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i guess i suck.



i, apparently, kind of SUCK at predicting winners.

i was uhhhhhhhh, like, 5 for 800.

where i went right:

alec baldwin, 30 rock. (so bloody awesome. alec. you make me laff.)
america ferrera, ugly betty. (ugly is as ugly does. good stuff)
martin scorsese, the departed. (holla.)
sacha baron cohen, borat. (yes. i am awesome for picking this. thanks)
forest whitaker, last king of scotland. ( i can thank aaron for this pick)

i had a few favorite moments:

when meryl streep requested action in terms of getting the good movies in the theatres
ugly betty's acceptance speech
sacha baron cohen. awesome.

and. um. after all that. i started to watch 24.

thoughts, for sure, to come.

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