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comic relief on the mystery van.


i'm so glad this episode happened.

let's be honest though, the back story rated a high 7 on the EHHHH meter. EHHHHH. but you know, cheech was in it. CHEECH! but the whole mom having needs and cheech being a suckass dad and more of hurley moaning about his horrible luck? yeah, i was over all of that. give me this episode sans back story, and we've got the semblance of a winner.

to recap: sawyer & kate return to the island and the regular favs plus the random extras (that sometimes get lines they inevitably butcher and float in and out of episodes) were there to greet them. kim is learning english which results in high hilarity when sawyer gets ahold of him. desmond is kinda broody, charlie is kinda mopey (per usual) and hurley is all about a finding the source of a dead skeleton arm with a lucky rabbit's foot 'round it's crispy wrist. thanks to vincent's super sniffer skillz, that is. and locke & sayid are, unfortunately, all too quiet until the very end.

so the main character of this episode is ACTUALLY the mystery van (a la little miss sunshine). hurley finds it when he follows vincent the dog (i feel i have to qualify who the hell vincent is because he's been missing from my psyche for 8 years). so, there’s an overturned VW/dharma bus thing with a crispy-fried "roger workman" at the helm. i can’t believe they didn’t find this earlier, because hurley barely breaks a sweat following vincent to it, and i have to imagine hurley doesn’t go very far very fast and it just seems like it’s in a location close to camp and well.. ok i’m over that plot hole. where were we? hurley finds a bus, but can’t turn it over himself so... he enlists a naive kim to help him on this seemingly ill-fated mission, and they decide to remove/decaptiate roger's skeleton in the process. eventually sawyer arrives to make the van mission a little more fun. and then they all drink some beer they found in the old musty van (ew) and it's all fun and games until charlie arrives to make this a little more serious. and now it's time to muster up a lil faith and get this rusty bucket movin'.

with a little faith, elbow grease and EXTREME DISBELIEF SUSPENSION, the van gets growling and they all go for a joy ride. it sounds a hell of a lot worse than it actually was, i promise. i liked the idea of hope, is all. WHAT? i’m a sap. sue me!

ok ... so the van works, hurley and charlie don’t die despite everyone expecting/wanting them to and etc.

back to kate.. she’s gone on a solo mission to “get help” which we can all guess is going to be the french woman who might have a name but its been so long since we’ve seen her i can’t remember what it is. so yeah, kate goes to find help, locke & sayid trail her and it turns out... yes, yes, it’s the french woman. and why would she want to help kate locate the CAMP OF THE OTHERS? because she thinks the young girl, alex, IS PROBABLY THE FRENCH WOMAN’S DAUGHTER. i totally saw this coming, but i’m also a psychic that gets paid to tell people what they want to hear, so you can just do with all that whatever you want.



bring it to the yard, boys

**top 10 AI male finalists - performance recap**

the bad, boring or otherwise not memorable: phil stacey s(t)ings his way to a snoozer, brandon rogers laupers a song from the heart and ends up kind of looking kind of dumb and then a little dumber and sanjaya looks like a little kid in his dad's clothes (randy's comment, not mine). i think sanjaya and phil are in the most trouble.

the not horrible, but ehhh: i think AJ had nice tone, but i'm not feeling it, dawg. and jared cotter was aite, you know, but i think he needs to bring it up a notch (love boat, hee!) and i was pleasantly surprised by nick pedro, but pedro on a good day is still just kind of ehhhh. not bad though... i think all three are safe. (points to nick for throwing the "vote for pedro" in there during the call-in portion, niceee)

the good: chris sligh was sweet and contemporary (points for bringing the ray lamontange action) but, weirdly and unfortunately, did not make his wife cry (but my eyes were wellin, so there you go, chris) and SUNDANCE head, of all people, was actually quite entertaining. SUNDANCE HEAD. that name seriously kills me. (ps. am i mean if i say his baby is kinda funny-looking? ok i won't say it)

the FABULOUS: i said it last week and i'll say it again: blake lewis & chris richardson are the mans. love these guys. they are totally fresh, original and ADORABLE. better yet? now i'm actually EXCITED about some of the contestants. f yeah!

the guys did much better than last week, overall. thank gawd.

next up: the LADIES. and! also! what are they going to do about antonella's SCANDAL!? stay tuned...


company man

**heroes recap**
OK – so a lot happened in this episode and it’s going to be tricky to get it all wrapped up nice and neat, but im a gonna try. just for you. because that’s how much i care.
ok. um. dude, that was a crazy episode. lots of answers, which is awesome. but whoa!! hold the press, we’ve got a live one here.

let’s start at the beginning.

the episode starts out with ted & matt’s perspective on the bennett household shakedown, where they break in and start looking through HRG’s stuff to find some answers, damnit.

(am i crazy or was hana with them last week? don’t answer the “am i crazy” part of that question)

so they want the goods, but chances that HRG has left revealing files around for their reading pleasure is: highly unlikely. but ted’s on the case, “if we can’t look inside his files, there is somewhere else we can look --INSIDE HIS HEAD.”

bennett and family arrive and crazy ted and rationale matt try to figure out a copasetic course of action, but due to ted’s inability to remain calm, things get a lil complicated.

ted reminds me of the incredible hulk. YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE HULK ANGRY.. HULK MEAN WHEN HIM ANGRY.

~~black & white flashback time~~

ERIC ROBERTS appears and, i guess, he’s HRG’s boss. and he looks... ummm, well let’s say he’s interesting-looking and leave it at that. he’s the man of this operation and he’s got some plans for HRG. also in flashback format: a sharp-looking claude and! hiro’s DAD. good. it’s not a party without papa hiro. and then we’ve got mini-hiro, baby claire and at some point we even have teenage haitian, complete with iconic necklace (a la jessica’s tattoo). i love how they can all speak japanese. bad ass.

are you following all of this?

MR. ROBERTS instructs HRG to take the baby, and whatever he says HRG’s gonna do. that’s just how it is, folks. ok so – the deal is if claire “manifests” HRG has to give her up. which is why he’s been lying and mind-melting and etc. all these years. to protect the family, DAMNIT. you can’t help but kind of adore HRG in this episode. now that we know he isn’t well, evil. Ok ... so... he’s not evil but... then, um, HRG shoots claude because he’s been hiding claire or something, i’m not sure, and claude obviously doesn’t die, but he does pull a vanishing act on a bridge.

back to the future...

matt’s trying to get into HRG’s head, and, i gotta admit the old “thinking in japanese” trick is pretty slick. i havent used that in years. then everyone starts getting up in everyone’s heads and then ted has his gun on mama bennett and then, well, per HRG & claire’s request... matt shoots claire to thwart ted’s intentions. pretty intense. PRETTY INTENSE. i love the mind tricks. good times.

so matt & HRG take claire upstairs so that no one has to “see her like that” and then they lay out a much more logical course of action wherein HRG says “do what i SAY so nobody gets hurt.” and to matt “YOU do what i THINK.” i totally loved that line. it loses it’s effectiveness on paper, but it was good. trust me.

OK so, matt & HRG are off to the paper factory to find some TRUTH and HRG yells at the haitian (who used to be mute, but isn’t, but has always been erasing claire’s mom’s memories, turns out), they all go back to the house where claire’s had an unsuccessful escape situation, and ted is stewing in his radioactive fumes... HRG tries to calmly have a dialogue with ted, and then ERIC ROBERTS shows up AND SHOOTS HIM IN THE ARM.. so... radioactive ted goes nuclear and.. yet, doesn’t die. claire gets a little crispy though. and the house is pretty much, well, TOAST.
AND ALL THE NEIGHBORS ARE WATCHING. the haitian is gonna be busy. ps. claire’s brother? worthless and lame.
cut to primatech and ted & matt are all “under wraps” and “gettin’ probed” (i might have made that up) and im still kind of confused about what’s going on, but it looks like HRG is supposed to bring claire back to get into ERIC ROBERTS’ good graces and instead of doing that, he kind of just has the haitian shoot him in the lower stomach. on the left side. it’s better that way.

then? tears, confusion and.... of course ... TO BE CONTINUED.


sarah silverman rawks.

just a little ditty from the latest episode which was totally not funny at all.

and then there was sun.

after the freezing cold vodka adventure (detailed in previous post), aaron and i took a little day trippage to santa barbara. i'd love to go into detail about it, but i'd just make everyone jealous. and instead, i'll just post pictures of where we hung out and the beautiful view we took in over glasses of chardonnay, mini-lemon bars and nuts, people, NUTS.

and yes, in fact, i do need a new phone camera, camera phone. i GET it.

vodka adventures.

even though liana sent me a text at like, 3pm on friday indicating that she had missed her train from san diego to l.a. and that she wouldn’t be home until 10p i did not waver. it was going to be a ruby & liana night out and that was just that. even if 10p sometimes actually means 11p when we’re talking about liana, i still had Faith.

and, actually, just after 10:15p i found myself standing outside in the FREEZING COLD BLOWING WIND on santa monica blvd. outside of the bar lubitsch, which i didn’t realize until later is a RUSSIAN VODKA BAR with beautiful clienteles that like to order drinks like the MOLOTOV COCKTAIL that the skinny blonde red-clad bartender ladies set ON FIRE for you. anyway, i was standing outside with liana, joe and lorenzo and i was drinking my diet red bull to set the tone for the evening but my fingers were cold and shivering and i could barely speak to anyone because my teeth were chattering so hard i honestly thought my teeth were going to break and then we all commented on how this line outside the bar better be for good reason because if we got in there and it wasn’t COMPLETELY FULL i was going to hurt somebody with my cold, rigid digits. i really was. and of course we couldn’t leave or anything because i had paid a full $6 to some valet guy and damnit, i was going to get my $6 worth.

soon! it was our turn to grace the bar with our presence and we entered and indeed, it was ass-packed full and so we had to meander the bar for a full ten minutes until we found a small opening where we set up shop and started ordering the vodka drinks like our lives and body temperatures DEPENDED on it. which they did. so it was VODKA RED BULL ME and joe and lorenzo ventured off into weird drink land where they ordered things off the SPECIALTY DRINK MENU and liana and i sometimes drank VRBs and sometimes we just drank the RB straight, up, no vodka please. which is weird, you know, in a vodka bar and all. but it was aite. and even though maybe perhaps we started out the night a little tired, soon it was all a distant memory and then before you knew it we were having a good old time in the east bloc.

at some point the bartender lady told me to “feel the knot” in her back and maybe i could rub it later? and i think that was just about the same time that i said, get me to a dirty pub, pronto and then it was ST. NICKS and then i had a giant vodka soda sitting in front of me and then everything was right in the world again. my favorite part was that while liana and lorenzo took a different car to the pub and i dropped joe off, liana was gracious enough to order my drink for me since we were just barely going to make last call at the NICKEL and told jeff the bartender “i need a vokda soda for ruby, she’s on her way” and he said WHAT? VODKA SODA? NO! RUBY DRINKS WINE. you just have to love that. you just do. and then the night ended with liana giving me her copy of lily allen to burn as she dropped me off around the corner from the nickel and if that isn’t the cherry on top of an excellent night, i guess i just don’t know what is.

ps. liana noticed that i haven't been blarghing as much as i used to so this here post is dedicated to her. yayyyyy liana!

oscar blahblahblah awards

get your oscar recap here.


my picks for the gold guy

Best Picture
Little Miss Sunshine

Babel---Alejandro González Iñárritu

Actor in a leading role
Forest Whitaker---The Last King of Scotland

Actress in a leading role
Helen Mirren---The Queen

Actor in a supporting role
Eddie Murphy---Dreamgirls

Actress in a supporting role
Jennifer Hudson---Dreamgirls

Animated feature film

Art Direction
Pan's Labrynth

Pan's Labrynth

Adapted screenplay
The Departed

Original Screenplay
Letters from Iwo Jima

Foreign Language
Pan's Labyrinth

Costume Design

Documentary feature
An Inconvenient Truth

Film editing




**survivor recap**

thoughts while watching, in chronological order

  • aw, sweet little michelle finally gets the fire started for ravu. thank god.
  • sylvia displays one of the most retarded efforts in a challenge ever..(.by swimming in place!! for entirely way too long!!)
  • moto pulls a smart move and sends her lame ass to exile to get the next hidden idol clue.
  • moto is getting kind of obnoxious. it’s too easy for them.
  • “it’s not survival, it’s thrival.”
  • oh, suck it.
  • ohhh noooo papa smurf! soo sad!!! my minnesota homeboy.
  • ok looks like he's going to be ok AND is participating in the food challenge
  • yum
  • is it bad that i thought most of the food in the eating challenge looked tasty?
  • hee
  • mookie is a taunter face, and boo is a wussanthemum. i don't what that means. but it rhymes with chrysanthemum
  • boo vs. rocky? i vote rocky. boo would just injure himself before rocky could do anything to him
  • is ravu “hungry” enough??
  • pig snout. ew.
  • did jeff just say papa smurf is “hammering that snout down?”
  • dude!! papa smurf is the smurfiest!
  • ravu loses. AGAIN.
  • blahblahblah predictable voting strategy blahblahblah
  • no immunity idol to play? surprise, surprise (not really)
  • random earl vote
  • s’long sylvia. and goooood riddance.


take another little piece of my heart.

i’ll never forget the first time i saw ryan atwood. it was at the fox upfront presentation in may of 2003. (to be honest, the presentation was more memorable because clay aiken and ruben performed live, but i digress)

anyway, i even wrote about my initial reaction in my (ancient) blog:

The O.C. (FOX) Picks off, in some ways, where 90210 and Melrose Place leave off. It's about (over) privileged young adults living in Newport Beach, CA. It’s full of all the naughtiness and cheesiness I loved about its predecessors, and the main character is totally adorable in an Eminem-meets-Sean Penn way. The best thing about this particular show is that it starts this summer, so I don’t have to wait until September to see it! Fantastic!

yeah, i have to admit i was quite taken with benjamin mackenzie when i first saw the pilot episode. i always gave him the benefit of the doubt, even with bad acting choices and ridiculous storylines. however, at some point during its 4-year stint, i just totally lost interest in the OC. sure, i’d check in to see how everyone was doing now and again, but it was more out of morbid curiousity and boredom than anything else. oh, and i totally tuned in to watch marissa die. that was awesome.

and then i found out they were canceling it. it’s one of those situations where, like a friend you take for granted, you might not talk everyday, but you can always take comfort in knowing they’re still around. and when they move away, to like another state, you're like, shit, i should have called you more often. well, sorry buster, too late now! or something like that.

it truly does make me sad to see it come to an end. i’m glad it’s going out on a relatively high note (i totally admit i’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last four or five episodes) and there will always be a special place in my heart for sweet ryan atwood.

goodbye the OC. and, good luck.

american idol: the girls

i'm going to let the professionals handle this one: american idol recap


nate talks about stuff.

Beauty and the Geek's Nate on His Showmance, His Band, and Jumping Out the Window

get your wrap(per) on!

thanks to wunderkont for this fantastic little article that made me smile so hard my parts hurt:

“Tampa-based Checkers Drive-in Restaurants Inc. is distributing "Rapcat" bags designed with cutaway areas for the cat's legs and tail. The cat's head sticks out the opening of the bag, which is designed to look like to a basketball jersey and gold chain worn by the hip-hop Rapcat puppet in Checkers commercials.”

read the whole article: Cat bag apparel irks Florida officials

check out the web site if you want a dose of AWESOME: clicky

and then, please watch this:

so wrong, right? but still, so awesome. (i know, i'm like, five years old. whatever.)


karaoke never sounded so... boring.

**american idol recap**

ok. this might have been a really bad idea as in: it's SUPER LONG.

but i did it, so you may as well READ ALL OF IT. READ IT. DO IT.

minute by minute. THE GUYS!!!

first 10 minutes? not interested. let’s get right to the singing, b*tches.

0:11 it’s rudy cardenas up first. He’s cute, polished-looking and seems confident.

he opens his mouth and.... damnit. i really wanted to like this guy. this performance is one of the cheesiest things i’ve ever seen. he’s like a good-looking version of clay aiken. and honey, that’s NOT a compliment. damn. randy says “corny.” drunk paula says “fantastic.” simon says “i’ve never heard you do anything unique.” rudy’s motivated to change, though. good luck with that, rudy aiken. clay cardenas. hilar! (where DO i come up with this stuff!?)

0:16 a trailer for “blades of glory.” will ferrell on a treadmill singing “my humps.” hilar.

0:20 a preview for the SERIES FINALE of the OC. a tear forms in the corner of my eye. i take back all the bad things i ever said about this show. i can't believe it's really going to end. i feel like i did the day melrose place said goodbye. hormonal.

0:21 why does everyone look so GINORMOUS next to ryan seacrest? seriously?

0:22 here comes brandon rogers. again, looks good, polished, has a nice audition blahblahblah.

he opens his mouth and... i can’t remember. i must have dozed off. i dreamed of cheesy camera looks and maybe images of michael jackson floating around, but the singing sounded like bad karaoke. of michael jackson. um.

this is not starting out as i had hoped.

randy says “pitchy,” but i think he means to say “lame.” paula says “great job” and something else i couldn’t quite make out. simon says “you’re a good singer,” but it was safe and predictable. i think these judges saw a different performance than i did. and/or they just stayed awake through it whereas i most def. did not.

seriously? does ryan have the smallest head ever or do all these contestants have GIANT CABEZAS? it’s tripping me out, yo. *reminds self to lay off the mushrooms before watching AI*

0:27 oh god. it’s SUNDANCE HEAD. i’m so over him, and he hasn’t even started yet.

he opens his mouth and... i’m surprisingly intrigued, then i’m in pain, then i’m bored, then i’m confused. i think he “loves me.” but i’m not so much returning the sentiment. thankfully, this was a short song.

judges? randy: “i don’t think you were on pitch the whole song.” paula: “i think you picked the wrong song.” simon: “tonight you were like dad at a wedding.” i love simon.

dude! sundance is shorter than ryan! but still has a bigger head!!!!!!!! totally tripping.

0:36 preview for “drive.” we think we like the looks of this but we aren’t sure yet.

0:37 paul kim! my favorite barefoot asian. um. setting the expectations low... hoping for the best and...

he opens his mouth..... oh. man. really? this seems like karaoke amateur hour. i kind of feel like crying. painful.

judges? randy: “i still see promise.” paula: wants you to kind of ignore tonight’s performance and think about earlier auditions. simon: suggest he put his damn shoes back on. hee.

0:41 ew. ryan has his shoes off too. i wonder if ryan and i are the same size. seriously.

0:42 chris richardson. super cute, but i have no expectations for anyone anymore. i’d be surprised if he was good at this point.

he opens his mouth and... starts out interesting... i think i like. best so far. according to my expert opinion. loving the JT vibe.......yessssss. me definitely likey.


judges? randy: “yo man, aite, i feel like the show just started.” me too randy, me too. paula: “i liked how your dad danced on the upbeat when you were on the down beat.” simon: not so much impressed by the vocals, but likes him. cuteness wins. yay.

ryan actually looks KIND OF normal next to chris. and chris’ dad looks a little, uh, red. hee. cute.

0:48 did you know that american idol is sponsored by coca-cola? i had no idea.

0:52 preview for the “wedding bells.” i have several reasons for thinking this is going to be AWESOME. can’t wait.

0:53 it’s time for nick pedro! eh. he definitely has that boston accent going for him... but i’m not so much a crooner fan... hope he mixes his action up

he opens his mouth and... yeah. not doing much for me.

i wonder if i want to put myself through another hour of this.

randy’s not impressed... paula’s bangs are just kind of creeping me out and simon didn’t think it was that bad. aw. simon was nice-ish. sweet.

RYAN AND NICK ARE THE SAME HEIGHT. ryan’s head? still smaller.

1:03 it’s blake lewis time. woo woo!!! he makes me smile.

he opens his mouth and.... i tentatively like what i hear... yeah yeah, i’m feelin’ it. can he pull off a whole performance without any beatboxing, i wonder? beat boxing? beep boxing?

a shot of his weird looking parents? in the audience? yeah don’t show them again. creepy.

i liked it! hoo-ray.

judges???? randy kinda dug it, paula’s bangs enjoyed it, and simon gives him some props for being relevant in this decade, and say best performance so far. well there you go!

blake has a pretty small head, but ryan’s head, still smaller. does this trip anyone else out? do i need to seek help?

1:12 sanjaya! still needs a haircut, but we can actually see his face. so, yay.

he opens his mouth and... yeah. still kind of bored with everyone tonight. it can ONLY get better from here on out, right?

randy doesn’t think it was very good (i concur), paula thinks he’s a sweetheart (tranlsation: bad job, son) and simon says it was the most dreary performance of the night. the good news? if i have trouble going to sleep tonight, i can just play his performance back and it’s lights out, sweetheart.

if sanjaya shaved his head (hilar) he might have a similar-sized head to ryan’s. wait! sanjaya! don’t get any crazy ideas.

do we still have four more of these left? me sleepy.

1:23 JACK OSBOURNE! i mean, chris sligh. he’s silly. and i *think* he can sing. *crosses fingers*

he opens his mouth and.... it starts out like ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but then BAM! bam! energy starts flowing.. and then i kind of like it.. and then... i’m suddenly distracted by all the laser beams behind him. oooooh shiny things!!!!!!! *wanders off*

judges? randy kind of liked? sorry im still thinking about laser beams. paula i think liked it too? simon confuses me and seems confused himself. i feel his pain.

chris starts to get sassy, then simon gets mean.... i think he called him a teletubby. and then it just gets awkward. obviously, ryan looks like a midget next to chris. i think he just said we’ll be right back with harry potter.

1:33 another “drive” preview. super!

OH! it’s jared cotter! NOT harry potter! i’m soooo silly! i think i already decided i don’t think he’s very interesting.

he opens his mouth and... actually? not bad. not bad at all. and there aren’t any laser beams to distract me. this music is kind of sexy. like in that let’s make out in the closet in 8th grade kind of sexy. oh wait, does making out in the closet in 8th grade make me seem kind of slutty? forget i said that.

ooh, high note. eeeeiii. my dog woke up from her slumber during that moment. aaaiiiiii.

judges? randy didn’t like the ending (yeah dawg) but overall it was aite, paula... i seriously CANNOT look at her and when she speaks i just glaze over, and simon says the tune was "unadventurous."

(apparently he didn’t “do” 8th grade with the likes of me, did he?)

1:38 A to the J tabaldo

opens the mouth... and.... oh wait! he’s poppin his colla’! that distracts me momentarily, but then i realize the song is really boring and even though he can sing, i start getting really excited for the show to end.

ohhhh judges? all i gleaned from the judges comments is simon comparing it to a theme park performance. i love it when he does that.

final song coming up. thank gawd.

1:48 phil stacey. bald & beautiful (?). something about a baby... blahblahblah.

i kind of have a headache at this point.

he opens his mouth and...i fall asleep.

the end.

ps. chris richardson and blake lewis are my flavs.

i drawed this just for you. and you. and you, too. hell.

(i combined two momentous occassions, see? chinese new year and fat tuesday/mardi gras. i know! hilar! in case you were wondering, the lady pig is wearing beads that she received for showing her "tots." that pig is CRAZY. that pig is not wearing ? a shirt! dirty pig! that's no lady!)

red bull always wins.

**24 recap**

in this week's episode...

milo “heroically” protects marilyn from his dad’s evil henchmen (which, by the way, are probably the worst. henchmen. ever. henchmen is a funny word. henchmen. henchmen. henchmen.) and actually wasn’t milo doing much of anything as much it was jack showing up just in the nick of time (weird) and saving the day (again). poor, awkward marilyn has to make a tough choice that looks like it might end horribly, until jack offers to be the sacrificial lamb and the sorta worthless josh is safe and free as a result. ps. nice try on trying to escape using the old “soda” excuse. um... yeah.

and! just when you think gramps is gonna put a cap in jack’s ass, he *disappears.* oh! but he does leave a phone with a note to holla at ex-president logan so... there’s that.

in other news morris chooses whiskey over red bull and.. loses. never choose whiskey over red bull, friends. red bull RULES. and, ps, if you’re going to shoot liquor, maybe try one with a less potent scent, such as vodka. mmm. vodka. and also? worst endorsement for altoids ... ever. apparently altoids does NOTHING to cover up whiskey breath, and surprisingly, bad things happen when people smell the liq on yo’ breath. *note to self*

something something happens with chad lowe and tom in a dungeon... which i totally saw coming. what? i did! smarmy is as smarmy does. and lowe? like i said – the SMARMIEST. sucks for the prez, but you know, whatcanyado? i know they have to have these plots involving the president and politics and blahblahblah stuff, but eh.... personally, i’d rather see more of morris getting drunk and making weird googly eyes at a shirtless milo. but that’s just me.

i guess that’s it?

update: still NO RICKER. now it’s just getting MEAN.

we could be heroes

**heroes recap ahead**

someone DOES fly, and someone DOES indeed die. even if you expected it, the way it played out was pretty "unexpected," hence the name of the episode.


so good, right?

let's get to it.

we're finally introduced to hana on the show (she's been making waves online for quite some time now) when she she mind-IMs ted. we get more information about what the two slash-marks on the neck mean, and we learn hana's genius plan for "getting" whoever did this to them. "i can find them and then you can nuke them!" whee. fun for everyone.

meanwhile, mohinder & sylar/zane locate another "freak" and sylar does a, um, really job of gaining dale's confidence by exhibiting extremely nervous (aka murderous) heartbeats which she can hear from miles and miles and/or feet away. bad news? dale loses her head over it. good news? sylar's brain is getting rocked by bad rap music and killer headaches as a result. what goes around comes around, SYYYYLARRRRR.

matt keeps taking the diamonds out of their velvety home and molesting them. he gives his wife a ring, she's too fat to wear it, she brings it to get adjusted, finds out it's worth more than just a few bucks, acts all self-righteous (um...) about thievery and lies (um...) acts annoying and then finally matt is saved by the bell (hana & ted, yay!) see ya, fattie.

peter continues to increase his awesomeness by discovering he also took on sylar's mind control skillz. as peter continues to get frustrated/angry with everyone in his life, his powers continue to grow and he becomes more and more dangerous, just as... predicted. it seems they are definitely setting up for a big sylar/peter showdown in the near future, and i can't wait. peter's the man, dude! oh! and how could i forget - now he can stop bullets (tasers?) in mid-air and fly on command. so. awesome.

too bad claude doesn't appreciate it....

simone yells at isaac (i think), which is getting real old real fast, then she yells at nathan ( i wouldn't do that if i were you) and then up and gets shot by isaac in a VERY unexpected twist of fate. goodbye simone, we hardly knew ye.

in other news,

hiro finally cuts ando loose and does some weird thing to a bullet?? finally, hiro does "something" of interest besides "be funny."

claire totally yells at bennett which makes me really nervous and very excited for her all at the same time. don't mess with claire or ... she will yell at you and cry. eventally, the 3-pack consisting of matt, hana & ted end up at the bennett household and they are totally ready for some answers, and we're talking, like yesterday.

bring it.


happy birthday, presidents

and thanks for the beautimous day-off weather, God of Sun and Puffy Clouds.

a little something i like to call "kickin your a%^!"

while the world mourned the loss of britney's hair/sanity/etc. this weekend, a battle of monumental significance went down at my brother-in-law's bbq on saturday evening.

in an intense battle of the sexes, the four ladies emerged victorious after winning 2 out of 3 matches of cranium (TURBO edition). i don't want to brag, but the ladies were pretty awesome.

ok, yes i do want to brag.

to be fair, the ladies' team did bring in a little ringer in round two and turned our 4-squad into a 5-squad.. that "ringer" was of the furry variety and is better known as COSETTE. turns out? cosette is super awesome at the "side show" challenge, also known as the puppet show.

anyway, i just really wanted to post the results of the cranium challenge because we (i) won. woo.

ps. cranium turbo edition is the most fun you'll ever have with your pants on.


where'd ya hair go?

so i was at the gym at the RIDICULOUS hour of 7am this morning, and guess who was all over cnn? my favorite favorite favorite awesome person in the whole universe. i try to specifically avoid adding any of my energy to giving her any attention, but this is pretty fantastic.
here's a little synop of the hottest story (!?!?) of the morning from popsugar:

"We went to bed last night hearing that Britney Spears has shaved her head. We hoped it was not true. Now we clearly can see not only has she shaved her hair (herself I might ad), but she had gotten additional tattoos. OK we get it. She doesn't want to be the cute pop tart star we all fell in love with but can someone please help the girl already. Seriously, this is rock bottom. She was out of it and all the information available still sounds shady. Checked in and out of rehab in a day; flying coach alone from Miami to LAX - seriously, the girl never flies coach and now this shaving of the head. We hear your cries Britney. Loud and clear. Now if only you would let someone help you.."
ohh honey. seriously. wow.
more on this: x17online, perez hilton

and now i'm going to take a nap. and then ill wake up, shave my head and get a few tattoos. you know, because that's all very normal weekend activity for awesome people like me and brit.


watch out for boo

** survivor recap **

maybe it was because i decided to slam a diet rockstar and run 6.8 miles before watching survivor tonight, but honestly, i couldn't stop laughing any time "boo" showed up on screen. is this guy for real? he's awesome. he's like a real life SNL skit. i can't wait to see what he's going to get into next! hilar!


so then i started to kinda feel bad about making mad fun of dreamz last week right around the time he started seriously freaking out over "how much food they had" as compared to what's in his fridge at home. that's definitely sad, dreamz. you're still annoying in a "not so bright" kind of way, but i do hope this show brings you more positivity, you know, in the Game of Life.

anyway, i started to come down off my post-run/rockstar buzz somewhere around the time when sylvia's face kept popping on screen with a riduclous use of the buff as a head ornament. i don't mean to be rude, but is she half-retarded?

speaking of half-retarded.... rocky? i thought you had some brains in that sleepy-eyed noggin of yours. getting rid of erica because she is a "threat" this early in the game is not a smart move, dude. not smart. same for you, MOOKIE.

oh, and i really enjoyed earl's sea snake analysis. "snakes are misunderstood. we have an understanding now." damn straight, earl. damn straight.


well, it's definitely the most normal and intriguing group of guys ever to make it through. i'm not really emotionally invested in anyone yet, but based on nothing more than likability and perhaps cuteness, here are my early favorites...

chris "jack osourne" sligh


chris "bedroom eyes" richardson
blake "beepbopblarpmorgfizz" lewis
sanjaya "needs a haircut" malakar

yep, that's pretty much all i have on that for now.

and the winner is...

NOT nate & ceci!!


i'm actually happy for megan and scooter. or maybe i am just so happy that ceci didn't win that a monkey with high heels and a paper bag hat and a owl with horn-rimmed glasses and an aversion to deodorant could have entered the competition at the last minute and won and i'd still be happy.

and let this be a lesson to everyone: if you are a hooker face, you lose.


some girls have all the luck.

i guess i generally think valentine's day is kind of a lame commerial holiday and aaron & i never get overly excited about it since we've celebrated this day like 15 times together and whatever, you know?

so anyway, a few years ago we found ourselves without plans on v-day and made a last minute attempt to try and get into matsuhisa, which is right down the block from us, but generally has a month-long wait or so to get into when it ISN'T one of the busiest nights of the year. so, we were like, let's just check it out. we walked over there and lo & behold, it was half-empty!! we were shocked! we were even more shocked when they gave us a table by the window, one of the hardest tables to get. so we were just totally enjoying our awesome good luck until...

at some point we found out that the reason the place was empty was because there was a bank robbery down the street (complete with gun shots and everything) and they closed off many of the main streets that went to the restaurant, so people with reservations had to cancel.

in hindsight, we did think it was weird that there was NO TRAFFIC at all on san vicente, which is normally gridlocked at that time of day. hmmm. perceptive much? not us.

and so even though some cop did get shot, no one died so it would seem everyone "won" that particular year on vday.

oh, and the hairy horse crab was definitely righteous that night. uhhh. soooo good.

the end.

ain't no thang!

i'm trying to get aaron to take me to big wangs to celebrate, uh, whatever today is.

nothing says "i love you" better than this:


and be sure you check out the menu.

i'm already drooling.
don't be jealous.


dear "google,"

GOOGE right back at ya. (you little minx, you!!)



ohhhh google!


short attention span theatre

notice how i spelled theatre with an re vs. an er. it's an arbitrary choice i make, usually based in nothing. today i decided that theatre seemed more fancy. as so it is. for more on this debate and/or if you are a huge nerd face like me, please click here.

soo.. where was i?

the long-ass 24 "event."

  1. no more two hour episodes. do one new 15 minute episode a day (tu-su), and a special double (30 minute) episode on monday. yeah? yeah? ehhhhhhh

  2. this whole ricker thing is a huge farce, isn't it? suck it!

  3. i'm not 100% sure i will care if graem's son dies. he's boring and whiny.

  4. shut up, son!

  5. jack's dad totally has a mullet, doesn't he?

  6. morris totally got drilled! get it? drilled? yeah, i know

  7. chad lowe's character all of a sudden got kind of interesting. and smarmy. rawr. the smarmiest

road rules

  1. if i wanted to see people puking, i'd re-read all the celeb gossip rags as they recap britney's wild weekend. please, no more pukey.

  2. dan. is... neat. real, real neat. and by neat i mean "has pretty eyes."

  3. abram who?

  4. tori's sweet, it's a shame her best bud already sent her packin'. i'm guessing veronica gets voted back in to face off with tori, tori wins and the RV crew rejoices. hurray! and dan and tori live happily ever after.

american idol

  1. didn't hollywood "week" used to last more than, like, 45 minutes?
  2. so far the only two people i'm excited about are jack osbourne and that one indian kid

is it just me or is everything kinda boring this week? aren't we supposed to be in february sweeps right now?? ENTERTAIN ME.

ps. i gave blood today, so be easy on me.

you're damn right i'm awesome!

you might have heard that i’m kind of competitive. well, it might be true.

  • if you've ever run on the treadmill next to me at the gym, you might have noticed me checking out how fast you were going, and then, you might have noticed my dust as i totally ran faster than you.
  • if you've ever seen me in the parking ramp, and then i disappeared, and then you noticed me in the lobby before you, that's because i took the stairs and totally ran up them and BEAT you. yes. i'm faster than a rusty elevator/YOU. beeleev dat.

however, i can't think of a better illustration of this (awesome) quality (flaw) than the anecdote that unfolds below...

i gave blood today. i know, totes awesome right? but as much as i’d like to pretend that this is an altruistic gesture, it’s actually another excuse to be competitive and shameless in my quest for attention.

consider this:

in high school, i was on the student government and it was our job to organize and facilitate the blood drives. people who gave blood, like, got attention, cool stickers, snacks(!!) and a legitimate excuse to get out of class. granted, because i was on the committee i would get to miss almost an entire day of class. HOWEVER, because i didn’t “weigh enough,” i couldn’t actually give blood. no snacks, stickers or attention for me. waa.

i used to get so MAD about it. seriously. MAD.

until i started lying about my weight.

and guess what? i gave blood BETTER than most people. what can i say? I have great veins. i don’t cry & complain when they stick the needle in, i’m really FAST, and i’ve been known to go on a bender the evening after giving blood just to “see what the buzz is like when you’re missing a pint*.”

so i’ve been lying about my weight and giving blood ever since the tender age of, ohhh 17.

awesome, right?

so today i lied about my weight, gave a FAT pint of blood (so fat) and finished several minutes ahead of all the slow ass suckers who started BEFORE me. BOO-YA! (those poor bastards didn't even know they were getting schooled, i was that slick and that fast)

so, since the whole point of giving blood is to get attention, i’ve been (naturally) trying to work into my conversations all day.


ben: ruby, do you think we can touch base about that project around, say, end of day today?

Me: yeah definitely. but you know, cut me some slack. i mean, after all, i did give blood today.

chiropractor: so what’s your major complaint today? neck, shoulders, low back?

Me: actually, my arm is kind of sore on account of me giving all my blood away today. you know, for free.

guy at salad place: wow, that bottled water is so cute. I’ve never seen such a little bottle of water.

me: well, they gave it to me at the blood drive. i know, considering i did probably save a life with all the blood i just GAVE AWAY, they should at least have given me an adult-sized bottle right? but they did give me raisins and pretzels**. so you know, SCORE!

and you get the idea right?

if nothing else, i just walk by people and lift up my sleeve and show them my bandage and shout
“HEY ! i gave blood today, hold the elevator!” etc.

that bandage is pretty lame. last time i gave blood they gave me this:

but you know, whatever.

i did it for the good of mankind (attention whore).
*this is TOTALLY not recommended. however, it is REALLY fun
**worst snack selection at a blood drive EVER... where were the jelly donuts for the love of baby jesus?


someone flies, someone dies

someone needs to come up with a new tagline...

besides the cheesy promo action, this episode was great on many levels.

**heroes recap ahead**

poor, poor claire. it's disappointment from every angle when it comes to parentals. bad moms, bad dads. the girl can't get a break. i just want to give little claire bear a big hug. and then i want her to kick someone's ass already!!

this was maybe the first episode in awhile where niki/jessica didn't annoy me. maybe that was because i thought for a hot second that they might actually kill her off. but yeah, no. i totally loved how matt used his skillz to figure out that psycho hose beast was creeping around. best crime-fighting power everrrr. too bad no one can out-limb-rip jessica. i mean, no one. i'm glad matt didn't die. he's becoming quite likable.

the whole hiro/ando story was upsetting. damnit hope. not cool to toy with ando's emotions. i have a feeling she's going to regret that... you know, just a "hunch." getting irritated that hiro is power-less though. not much good as a hero if he doesn't have any powers, yeah?

sylar just keeps gettin' mo' and mo' EEEEEVILLLLL. turning solid stuff into liquid stuff is a pretty interesting skill, although my slow brain doesn't know how that will come in handy, yet. but it will, obviously. oh yes, it will.


anyway....i still have lots of tv to watch (2 hours of 24!!!!!!!!!), so maybe more thoughts from my mushy brains later.

someone flies.... someone dies..... *someone laughs hysterically*

ehhh grammys.

just my 2 cents on last night's grammy awards show:
{ps. i only watched shakira, justin & xtina's performances, so.. i guess you could say i watched it, but i uh, didn't so much}



  • such an awesome peformer, i'm not ashamed of my JT-love
  • however! don't ever do that head-camera thing ever again.
  • that was some cheesy sh*t, son!
  • justin's first performance
  • i'm totes obsessed with the latest video (i.e it's fun to speculate about his fling with ScarJo)
  • speaking of...scarjo revealed that she's working on a little album of her own last night
  • hmm
  • i have to believe it's going to be better than anything britney, lindsay and paris can do, so i say go for it
  • the second performance with the winner of that contest thing was AWESOME
  • justin's second performance
  • ok fine i'm done with JT now

that's all i got.

oh yeah - congrats dixie chicks and blahblahblah, something something, stuff and things.


i might be obsessed with sloths.

this is a nice little ditty from SNL.

OR NOT. mwahahahahaha. you get a completely different picture of sloths from this video than you do from the one i posted a few days ago.

ohhhh my parts hurt from laughing.

uhhhh. yessss.


karma, b*tches.

yesssssss. just in time for valentine's day, it's JT's new video. it's long, but dang, it's HOTT.

can't wait to see what he does for the grammys on sunday...

i loves me some JT & ScarJo...


pinky and pukey

enjoy this heinously girly blog makeover while it lasts.

pink don't last forevah.

what i wish i was doing on wednesday night

sometimes i check out the headlines in minneapolis/st. paul to see what's the what in frozen tundra. it's always refreshing to see that as much as things always change, some traditions remain intact. especially the important ones, like this:

Move over oysters, make room for Slyders

isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard? it's too bad we don't live near a white castle establishment.
ps!! in reference to my earlier post, the only survivor to make the cut that actually applied was good old gary from minnesota (aka papa smurf). yeah! take that, suckers. maybe my odds aren't THAT bad?!

it's a sl*th in a b*x

this is so squishy it makes me want to rip someone's face off.

if nothing shows up, click here

and, ps, good thing they have the sloth in a box. there's no telling WHAT it would do if it were allowed to freely roam about.

(mass chaos, no doubt)


sea snakes in yo face!!


well, first of all, there’s this unfortunate piece of new i uncovered today (thanks to eddie)

survivor fiji: only one cast member applied while the rest was recruited




anyway! moving on. *really, i am*

my initial reaction to the new season of survivor? man, it would have been cool to be on this island. I know it’s not typical for survivor to provide such a sweet set-up, but seriously how COOL is the shelter on “awesome” aka moto island? (super)

i wonder if the winning team will always get to be on awesome island, or if moto is always going to be there.... hmm. *ponders*

so, the early spotlight was on rocky (the token bartender/bostonian), dreamz (obnoxious former homeless man) and yau man (old brillian asian dude) . the sorta kinda typical survivor archetypes. i'm definitely enjoying rocky & yau man so far, but dreamz... yeah, not so much.

exile island is creepy and crawly and most definitely not going to be a fun place to spend anytime. and what's up with the idol being hidden in camp? and which camp? whhhhaaaaat?

not surprised to see jessica go right away, but as aaron put it "cute girl gone first? there go the ratings."

overall, i'm giving this episode a solid A-. i woulda given it an A but i'm still irritated that ONLY ONE PERSON ACTUALLY APPLIED AND THE REST WERE RECRUITED. there goes my survivor fantasy.


samsung& friends want to take apple "outside" and show it "something."

ooooooooooooo!!! shiny things!!!!!

ok. good. now there are some options when it comes to uh... "cool phones that you touch and stuff". this article linked below does a good job of comparing the three new touchscreen phones that will soon (?! not SOON ENOUGH) be available. i'm personally leaning towards the samsung one at the moment. just, ummmm, because. i just want to jump on the iPhone backlash bandwagon. wheee. also, because it doesn't have a release date or a price yet. ooooo sooo mysterious.

i like mysterious. mmmm mysterious.

i also like donuts. mmmm donuts.

New Touchscreen Cell Phones: iPhone Killers?

anna nicole is no longer with us

Reality star Anna Nicole Smith dies after collapse

wow. i have to say i'm shocked. and speechless.


hooker faces and the geeks.


honestly? honestly??!?? couldn't be more disappointed with the so-called beauties that have ended up in the final two.
sure, sure, there's something charming and sweet and likable about scooter and nate. and based on such lines as "i think this is a greek tragedy" coming from nate, i absolutely think he's ... geek chic....
but CECILLE AND MEGAN? i mean, really. REALLY!??

i'm really super annoyed with this outcome.

my feeling is that they bring back some of the couples to make the final decision on who made the biggest transformation (not CECILLE, that hooker face!) (and yes liana, i did steal hooker face) and that's the SUPER SURPRISING TWIST of the season finale.

but i think nate & cecille are going win it and that is JUST A CRYING SHAME.

damnit. this is not how it all played out in my beauty & the geek finale fantasy. STUPID (*&^$*&^$*(&


lost is back... and inevitably i crave peanut butter

first off, don't worry if you missed the SECOND HALF PREMIERE EVENT episode or whatever. i'm not going to spoil anything. i just want to address the inevitable disappointment that people might be feeling based on high expectations of the long-awaited return.

ok, so when lost season one came out everything was SUPER brilliant and new and unexpected and amazing. much like heroes is RIGHT NOW. it's very similar.

but let's just review -- lost is in it's third season (i distinctly remember wondering how they could keep coming up with stuff after a year... ) and heroes is still essentially in its infancy. i'm not saying we should look to be disappointed with heroes anytime soon, but i think at some point there will be a drop in in awesomeness just because maintaining the momentum of shows like this just seems to really really really really really hard.

i'm justsayin.

granted, 24 has done a pretty amazing job of keeping everyone on edge season after season, episode after episode... so it can be done.

but it's rare.

having said all that: i was not disappointed with tonight's new plot developments or new questions. i think, if anything, it gives us more questions and avenues to explore to keep the island vibe alive. granted, we were misled into thinking there would be more answers tonight... but i have to say that if they answered everything, i would lose interest faster than boiling water is losing its heat in the midwest these days... and here's a picture my sister took of boiling water turning into snow for dramatic effect:

*loses train of thought while looking at shiny thing*

fight night!!

if fights was what you was lookin' fer, then road rules and bad girls' club was where you shoulda been las' nite.

maturity and awesomeness at it's finest.

we'll miss you abram.

if/when i find the aimee/ty fight i will post that hott action for your viewing pleasure as well.

as you were.

maybe i should have worn a padded diaper?

"Yes, spinning is an INCREDIBLE form of exercise. The music, the energy, the sweat… However as a spinning instructor, the most common complaint that I hear … is that Spinning Hurts! Many participants comment that they feel very bruised and sore from the seat. One woman even told me she could hardly walk the next day!" [source]

yeah, so. i finally relented and went to "art's" spinning class at my gym last night. and yes, i'm in pain today. but it was a really good workout, so i guess i got what i was asking for.

anyway! before class started, i jumped on an elliptical and tuned into larry king live for a bit. they were interviewing people (including buzz aldrin!?) about the crazy astrounaut who put on a diaper and traveled, like, 900 miles to kidnap/torture/scare some lady who was apparently in a love triangle?

did this ACTUALLY happen or was i dreaming?


Diaper-wearing astronaut charged with attempted murder of love rival

it's real alright.


not my daddy!

**24 spoiler - if you haven't seen last night's episode**

this week's episode of 24 was a little more action-packed then last week, but really the most exciting stuff happened in the final moments when the true graem/daddy relationship is revealed and then daddy turns out the lights on graem. um. i'm not surprised, first of all. it's like the unpredictable nature of the twists and turns have made it so that you almost expect the unexpected, if that makes any sense. i'm glad graem is gone, though. so there's that.

i WAS surprised that morris turned out to be the engineer mccarthy was pimping to fayed. i think this storyline has a lot of potential, i have a lot of faith that morris is going to somehow get himself out of this one... mostly because he's quickly become one of my favorite characters this season. and also, chloe can't handle anymore heartache, ya know? poor chloers.

anyway, since that's all i can seem to remember from last night, that must be all that was important. i have high hopes that the two-hour "event" next week will bring some much-needed juice to the party.

*remind me not to schedule any trips to palm springs, paul weller concerts or any other frivolous monday night events that might hamper my viewing experience. **

who's your daddy!?

interestingly enough, both 24 & heroes had interesting daddy revelations embedded in their storylines last night. which daddy revelation was more surprising? i'd have to say they were equally intriguing, but i wasn't blindsided by either. let's start with heroes, shall we?

**spoiler if you haven't seen last night's episode**

i had definitely already guessed that nathan was claire's daddy. i read way too much speculative articles in the past week and pieced together what everyone and their dad already seemed to know. i mean, let'see: cheater? check! digs blonde chicks that aren't his wife? check. done and DONE.

what i didn't think about until later was the fact that nathan = claire's dad, peter = nathan's brother, therefore peter = claire's uncle. WHOA. now that was a random revelation that i did NOT see coming. is it just me, or did it seem that there was a little romantic spark between them earlier on? well, if there was, um, ew. but now when i think back on it, that "spark" was actually something way more powerful - a family bond. i know, intense, right? and then when peter used his regenerative powers [after taking a 30-story back slide] based on a "feeling" he had about claire, it all suddenly made tons of sense.

speaking of peter falling off of buildings, Q: how much do i love claude? A: SO much. i love his liverpoolish accent, his sassy way of effing with people and his just plain devil-may-care attitude. i did think it was pretty lame that he, in some ways, misled peter about simone. she wasn't exactly doing anything wrong on the roof with mr. clean & sober. but the whole mentor / mentee relationship that they have is pretty awesome. all the peter stuff is super intriguing, and now it's all starting to make some sense. it's going to be interesting to see how this story develops, and how much of peter's ass claude is going to have to kick in order to "show him the way." loves it.

kinda bored by the whole niki / jessica storyline. i'm hoping she dies soon. i know, mean, right? but so is uh, ripping people's limbs off and tazering them to death. uh. as far as "bad guys" go sylar is the man, and let's see more of his creepy ass. well, not his ass, per se, but you know what im sayin.

overall, awesome episode.

i'll save 24 for later. i have to work, people.


chewbacca so CRAZY

Chewbacca Impersonator Head-Butts Tour Guide

POSTED: 10:23 am PST February 5, 2007

LOS ANGELES -- A man dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars was arrested after police said the street performer head-butted a tour guide operator in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Frederick Evan Young, 44, of Los Angeles was booked Thursday for investigation of misdemeanor battery, police Lt. Paul Vernon said.

Police said the 6-foot-4 street performer was seen arguing Thursday afternoon with a tour guide who had expressed concern the Star Wars wookie impersonator was "harassing and touching tourists" in violation of city law.

The city passed ordinances last year seeking to crack down on the colorful assortment of actors who perform outside the landmark theater. The move was prompted by complaints from tourists who said the actors were aggressive and abusive if they refused to pay for pictures.
Security guards escorted Young off theater property, but he decided to strike back and head-butted the tour guide, Vernon said.

"The lesson here is you can have the force with you," Vernon said. "You just can't use illegal force."

Young could not be reached for comment. His telephone number was unlisted.

The tour guide, Brian Sapir, told the Los Angeles Times that he asked the Chewbacca impersonator to stop harassing two young Japanese tourists when the actor exploded in anger.

"He said, 'Nobody tells this wookie what to do,"' Sapir said.


ohhhhhhhhh, chewy!!

fun superbowl ads




i'd love to comment on prince's halftime performance, but my face has been rocked right the hell off.

so. effing. goood.

i'm not biased (at all) since i'm from minne, but, BEST HALFTIME SHOW EVER!



in preparation for the influx of testosterone into our abode tomorrow, i've prepared the house in the following super manly ways:
  1. implemented a lavendar-infused wall plug-in thingie in the living room
  2. implemented a eucalyptus/mint infused wall plug-in thingie in the bathroom
  3. scrubbed, mopped and polished everything the damn house with orange-scented cleaning supplies
  4. congregated scented candles in key locations
  5. groomed my dog
  6. refilled spa-scented hand soaps in guest & master bathrooms

now, i'm ready for some damn football.

wha he f?

i know! you are all DYING to know what's going on with my dead/alive/dysfuncional sidekick these days. so! i'm gonna fufill your lofty desires with this sordid tale.

remember how the little wheel thing stopped working before i puddle-dunked the 'kick, but then miraculously sprang to life post-dunk?

yeah. excellent, right? but! i knew there HAD to be a catch. and i discovered it today whilst replying to this text:

jason m: hey is it cool if my roommate lindsey comes tomorrow too?

ruby: sure...jus make sure you guys bring somehing o drink
your mom can come oo.

yep. ha' s righ . the " " bu on has jumped he damn shark. his should make ex ing ex remely in eres ing.

effing sidekick!

road rules pit results (not a spoiler)

so! mtv is airing the pit competitions exclusively online on saturdays (uh, wtf?) and then the tuesday episodes will just be a recap of what happened in the pit, plus then the aftermath of whatever happened. SO! if you'd like to know what happens before tuesday, check the recap here or you can go to and watch it your damn self.

don't worry, i won't spoil your fun and spill the beans. well, except i will say that the webisode is uh, really lame. sorry.

(and i had such high hopes for this new WACKY season. harrrrumph.)


this is important! (not really)

something really important to know about me: i'm lazy about lunch. and as much as i'm actually really NOT lazy in a lot of really important ways, i've never really been a "go out" to lunch person. in my fantasies, lunch automatically appears every day (just the way i want it and with the correct amount of calories) and i just eat it without thinking and just keep doing whatever i'm doing. sometimes "what i'm doing" is combing the internets looking for interesting things to write about, but a lot of times "what i'm doing" is actually, uh, working. i know! can you believe i actually work? it's true, i do. but i am really fast and speedy at it (because i'm awesome) so therefore i take approximately 1,000,000 mini-breaks throughout the day to groom my blargh, myspace, opendiary, whathaveyou. you could almost say i have TWO jobs based on the amount of time & energy i put into my cyber spaces. but i only get paid in the form of like, comments and such, and i'm not sure how to take divedends out of my comments to pay the IRS. so i guess it's not a really job but more of a full-time all-consuming, uh, "hobby."

so i was saying! lunch. um... i can't remember now. leave me alone! i have to work.

stay tuned for: excitement! it's what's for dinner.

get your survivor face on!


survivor: fiji starts on thursday, feb 8th!!

the contestants were originally going to be separated into two tribes of ten, but the NIGHT BEFORE the game was about to begin, one lady dropped out and it was too late to secure an alternate. for the first time ever, there will be an odd number of contestants. that lady is pretty sweet.

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so excited for the new season, obviously...

Punxsutawney Phil Says Spring is Right Around the Corner!


Phil's official forecast as read 2/2/07 at 7:28 a.m. at Gobbler's Knob:
[ed. note: uh huh huh huh.. he said "knob"]

El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west.
Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed.

Global warming has caused a great debate.
This mild winter makes it seem just great.

On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing.
Will we have winter or will we have spring?

On Gobbler's Knob I see no shadow today.
I predict that early spring is on the way.

aw. now that's adorable.

!hot phil pix!


gettin learned

word o' the day, b*tches.

pellucid \puh-LOO-sid\, adjective:
1. transparent; clear; not opaque.
2. easily understandable.

britney's pellucid wardrobe choices are hardly what she intends them to be, which i'm guessing is "sexy."


this morning, just for fun, i engaged the "on" button on my sidekick. imagine my surprise when the familiar lights and sounds slowly sprang to life on what i thought was a corpse. in addition to simply "being alive" the wheel mechanism on the device that has been inoperable for weeks suddenly works now.

i'm 99% sure this is just a temporary rebirth of a beloved gadget, but would you think it was weird if i told you that there is a water stain in the shape of buddha in the center of my screen?