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it's totally logical. isn't it?

listen. it's not easy being a "diehard" minnesota sports fan. even though my minne teams bring me mostly disappointment, shattered dreams and a deep-seeded feeling of longing, i will forever be loyal to my

  • timberwolves
  • vikings
  • twins
  • wild(s)

but that's where i am drawing a line in the sand these days.

see, i wasn't a college football fan nor was i a soccer fan when i lived in minnesota. so i don't even know where my loyalty would lie if i were to all of sudden become a college football or soccer fan. oh! but wait! now that i've officially lived on los angeles for seven years, i've come to learn that there are other sports beyond the traditional professional sports. and, as such, i do believe i have every right to be an adopted USC fan. check this little ditty out: my college roommate's brother went to USC. and now he's a viking. so i think that gives me every right to root for the maroon and yellow. or whatever USC's colors are. doesn't it?

and soccer. well. if there was ever a reason to become a soccer fan, it would be this guy here:

and if there was ever a reason to root for an LA soccer team, it would be this piece of hot juicy news right here:

David Beckham to Join L.A. Galaxy

right? so i can have my minnesota cake and eat my l.a. cake too. can't i?! season tickets me!

in other news:

Southern Californians urged: Prepare for a really big quake


i'm going to go back to thinking about soccer now.

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MNBird said...

How can a woman not be a soccer fan? Those men have nice asses and legs... they run up and down the field looking all hot and sweaty in their shorts and well... that is what I have to say about that right now. OH! and Beckham is a good reason to start liking soccer.