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anticipation builds

rockinraquel said...
well, a new heroes episode is on tonite. can't wait!

i couldn't agree with you more, rockinraquel! not only is it a heroes AND prison break premiere night, it's also another adrenaline-infused episode of 24.

kiefer & wentworth step out over the weekend at the Fox All-Star Winter TCA Press Tour PARTY:

HOWEVER! due to a slight lack of foresight, it's very likely i will be on the road en route to the hotel where survivor auditions are taking place tomorrow. d'oh! obviously i will be tivo-ing everything, but i might not get to watch everything until *gasp* tomorrow.

SPEAKING of survivor ... less than 24 hours to go until i have my big audition. *gulp*

i'm totes pumped. let's review the checklist:
  1. ask for "personal day" on tuesday, 1/23 [check]
  2. book room at hotel where survivor open casting call is taking place [check]
  3. fill out 17-page application [done]
  4. develop and rehearse 2-minute spiel [done]
  5. purchase mass quantities of sugar-free red bull [done]
  6. arrive at hotel evening prior to casting a secure place in line [to do]
  7. wow the shizz out of the casting people [to do]
  8. wait ...[to do]

mmmmm. yes.

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