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orange all over your face

after a nice, centering hour of yoga at my gym, i came across this rather unexpectedly:

yeah dude. it's totally carrot top. luckily, in this particular run-in, mr. top was wearing a shirt and such. i appreciate a shirted carrot top much more than a half-nekkid one. ya feel me?

i don't want to actually admit that i stayed at the gym an hour longer than i was planning to just to kind of observe carrot top in action. BUT! i totally did. not much else to report. but i think just being in the mere presence of his orangeness deserves a mention.

anyway... after i survived that sighting, i made it home in one piece and we decided to enter the world of the bad girls club

per the recommendation of eddie yesterday, we taped two hours of episodes and watched them all back to back.

eddie, um, thanks?

this show is deliciously horrible. seriously. this show made my soul weep a little. therefore: i highly recommend it.

here's a little taste to get you excited { ripsi gets tipsy }

ironically, ripsi is doing "yoga" before she goes batshit crazy.

coincidentally, i was doing yoga tonight! then! i saw carrot top! then! i watched this!

it all really feels like some sort of effed-up warped master plan, but i haven't a clue what it all means.



Anonymous said...

Dude is he on 'roids or what? All I gotta say is "Yikes"--Raquel

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how have I not seen this show!? Nice!