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i'm smart.

i just made an awesome diminishing returns chart with a few different reach curves. i just thought everyone should know.



cool like that

so like, my friends rented a house in palm springs over the memorial day weekend and it was quite simply, majorly awesome. since i have a feeling i won't be getting the actual pictures we took for quite some time because liana actually still owes me pics from events dating back to 2006, i will instead give you a visual representation of where i spent my sunday afternoon by pulling pics off the house rental site:

for more pics and info on how to rent sweet houses like this, please go here#

totes awes.

greek fire

i went to the arcade fire concert last night at the greek, and i just wanted to say that it was f*ckin awesome.

additionally, this lady is my new hero.

thanks for the tickets & entertainment, jason m!

one of the coolest concerts i've ever seen!


on the lot and into my heart..

did you watch "on the lot" last night? did you like? although i'm questioning the use of bret the hack ratner and carrie princess leia fisher as judges, i'm still liking the dynamics and i found myself wanting more as the hour came to a close.

(btw, american idol ran over its time limit and therefore, daughtry* ate up the first 5 minutes of the programming time so, as a result, tivo cut this show off before it ended... )

wanting more at the end of an hour is always a ++++++ in my book.

my early favorites are: the "dad" guy and any of the directors with british accents. and that one chick.

anyone else notice that i love new york's "mr. boston" was undercover as the first contestant to make his movie pitch? hee.

*i HEART daughtry

will the real sanjaya please stand up?

i wish i would have been on the same stuff as that cop in this story before i watched this video which simultaneously creeped me out and intrigued me.

filing this under "wtf."

and also? "loves it"

ooogly booogly

was it a full moon last night? because some weird things happened to me.

**rw/rr spoiler**

1. i found myself getting teary-eyed during an episode of RW/RR inferno when timmy made his gallant exit (and during a very emotional montage of his heroic past on various challenges)

2. i found myself enjoying 50% of american idol (and actually getting the chills during a few of jordin's songs)



i'm five years old.

i know everyone else has already discovered this and i'm like, eight years behind, but i really cannot stop laughing at this shizz.

more where that came from

also, it might have something to do with the fact that i saw idiocracy this weekend and now i just don't know about the human race anymore.
so'z i jes laff.


...david spade & joey mcintyre at jones on 5/16 (me) hilton at party on la cienega on 5/18 (aaron) - here's a paparazzi pic

...alexis bledel at a mel & rose wine tasting on 5/19 (aaron & me)

"i think we're dead"


please click me now

and then, if you liked that, click me

seriously, high-lar.


not awesome.



damn, i really suck at making picks. oh well.



i'm sure i'm jinxing everyone by making my picks, but oh well. maybe for once i'll actually make a good prediction. crazier things have happened!

~american idol~

i predict jordin is going home tonight. (i guess i'm not alone... according to this )

i'll be gutsy and take melinda for the big win next week.

~america's next top model~

i predict renee will win it all.

wish me (AND THEM) luck!


i kinda want to brag...

i came in 2nd for all 31-year-olds, 32nd in the total female division and 182nd overall (out of 33,685).

proof, should you need it:

aaron ran "slow" with me and came in 151nd in the men's division and 183rd overall. he let me finish first because that's simply how awesome he is. (normally he finishes 2-3 minutes faster than me, but ran slow this year to be nice)

me and j. alba

jessica alba and i just so happened to both show up at the crack of dawn saturday morning for the 14th annual revlon run. this was my 8th race, i think it was jessica's first. i ran it, she didn't. but that doesn't stop us from both being 100% awesome.

ps. i ran the 5k in 24:02. woot.

mandy, eva & sheryl made it out as well.

as did fran drescher and her boyfriend.

skip this entry.


28 minutes in I’ve decided to do a real time blog/// i suggest you skip it.

To recap: yau has just won the 2nd to last immunity and now everyone is trying to decide who deserves to be in the final four.

Boo and dreamz are vying for position, it’s tricky because my instinct is to vote out dreamz, but we all believe that he’s going to be true to the deal if he makes it to the next round. boo will likely be easier to beat in the remaining immunity, but who knows.

Dreamz and boo are negotiating in a very diplomatic and calm manner at tribal council Everyone is way honest, right? Much more so than I can ever remember. This is a good solid group.

Time to vote.

My gut is that boo is gone…

Is anyone going to play the immunity idol?

Yeah of course earl is, why wouldn’t he?

And the votes…. Boo. Dreamz. Boo. BOO is gone.

Good game, boo.

THE FINAL FOUR: yau, dreamz, earl & cassandra. cassandra!??!?!

Commercial Break: PIRATE MASTER: may 31st. I’m in.

Earl and yau are waxing nostalgic and then it’s time for the “remember the survivors who no one would otherwise remember” moment.

Papa smurf. Aw. I liked him and his sweet Minnesota self.
Rocky! So glad you left when you did. gah.
Lisi. Unghgha.
Michelle. Loved her. Sweet girl.
Mookie. A few crayons short of a full box.
Stacey “how the hell did she last so long?”

And now they all burn. Farewell other 15 survivors! We hardly knew ye.

A “pirates” promo – this time for the movie. Hmm. Two different pirate promos. Coincidence? Hee.

Final immunity!!!!

My money is, as usual, on yau. But I think dreamz is going to win it and he’s going to have to make that hard choice. I’m still kind of amazed with yau’s strategy to get the immunity from dreamz….

And the challenge is officially underway.

Probst is there to plant some key thoughts, per usual. Gotta love probst.

Angle is increased.

Earl moves out of the way of the water flow. Good technique, earl.

Angle is increased.

Cassandra, predictably, struggles the most so far. Earl and dreamz are chillin.

Angle is increased.

Cassandra’s toast.

Now dreamz struggles. Yau seems to have found his zen.

2o minutes in . new angle. 55 degrees.

This is where we separate the men from the, well, other men.

Earl’s toast.


And yau’s in the water.

And dreamz wins the last immunity.


Well, you could. But moving on.

As jeff says, it’s going to be “an interesting afternoon,” indeed.

Hey did you know that pirate master premieres on may 31st? well, now ya do.

Suddenly, I want them to vote Cassandra out. Real bad. She least deserves to be there.

Yau pets the immunity necklace. Aw.

When dreamz says he’s good with 4th place, I don’t believe him for one hot second.

I’m nervous.

Presently, in my mind, I would like the final four to go down like this: cassandra is gone, then it comes down to dreamz, yau and earl. It can’t actually happen the way I want it can it? Can it?





If yau’s gone I’m going to have to pause a moment and pour one out.


‘cuse me for a moment.


I’m a little depressed.

Still in shock….

Can’t believe earl did that though. Shady!!!!

Me sad.

Oh the final three get a picnic. Great enjoy. Suckasses.

And now the inevitable burning of the stuff moment.


And now, final tribal. Opening statements? 100% weak across the board. Unless convincing me NONE of you deserves it was your goal. I know I know, I need to get over it.

If I had to choose? EARL all the way.

Go, earl.




One of the best final tribal councils commences ever. And by “best” I mean “most awkwardly awesome.”

obviously, earl has it in the bag, right?

and i'm right.

i'm still sore about yau not being in the final four. what a crock.

*runs off to pout some more*

more later....maybe.




so here’s what I’m loving about survivor presently.

#1. it’s truly anyone’s game right now. yau is playing with a shrewdness that excites and makes me nervous all at the same time. Boo is dominating the immunity and reward challenges. Just when I think dreamz is totally clueless, he starts talking some mad game that makes me think otherwise. Even though it never works out in dreamz favor, at least he tries. And then earl, well, he’s pretty much the man. Is all. And well, then there’s Cassandra. Necessary, but not really anything to write home about.

#2. yau broke the car curse, maybe. First time anyone has ever given away the car prize, and the first time anyone has ever sent themselves to exile. Yau just doesn’t play by the rules, yo. But I think he knew that by winning the truck he would be essentially sealing his fate (because no one that has ever won the car/truck has ever won the $$mil$$) so he played that brilliantly.

#3. yau and earl. Great team. Brilliant.

I can’t believe the season finale is already here. I am totally loving the final five, boo was definitely a dark horse and Cassandra has been totally flying under the radar, but I think everyone deserves to be there. Sunday can’t get here fast enough.

ps. i'm still sad I’m not going to be on this show next season. Bummed.
pps. did someone get voted off tonight? i can't remember.


sing me silly.

q: how much do i love this song??

a: way too much

songs about me ROCK!

as you were.

lost connections.

my friend cyndi got married this past weekend to a lovely chap named clint. it was a pretty special wedding on its own, but a few little things made it even more special.

1. tony lee, an actor from lost flashbacks, was the best man
2. lena park, korean pop star, sang during the ceremony
3. they had a candy bar, literally. you could go up and fill little plastic bags with all sorts of different candies. we were all adults in a candy store. so great.
4. they had this slide show during the dessert section of the night. seriously, how cool is that???? [scroll down to "clinton & cyndi]
5. here are a few more pics. just so beautiful i can hardly stand it.



i'm lovin'....

with so much going on in tv land these days, i need to sort through all the funk and highlight who i'm loving right. now. in no particular order:

1. ari - entourage.
i mean, do i really need to explain the awesomeness that is ari? every week he gets a little more awesome in my mind. how did i ever used to get through the week without ari to look forward to on sunday nights?

2. drama - entourage.
this week's storyline with the horse was so endearing. and ridiculous. but mostly, endearing. drama is the dork we love to love.

3. sawyer - lost.
with recent focus on his vulnerabilities, i've found myself jumping on the sawyer truck. i can't wait to see what the next few episodes bring for this character. loooovin it.

4. peter petrelli - heroes.
future peter was so bad ass it was almost scary. not that present peter is anything to shake a stick at. he's just a great effing hero.

5. renee - america's next top model.
after that one episode where she got called out on her bitchiness, i've actually started liking her more and more each week. i'm on team renee for the win, fo sho.

6. yau man - survivor.
a great mixture of immunity prowress, mischeviousness and just plain ol' playing the game like it should be played-ed-ness. yau for president!

7. jim - the office.
just jim. he just is.

8. keri russell - scrubs.
super sassy & fun. great character.

9. susie - real world / road rules.
give me someone better to love. i dare you.

10. the flight of the conchords - the previews for the premiere on HBO in june
i can't remember being this excited for a new summer show... ever.

there you go. loving me some people on the teevee at the moment.

spin your web somewhere else.

the good thing about having no or low expectations is that you have a lower propensity to be disappointed. such is the case with spidey 3. it was, at best, amusing. but i don't think it was supposed to be amusing when tobey did his crying scenes. i think those were supposed to be "sad." instead they were laughable. but it was fun on some level to be sitting in a crowded cinerama dome on a saturday morning eating candy and watching a movie. or something. next time, i'll opt to sleep in.