, it actually does hit you pretty hard in the gut when something like this happens. not to mention that i actually partied at heath & michelle's pad one time, but that's a whole 'nother story for 'nother time.

read this if you want to get teary-eyed like moi.

so anyway, there was a scheduled "karaoke party" for our company which involved the following extremely important words: OPEN BAR. generally, in times of sadness, i like to drown my sorrow with a nice stiff vanilla vodka & soda drink. and the more free they are? the more i like to drown my sorrow. so 6:30pm found me sitting near the karaoke stage, with one lovely cocktail, two greasy quesadillas and one chicken finger in front of me. and so it went.

i was all about "not singing" for most of the evening. but when you have a LINE of free drinks sitting in front of you and people PRESSURING you (OH GOD THE PRESSURE) all night, well, one just becomes weak at some point. and last night? that weakness translated into one REALLY SUPER AWESOME dual peformance with steven to the tune of missy elliot's WORK IT.

i highly recommend singing the following lyrics in front of co-workers, colleagues and random college students when you want to "drown your sorrows":

Love the way my ass go bum-bum-bum-bum
Keep your eyes on my bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
And think you can handle this gadong-a-dong-dong
Take my thong off and my ass go vroom
Cut the lights on so you see what I could do
come to think of it, i actually DO NOT recommend this action in a time of mourning. because it will no doubt result in a major headache the day after.
but seriously.
RIP, heath


back to norm.

aaron's finally back from his trip to the frozen tundra (thank you, sweet baby jesus), so now i can resume normal eating, drinking and socializing activities. because, as i mentioned before, when aaron leaves town i totally go completely retarded.

at one point, i was describing the events of my aaron-less weekend to my brother-in-law and painted the following picture: i walk up to the cashier at whole foods with two items 1) a giant make-your-own salad and 2) a bottle of wine. the guy looked at me, looked at my items for purchase and said, "uh, well enjoy YOURself."

...on saturday, i woke up, went to the gym for two hours and then got a massage. the rest of the day i spent, basically in bed, watching "10 things i hate about you" and "the devil wears prada" and finishing all the scripts i was supposed to read for work, like, weeks ago.

...around 11p on saturday night in my wine-induced fog, i started texting people to meet me at the local pub. FORTUNATELY, everyone already had "real plans."

...on sunday, i broke into the "emergency" canned items stash because i was too, uh, lazy to go get "real food" from the store, and the "fresh items" were long-since depleted. the time aaron got home, i was having full-on conversations with cosette and getting irritated when she didnt agree with my point of view.

so yeah, it's good for him to get out once in awhile, but let's be honest, i really shouldn't be left alone to my own devices.



ever since the first cloverfield teaser emerged, i've been kind of on the fence about whether or not a) it actually looked like it could be good and b) if i would actually pay to see it.

at some point during the day yesterday, i decided IF i was going to see it, i was going to HAVE to be one of the first, or else it just wouldn't happen. so i decided to see a midnight showing - i just needed to figure out who i was going to convince to go with me.
turns out? liana, tal, lorenzo & eddie were JUST AS EXCITED as i was to see it BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. so i bought the tix online and around 6p, i all skipped off to tenna's very fabulous birthday wherein i prepared my senses for the experience that lay before me.

i should mention that tenna's 3-hour long birthday dinner at PINK TACO was much fun and when i left, i was 3 raspberry mojitos and 1 vodka red bull happier than i had been before dinner began.

so when i say "preparing my senses" i mean: i highly recommend the 3-raspberry-mojito plan to anyone planning to go see the cloverfield this weekend. bien. muy.

i said goodbye to my co-workers and headed to the grove to meet with what i now like to call THE CLOVERFIELD CREW around 10:30p to wait in line to ensure that we wouldn't be sitting in the ass-front of the theater. the plan was for us to take turns hanging at the bar across the street from the theater while the others held our place in line, but turns out EVERYTHING SHUTS DOWN AT THE GROVE before 11p. so we all just had red bulls instead. WHEE! anyway, i definitely don't want to reveal ANYTHING about the movie. i will say these following things:

1. all five of us walked away very satisfied with our movie-going experience
2. i am EXTREMELY happy i saw it right away vs. waiting
3. if you go, sit as far away from the screen as humanly possible. if you get motion sickness easily or were "bothered" by the way blair witch was shot, might want to skip this one, Captain Pussass.
4. the running time of the film is 84 minutes - perfect for those of us with A.D.D.
5. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING! just go and have fun. the less you know, the better.
6. if you want to see what "the celebs" thought, read this

i can also tell you that my phone has been ringing of the hook this morning as word spreads that i saw it last night. people are SO CURIOUS. loves it.

yay, monsters.


the first rule about yoga club.

so I “discovered” a new yoga experience (via my sister-in-law) that is invite-only and happens in a top secret location in a very non-descript location in Beverly Hills and is 90-minutes of high-intensity business, lit by candles. you have to be on a “list” to get in and only 6-7 people can participate on any given night (my particular yogi teaches Wed nites, but don’t get any crazy ideas, you can’t come or anything).

the feeling of going to this class is much like the feeling I used to get whenever I used to go visit the SUSHI NAZI ....picture seinfeld's soup nazi, with a sushi knife!...


(i still have flashbacks to the sushi chef angrily saying PLEASE NO SAY, SPICY TUNA! and then feeding us mystery sashimi and laughing at us whilst we ate it! turns out, it was SHARK. true story!)

I know I appear to be 100% class to those of you who don’t actually know me in real life (ps, HI MOM!) but actually, I’m pretty much a bull in a china shop. so I gets a little nervous when I go to this fancy class. which, when you think about it, kinda defeats a little of the purpose of yoga. what i mean is, YOGA IS MEANT TO RELAX THE BRAINS. not scramble them into a nervous frenzy.

anyway, nervousness or not, I pretty much rocked that class and even hovered in side crow, for like, SECONDS.

I know? right? too much awesome. and I even got invited back, so it turns out maybe... i AM A-list material. yoga club.

gumby ain't got nothin' on me.

ps. I finished the 2nd half of last night’s bottle of wine, case you was wonderin’. what, you didn’t think I DRANK THE WHOLE BOTTLE on a Tuesday night, did you? because I can see myself drinking the whole bottle on a Thursday, but a TUESDAY? didn’t I just mention HOW CLASSY I AM? (I’m classy!)


carmen luuuuuvs you

looking for some high-octane fun-action on this lovely wednesday afternoon? well then, look no further. in 4 easy steps, you can be well on your way to awesometown.

step 1. visit carmen has a crush on
step 2. enter a name & phone number and upload a photo of a buddy (or YOUSELF! be wacky!)
step 3. hit send
step 4. allow hilarity to ensue

it's equal parts totally cheesy and really awesome. also, it works best when you send it to someone who sits by you so you can watch their reaction.

k bai.


i haz a hot dog?

so i made this -------->

and i need your VOTES to get it to the front page of

even if you think it sucks (aw, how can it SUCK? so cuuuuute, my dog is), vote positive anyway!

good karma!


dangle the carrot.

honestly? i had to dangle a CHARDONNAY-SHAPED carrot in front of myself to get through my treadmill run tonight. the entire time i'm running, i'm thinking, IF I RUN 7 MILES, I GET TO BUY MYSELF A BOTTLE OF WINE. 7 MILES. WINE. 7 MILES. WINE.

even though my calf & right inner shin (?) were screaming in pain and i had to pee really bad, i still ran 7 miles, damnit.

is it good or bad that i had to motivate myself with sweet liquor?

ANYWAY. this is the problem with aaron leaving town. i'm left to my own devices, which means i have to do my own grocery (wine) shopping. as much as you might think i'm good at everything, i'm actually TERRIBLE at grocery shopping. oh, you say you DIDN'T think i was GOOD AT EVERYTHING? well then, sirs and madams, you are MUCH smarter than you look. what? no you don't LOOK stupid! nevermind.

anyway, since i still had to PEE REAL BAD, i decided to stop at the corner store which has delicious, sweet wine for about 150% more than what you would pay at a regular grocery store. see? convenience, it's worth paying 150% more for something ON THE CORNER vs. GOING 5 BLOCKS DOWN.

so, i grab my over-priced bottle of wine and hop (pee dance) into line and get behind a man who seems to be vigorously doing something. this something may or may not be scratching a lotto ticket or somesuch. but, if that is the case, shouldnt he move out of line and scratch himself somewhere else? because HI I'M RUBY I HAVE TO PEE AND THIS WINE ISN'T GOING TO DRINK ITSELF. but, i'm in a pretty good mood (endorphins! better than liquor!) so i PATIENTLY wait (foot tapping loudly) until FINALLY the clerk says, uh sir, excuse me! and the SIR turns around ALL EMBARRASSED and is like OMIGOD i'm so sorry. i didn't know anyone was behind me!! (toobusyscratinglottoticketlikeacrackaddict)

and, because i'm in, like, an awesome mood, i laugh. and say no worries, SIR! and he looks down at the scratch-card-gold-flakes all over the counter and laughs again and says "I GUESS I WAS BEING A KID!" as he wipes the flakes off the counter and into his hand. and then he looks at my sweaty, red face, chilled bottle of wine and oversized bladder and says "OH I GUESS YOU ARE BEING AN ADULT!" HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH. awkward laughter ensues.

so that's how it all went down. the man and i exchanged pleasantries and then i BOOKED HOME to take care of business, which in reality means, POPPING THE CORK.

SORRY I HAVE A CAPS LOCK PROBLEM TODAY. i'm left to my own devices. i don't know any better.

mmmm sweet wine.


i showed this ecard to aaron:

and his response was, "um, i think it DOES."
i don't know. tom brady kind of transcends everygender. donchathink?


and now, sports talk with brett & ruby

brett: the men in blue have the last laugh rubs
brett: that shallacking seems like a long time ago right now doesnt it

ruby: hey now

brett: yeah thats right
brett: you heard me

ruby: well im still on the randy moss train, so im pretty much bullet proof right now

brett: ugh
brett: typical

ruby: but good luck with that eli character. if he's one thing, its consistent *cough*
ruby: mawahahahhahahah

brett: yeah well i hope randy moss accidentally touches a doorknob and has a mental breakdown

ruby: yeah well um

brett: i dont respond to eli anymore
brett: only to "the good manning"

ruby: i hope no one finds out that eli wears pink panties
ruby: Manties, if you will

brett: "the good manning" wears pink manties

ruby: hahahahaha
ruby: congrats though, for reals

brett: appreciate it

ruby: must be nice to root for a team that means something

brett: you cant hate us more than TO
brett: did you see him crying? looooove it

ruby: no i don't hate the giants at all
ruby: hahahahaha
ruby: i root for them when im not playing them actually
ruby: eli's the cuter one

brett: hahaha

ruby: hee
brett: they are both goofy lookin

ruby: true
ruby: i love peyton though, actually

brett: yeah me too

ruby: his SNL hosting gig was AWESOME

brett: i am disappointed not to see the pats/colts rematch

ruby: yeah me too
ruby: chargers? meh

brett: i like him pegging all the kids in the schoolyard football game

ruby: i would love to see favre take on brady though

brett: and swearing his head off

ruby: yep! that was awesome

brett: the pack looked pretty nasty

ruby: favre is like feral animal

brett: but the superbowl is warm
brett: the pats will be a well oiled machine

ruby: im glad my randy is there to make a complete dream team

brett: unreal
brett: i bet you were really cheering him in oakland too
brett: bleh

ruby: kind of

brett: liar

ruby: my love for randy didn't quite outweigh my disdain for the raiders


DELURK. or die.

so i guess yesterday was national DELURK day, but apparently everyone decided to do it today instead.

so, DELURK. or bad things will happen to you.

to make it easier, you can post anonymously. and to make it EVEN easier, just post a few simple facts about yourself:

1. your favorite color
2. what you like best about me
3. what you like best about yourself

i will start:

  1. i bleed purple
  2. well, let's see, um, well, i'm awesome
  3. your hair

see? so easy. no your turn.



TENNA: hahahaha
RUBY: just when you thought it was safe to IM
TENNA: I know shit, your im conversations need to come with a disclaimer
TENNA: hahahahaha
TENNA: exactly!
TENNA: Fodder?
TENNA: did you just use the word fodder
TENNA: fodder for thought


today i was GOING to have a terrayaki chicken breast for lunch. just that. one breast, 160 calories and then maybe, um, a fresca, 0 calories. i thought to myself "THAT will teach my pants to be tight! SUCK ON THAT, PANTS!" but then, my lovely subordinate (i should really come up with a better name for him, but hey, whatever) reminded me that there was a lunchtime presentation. interestingly enough, the presenters were bringing LUNCH for us to eat. (they are smart!)

so instead of (1) pants-defying terrayaki chicken breast containing 160 calories, i had this:

  1. (1/4) caprese invernale sandwich containing fresh mozzarella with sun-dried tomatoes, arugula and basil vinaigrette on toasted olive bread
  2. (1/2) smoked turkey sandwich with tomato mayo, avocado and iceberg lettuce on country wheat bread
  3. (a smattering of) cous cous with roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries, pistachios, scallions, and lemon vinaigrette
  4. (a snickens of) baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette and multigrain croutons
  5. (1) mrs. millers chewy coconut-raisin cookie

so anyway, my pants are now tight in the stomach region. so weird, right?

stupid pants.

stupid lunch place


this IM conversation went down shortly after this blog entry:

RUBY: blog alert

TENNA: I love how you alert me!

TENNA: on my way

RUBY: i know how you LIVE for those

TENNA: hahahaha

TENNA: its true

TENNA: oh f


TENNA: theres cupcakes in the kitchen

RUBY: i saw the email

RUBY: delete

TENNA: hahahaha

TENNA: its true

TENNA: HAHAHAS blog so funny!

RUBY: stupid pants.

TENNA: yeah!

TENNA: blame the pants!

RUBY: i hate pants!

TENNA: we should stop wearing them!

RUBY: we should have a pants burning session


TENNA: we so should! how much fun would THAT be!

RUBY: remember when people burned their bras or something?

RUBY: for holding their boobs down?

RUBY: same thing goes for pants. trying to keep my belly squashed.

TENNA: yeah! its all about the man trying to keep us DOWN!

RUBY: f*cking man.

RUBY: stupid pants.

super pops.

with the new year came a surge in my popularity. recently, i have to beat down invitations to hang out with people i haven't seen in FOREVERS because, really, there's only one of me to go around. and even then, i've lost a few pounds in the last few days (i'm awesome!) so there's actually EVEN LESS of me to go around. (don't worry, those pounds will be back on before you can say FUDGE COVERED OREO or whatever evil treat shows up in the kitchen today to tempt me back to fatpantsville)


last night aaron and i had dinner with our super high-powered & connected producer-slash-writer friend who we haven't seen, we calculated, in 1.5 years. ONE POINT FIVE YEARS is a really long time, it turns out. we barely were able to catch up on everything that has happened in that time, but yet, we did. it only took three point five HOURS and three bottles of wine and one sugar-free red bull and three glasses of water, but we DID IT.

so other writer-friends and just people in the business in general we haven't seen in FOREVERS are starting to emerge who have nothing better to do than catch up with old buddies they haven't seen because they've been SO GOD DAMN busy running hollywood. it's kind of cool? but it also makes me feel really weird about the state of the business. one one hand? LOVE seeing the people who are normally too busy for me. on the other hand? they write and act in some of the best shows on TV and I WANT MY TV BACK NOW.

so you see? my popularity has a direct correlation with bad TV. good news? I'm not missing anything while i'm out painting the town red. except for last night's LAST NEW gossip girl. but ill get to that later.

im going to be popular for at least a little while longer.



getting on in years.

don't let the previous post make you too jealous. the older i get, the faster, better and harder i can run, fo sho.

however! my brains seem to be turning into an alcohol + running -incuded MUSH.

  1. i leave my birth control pills out in a location that i will BE SURE i see them every single day so that i don't accidentally forget to take one and, GOD FORBID, get knocked up all over the place. as females (and maybe some males) know, you are supposed to take them at the same-ish time every day. because the instructions say so. anyway, every day for the last week, i come home from work and notice the obviously-placed pill container staring back at me and i have the same thought "OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO TAKE MY PILL THIS MORNING! OH SHIT!" and then i open it to take said missed pill and then realize that the pill for the day, is well, missing. WONDER OF ALL WONDERS, by god, i did remember to take the stupid pill. i kid you not when i say this has happened (so far) every day this week.
  2. the guy i like to call my subordinate, (because, well, he is) is WAY smarter than me. i think i've been convincing him for awhile that I'm actually SMARTER than HIM. but today i had to look up TWO WORDS that he used in conversation (while i nodded like i knew what the hell he was talking about). I HAD TO LOOK UP TWO WORDS. BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEANT. it turns out? that i did know these words. but it was like they had been ERASED from my memory because, HEY MY BRAIN IS MUSH. thanks a lot RUNNING AND SWEET, SWEET WINE. thanks a LOT.

there's more examples, but i just realized have to get a few things out by "close of business" and that means, uh, 1 minute from now. and those things? not done yet.



run around.

i don't want to brag, but.

i did beat BOTH people i was racing on the treadmill today.

oh, and i woke up early enough to go to the gym BEFORE WORK for the first time since.. ohhh ... before the marathon?

um, that was more than 2 months ago.




i wrote MEH!!!! on my other blog today. and it got me thinking. you can't really MEH!!!! because it kind of TOTALLY defeats the meaning of meh. meh should only be lowercase and, if punctuated, should only have a period or an ellipses.









because, really, can you question your own indifference? you are either meh. or you're not.

anyway, just wanted to, uh, clarify to the meh gods that i didn't mean to use your name in vain.

meh as you were.

and yeah. the new name of this blog appears to be meh. on a flask!!!!!!!!!!!

suck on that, suckers.



let it rain.

what i don't love about THE RAINSTORM OF THE YEAR

  1. our power was out for 19 hours

  2. my new boots got muddy

  3. cosette hates to do number two when her paws are wet (what? she's a princess!)

  4. people in LA are retarded enough drivers as it is, they don't need a wet excuse to be EVEN MORE RETARDED.

what i love so far about the RAINSTORM OF THE YEAR

  1. running through the grove, which was mostly empty, to catch a movie

  2. warming up with chardonnay at the farm

  3. seeing sweeney todd (very appropriate for a rainy night)

  4. hanging out on at the 2nd floor (near the piano man) at morels, eating oysters & drinking more chardonnay, while watching the rain POUR down the window panes (with aaron's bro & wife)

  5. until they kicked us out

  6. my friend's baby was born at 4am this morning at Cedar Sinai (hours before britney broke out!)

  7. happy rainy baby, emma

  8. doing yoga while the fluffy rain clouds rolled in (again) this morning

  9. getting a massage in a warm, candlelit room while the next round of rain loomed

  10. smelling the pre-rain smell as we enjoyed "fatty hour" at fat fish

  11. chilling on the smoking patio (sans cigarettes) at seven while the rain poured down just outside the roofed-in area

  12. the rain, pure and simple. makes the air cleaner, or at least it seems as such

  13. now, snuggling in with aaron & cosette

let it rain, let it rain


she said caucus

am i the only one who giggles every time they say caucus?

yeah? i'm mature. suck it.


just got back from uh, "no country for old men." this movie should be called "no movie for young women"

i know, not very funny, but NEITHER WAS THIS F*CKING MOVIE.

each of you dudes, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, who told me this movie was "f*cking awesome"? you are now going to be forced to watch moulin rouge with me 18 times. while eating dark chocolate. and getting our nails done.


oh wait, i'm talking to you like you have a choice.

which you don't.

wait who am i talking to?

look! see what happened? this movie made me BAT SHIT CRAZY. thanks a lot, b*tches.


i want my mom.



the news is going back and forth between:




it feels a little like doomsday.


although i had a mostly LOVELY month of december, there were a few things that made me feel a little meh-y about life.


2. aaron got sick late xmas night, and, as a result we sat around watching A LOT of TV over the break. however, there was NO TV to watch, so basically, we watched 8,042 movies. (he's still sick, btw, poor thing)

anyway, the writer's strike has been the most AGGRAVATING thing, ever. it put my entire immediate family out of work indefinitely. and while i love having everyone around with LOADS of free time on their hands, i know everyone would be happier WORKING, already.

so anyway, the other problem with the strike is obviously, no new scripted shows. except for a few of weird random shows (hello, eli stone, what.the.hell?) and of course, my beloved LOST.

the rest is going be, well, reality hell.

last night actually made me feel a little less meh-y and a little more optimistic, however.

1. gossip girl was all-new and totally rotten

2. project runway was all-new and totally scrumptious

3. dave letterman was back! and totally beardy!

and now, tonight, i get to "look forward" to celebrity apprentice. (i can't tell if i'm being sarcastic or not?)

then, in a few weeks, i get LOST and SURVIVOR --- all within a week of each other. things are looking up on the TV front.

[don't even mention american idol. i'll be watching, but i won't be LIKING it.]

then, somewhere between now and may, aaron's CSI NY episode will air. and don't forget, THE SUPERBOWL. mama likey.

so i guess what i am trying to say is, i feel the residual MEH melting off my cold, dark heart and i feel a little hot, warm TV love seeping in.

but still, meh.


  • 11 — Cirie Fields, 37, Survivor: Panama
  • 12 — Jonathan Penner, 45, Survivor: Cook Islands
  • 13 — Amanda Kimmel, 23, Survivor: China
  • 14 — James Clement, 30, Survivor: China {YAY!!}
  • 15 — Ozzy Lusth, 26, Survivor: Cook Islands {YAY!!}
  • 16 — Yau-Man Chan, 55, Survivor: Fiji {YAY!!}
  • 17 — Eliza Orlins, 25, Survivor: Vanuatu
  • 18 — Jon Dalton (aka Johnny Fairplay), 33, Survivor: Pearl Islands {*pukes in mouth*}
  • 19 — Parvati Shallow, 25, Survivor: Cook Islands
  • 20 — Ami Cusack, 24, Survivor Pearl Islands


  • 1 — Michael Bortone, 34, a writer/actor from Los Angeles (orig. from Boston)
  • 2 — Tracy Hughes-Wolf, 43, a commercial builder from Frederick, Va.
  • 3 — Joel Anderson, 32, a firefighter from Avondale, Ariz.
  • 4 — Kathleen Sleckman, 45, a golf course vendor from Glen Ellyn, Ill.
  • 5 — Erik Reichenbach, 22, an ice cream scooper from Ypsilanti, Mich. (works in Hell, Mich.)
  • 6 — Mary Sartain, 29, a small business owner from Emeryville, Calif.
  • 7 — Chet Welch, 48, a beauty pageant coach from Ford City, Pa.
  • 8 — Natalie Bolton, 32, a personal trainer from West Hollywood, Calif (orig. from Houston
  • 9 — Jason Siska, 22, a student teacher from Fox River Grove, Ill.
  • 10 — Alexis Jones, 24, a motivational speaker from Beverly Hills (orig. from Austin, Tex.)



happy 2008!

i hope everyone rang in the new year in whichever way you wanted to...


no, but really.

i guess i have a few resoultions to actually put into writing, although they aren't so much resolutions are they are "things to do." if i don't do them? oh well! moving on.

1. start & finish "the artist's way," which was give to me for my birthday nearly 9 months ago
2. jump out of a god damn plane, already
3. get more massages, facials, acupuncture & pedicures
4. see more movies (next up: "no country for old men")
5. read more books (next up: "the inner game of tennis")
6. become more GREEN
7. kick more ass
8. drink more water
9. eat more vitamins
10. make you laugh

'sall i gots for now. happy & healthy '08 ya'll.