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i read somewhere that if you drink diet soda in mixed with hard alcohol you get drunk faster than if you use regular soda as a mixer. this seems to explain quite a bit. not only are the people drinking diet soda probably already pretty lightweight, they are also emptying their stomach contents faster than the party people with regular soda. this is fascinating stuff, no? this is also probably old news, but i think it's worth a ponder.

so anyway, i decided to veer off the chardonnay track last night and do the low-cal vodka soda option. only i ordered vanilla stoli and soda. aaron looked at me strangley when i made this request. i pondered a moment and said, yeah, kinda defeats the purpose of soda, huh? anyway, i don't see anyone lining up to disupte the deliciousness of my drink choice of the evening, so i whatevs. also, since i haven't been doing mixed drinks lately, i thought i was being all orginal by doing the soda mixer option. only it seemed like everyone was ordering vodka sodas last night. is this a new trend? or is this just the after effects of debaucherous holiday seasons? or does everyone just really want to be JUST LIKE ME? hmmm.

ponder that!

final point of the moment. it's been awhile since i've been "out" in "hollywood." usually i stick to the pub around the corner because: a) it's close and b) it's really close. but i rather enjoyed an evening out doing the VIP guest list and dress code thing. it's fun to be "hollywood" sometimes.


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