stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


is this thing on?

oh HI! randomly i have been getting comments and requests to update this blog lately, so i figured i'd dust off the old keyboard and see what happens. i'll probably be doing the november blog a day thingie again this year, so i may as well ease myself back into the habit of trying to entertain my five followers on this here thingie.

so where did we leave off? in march? what the cuss!? i guess nothing at all has happened to me or downtown since that time. huh. that's pretty spectacular. also? it's a big fat lie.

downtown is getting cooler by the minute, heck, even by the second. every day as i drive home and round the 110 curve and experience the familiar iconic downtown LA skyscrapers edging closer and closer, i sigh a little bit and think, this is HOME. i've never really felt so at HOME anywhere, and it's a weird tingly sensation that makes me very happy.

so here's the deal. my husband is currently starving himself for a movie role and my best downtown friend recently discovered she has a condition which requires her to temporarily abstain from alcohol. add to this my recent decision to train for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon and what you get is a whole lot of inaction on the mean streets of DTLA. however, it does not mean that i don't have loads to talk about regarding my experiences living, working and playing here.

but let's just start back slowly but surely shall we?

tonight, i am going to head home in a few shakes of a goat's tail, grab some nosh from either bottle rock or arashi, grab myself some sort of libation and park myself in front of the tv to take advantage of a rare aaron absence to catch up on GOSSIP GIRL all by my lonesome. it's going to be great and i know you are jealous.

stay tuned for more exciting adventures from this lofty loft dwelller.