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i'm over...

... people who walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk.

it's just lame. walk on the right. even if you're from a backwards country, or you're just missing 90% of your brain.

just learn how to do it. DO IT.


outside my window.

aw, it's a rainbow! yay, gay.


never sleep.

i wonder:

is it EVER possible for me to get more than 4 hours of sleep when in nyc for work?

if the extra round(s) of drinks with my co-workers were REALLY necessary?

how the hell i'm going to get through a day of talking to people about movies without wanting to take a nap every five minutes?

if the 3pm trip to the airport can come soon enough?

how many seconds it will take me to PROMPTLY pass out on the plane once i'm seatbelted and settled in?

why ginger ale tastes sooo good right now?

why i'm not ready yet when i'm supposed to meet my co-worker in the lobby in 15 minutes?



traveling meh.

i knew i was in for an "interesting" day when i realized i was washing my face with hair conditioner. oh well, i guess i wanted my face to be as shiny and sleek as my hair. (i swear i wasn't drunk this morning! or was i?)

shortly before that, i arrived home from the gym to find a tan nissan murano blocking my driveway with no driver in sight.* oh well, i wanted to park in the street, anyway.

i printed out my boarding pass after confirming that my flight was, indeed, on time. i then made it to the airport in record time only to discover my flight was delayed by 72 minutes. of course! oh well, i wanted to sit on my laptop with skinny dolce cinnamon latte in my hand, for an extra hour or so.

i guess this means i won't be arriving at jfk until 8:30p, so i hope i can still make my 9p dinner reservation in soho....

...yeah, i won't hold my breath.

and back to people-watching and latte-sipping i go.

doodly doo.

*aaron just called to inform me he had to have it towed so he could exit! sounds like someone had a nice drunken morning! and will no doubt have a rude awakening when they go to leave and CANT FIND THEIR CAR. oops.


a pleaseant surprise.

sprawled out on the couch, i was. chillin, to the max.

thoughts of going "out" to happy hour on this lovely sunday evening before president's day off danced in my head. but some of me, just wanted to chill. but aaron was persistent. not normal, for him.

around 4-ish, a knock at the door. a shadow-y figure through the small glass window that separates the outside world from my cozy, inside one. i looked at aaron, questioningly. were YOU expecting someone?

the door opens! someone walks in, it looks like a lady-figure.

and then? i realize it's one of my favorite high school friends - teresa p.. formerly known as PETEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

and at that moment it makes SO. MUCH. SENSE.

One FATTY HOUR at Fat Fish and approximately six hours and SIX BOTTLES of wine later, she and her midwestern friend, bid adieu. they do. and i? am buzzed. time to eat something of substance.

man i love surprises, like this. aaron's a damn good actor to keep so many good secrets from me, on a regular basis.

i think, i'm lucky.

i know? i am.

apparently, i lose the ability to open my eyes after 6 bottles o' wine. hott.


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happy heart day.

yesterday i saw a press screening of a movie/documentary called young @ heart which was, quite possibly, one of the most special and moving movies i've ever seen.

basically, it's about a bunch of old people singing. i know! it sounds AMAZING, right? but honestly, there's no description i could give it that would do it justice. unless you're the type of person who kicks puppies and beats children, i don't think there is any possible way to sit through it without a smile on your face and a couple (or hundreds) of tears in your eyes.

really, such a special, special film.

immediately after that, i joined the four-pack at upstairs 2 where we celebrated my sister-in-law getting a movie role she's been lusting after, and in general, we toasted the End of the Strike, which means they can all GET BACK TO WORK.


in other news... i'm wearing BRIGHT PINK and REGULAR PINK today just because, no reason.

ps. happy valentine's day!


reason #1,765 why i might NOT be a good mom


aaron: um.

me: did i just say that out loud?

Charlie bit my finger - again !

it's way too much awesome for me to handle.


Wiener poopie

i don't know if LOVING this makes me a) retarded or b) awesome.

let's just go with b).


csi ny. no big whoop.

it's not very often i get to say "my husband is a guest star on CSI NY tonight."

so i'm kind of going to revel in it a bit, if you don't mind.

"my husband is a guest star on CSI NY tonight."

yeah, that's pretty cool.

tune in! CBS 10p ET/PT; 9p CT... "check your local listings"


i do this a lot. mostly, i'm not funny.

...when i clean my plate at a restaurant, i will tell the server that i "hated my meal! send it back to the kitchen!" they will laugh awkwardly, trying to figure out if i'm being sarcastic or not, realize i am being COMPLETELY SARCASTIC, laugh a little less awkwardly and then quickly walk away to get the check. 90% of the time this joke falls flat. 100% of the time, i find it to be HIlarious.

...i will try to slip in "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" in the most inappropriate/ mixed company situations. 30% of the time this joke is successful. when it IS successful, it's brilliance in motion. the other 60% of the time? i just look like a moron.

...when people ask me if i smoke, i will say "well, no, NOT cigarettes!" and then wink, as if to say, I SMOKE SOMETHING ELSE. 50% of the time people will say, oh? so do you smoke weed? and then i will say, well, uh, no. so then they are like, oh. ok. the other 50% of the time people will just ignore me. this joke is never funny.

what are your stupid, recurring jokes?

in a word.


it's been about 7 years since i had my last "puppy" experience. i TOTALLY forgot how ridiculously exhausting it can be. i "worked from home" yesterday to help get the little guy used to the house (aaron had to shoot a short film all day.. verrrry convenient). aaron also thought it would be good for me to bond with the little guy alone, since the little guy is all up in his grill piece.

so i did that. i thought it would be this:

  • lying around in my pajamas

  • leisurely checking email

  • replying to email

  • watching soaps ?

  • eating bonbons

  • petting the puppy

  • occasionally letting him out

it was actually this:

  • lying around in my pajamas (not enough Time To Shower)

  • feverishly checking email

  • replying to email, but actually having to do mass quantities of work as well ( (i worked from 8A to 7P, which is a lot different from my normal 9:30A to 6P workday)

  • no soaps

  • no bonbons (but some leftover chicken wings from superbowl party! YAYYYYYY!)

  • lots of petting the puppy, but also? chasing the puppy! making sure he was chewing on his BONE rather than EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE HOUSE! getting "accidentally" BITTEN by the puppy when he mistook my thumb for his BONE! breaking up cosette and camus when they got too close to each other's food!

  • letting him out approximately 1,000,893 times. and cleaning up at least two accidents.


so much for my leisurely bonding day. instead? SUPER INTENSE BUSY STRESSFUL BONDING DAY.

but by the time aaron got home, i had camus next to me on the couch, asleep, snoring like a kitten (?)



i'm a mommy! again!

aaron's been on a serious mission.


he's been pouring over puppy-for-sale ads and scouring rescue sites in search of The Perfect Frenchie. we've always had AMAZING dogs, so the search for a new one is always an exercise in EXTREME PICKINESS.

so anyway, i've been sort of on the fence about wanting a new puppers. a) it's a LOT of work training a new dog b) frenchies are ex$$pensive! c) responsibility? me? how am i supposed to fulfill my Vino Extraordinairre role with Responsibility on my plate?

well, if there is a bright side to the writer's strike, it's that aaron has a lot more free time. this is also a downside of the writer's strike. aaron hates when he's not Crazy Busy. so his solution? train a puppy! occupies a lot of time! eliminates boredom!

his search has led him down a few paths... some dogs were perfect, but SOLD by the time he got to them, some were "perfect on paper" until he actually met them and so on. so... a few days ago, he sent me the following pics:

and i think i speak for us both when i say WE JUST KNEW this guy was The One. a few days later, i asked how "negotiations" were going and aaron "sadly" informed me that this little guy had been sold. i was like awww, dang. i really thought he was The One.

cut to last night. i got home earlier than aaron and was settling in to watch The Soup while i waited for him to get home. when he did, he hung out in the kitchen for a few moments and asked if i wanted anything. i was like noooo i'm fine. and he kept asking questions. so i took a break from staring at joel mchale to see what his "deal" was.

that's when i saw the face you see above staring back at me from the corner of the kitchen.

SQUEEEEEE! you got the pupppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so it went.

and in case you are wondering... his name is Camus (Ka-Mew) and he is incredibly PRECIOUS.

introducing, Camus... with his big sister, Cosette. aw.