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CQ = Bust

this just in: my cuteness quotient formula is offically worthless.

it's like someone just told me there ISN'T a santa claus.

i'm crushed.

And your CQ football picks were 0 for 2. Will that teach you to root for people based on looks? ;-)
[Jim is Already There]

yeah, no. sorry jim. i'm still as shallow as ever.

anyway, it's gonna be a bears/colts showdown.

put your manning faces on, cuz, manning it's ON!

nothing better than snow-encrusted playoff football game!

get ready for a new superbowl shuffle!

loves it.

'grats to all you bears & colts fans. i know you've been waiting forever for this. may the best team win!! (i.e. cutest)

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rockinraquel said...

what a game! (bears vs. saints) after the saints' 2nd td, i thought they could pull it off, but they didn't. i was pulling for them, too! da bears kicked thar butt. i guess the saints can't handle the snow...