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real is as real does.

tonight i felt myself getting a bit emotionally invested in beauty & the geek.
lil' bit.

this is evidenced by the fact that I already have my tentative favorite favorites list (nadia, mario, nate and “scootie”). i always reserve the right to change my favorite favorites on a whim, though, so don’t hold your breath. yeah, so, tonight’s geek challenge was fraught with trickery! the geeks were told to sketch a talkative naked model. but! lo and behold! the actual challenge was about “appreciating” women. this means seeing beyond her physical assets and, um, listening to her.

all but one failed miserably. (mario! my hero!) geniuses? i beg to differ..... in their defense, however, it was the first time some of them had actually seen a real naked woman in the flesh. *ahem*

<-- who doesn't love mario!?

interestingly enough, while watching tonight, i realized that if jodie from the bad girls’ club and cecille from beauty & the geek were in a lineup, i might have a super hard time telling their everso individual and original-looking selves apart. especially here in la la. you don’t see very many bleached blonds with fake tots around these parts. very rare indeed. oh, but mostly, as jodie would say, i’m being spiteful out of “jealousy.” yeah. pretty much.

moving along!

another piece of unexpectedly cool tv tonight was armed & famous. it wasn’t so much the freak show i anticipated. it was actually kind of, dareisay, informative? interesting show. maybe not crazy enough to keep the pace of the assorted atrocities that have already made my must-see list. But definitely a contender fighting for a wild card spot.

finally, there’s a lot going on with real world these days. i'll just have to deal with that later.
"i have to poop in the woods! who has ever had a job where you had to POOP in the WOODS!?"
damn straight.


Hai said...

You are one funny ass chick!

Anonymous said...

the best quote from that real world episode was when the boss said "it is NOT ok to wipe yourself in the middle of camp" to brooke

what a season so far...

Anonymous said...

The RW season was starting to bore the hell out of me, til they started their job. Now it's gettin interesting. Brooke has a screw loose.