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how to awesome up an already awesome day.

i stole this from the female football fan. i'm not ashamed.

Top 10 Ways to Throw A Super, Super Bowl Party

1) Have a TV viewing room and a socializing room (believe it or not, not everyone is there to watch the game) [ed. note: put the chicks in the kitchen and the dudes in the living room. as it should be. ps. i'm not serious about that]

2) Go all out on decorations, no such thing as too much! is a great site for all things football [ed. note: sorry, i'm not a big enough dork to do this. a dork yes. but big enough? no.]

3) Serve food that’s appropriate to the time zone of the game. If you’re on the West Coast, the Super Bowl starts at 3 p.m., so there’s no need to worry about serving dinner. Just make sure that you have plenty of beer, soda, chips and more beer. [ed. note: AND CHICKEN WINGS FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET BABY JESUS!!]

If you’re on the East Coast, the Super Bowl starts at 6 p.m., so make sure you have more substantial fare or at least the number to the local pizza delivery place.

4) A football pool is a must (Click here to learn how to set one up) [ed. note: be sure to rig the pool so that the host wins. *ahem*]

5) The commercials can sometimes be more exciting than the game, so have a TV in the bathroom. Even if you wait for a timeout to go to the bathroom, you won’t want to miss the $2-to-$3 million-30 second commercials. [ed. note: so, so true]

6) Make sure you have comfortable couches and sitting areas. This is the one football game where (other than to eat and go to the bathroom) you won’t want to get up for three-plus hours. You don’t want to miss the football, the commercials or the halftime show -- it’s Prince this year! And, come on, who won’t admit that they’re kicking themselves for missing the wardrobe malfunction from three years ago? [ed. note: thank god for tivo, though. we like to take long pause breaks for the inevitable ping pong battle that will ensue.]

7) Place crunchy snacks away from the TV. There's nothing worse than hearing someone crunch carrots and celery in your ear while you’re trying to listen to the commentators. [ed. note: there's nothing more hilar than crunching carrots and celery in someone's ear while they are trying to "listen" to football]

8) Beware of the guest that shows up in the third quarter and is clearly not interested in the game. He or she is only interested in the party -- not the game -- and may stay at your house way too long. If this is the case, the end of the game should be the queue for your kids to start throwing a tantrum, or if you don’t have kids, perhaps enter into a heated and uncomfortable argument (try talking politics and make sure to take whatever side your guest is not on) [ed. note: just try telling the guest that you ate all the chicken wings and drank all the bear-garitas. works like a charm]

9) Serve food in abundance, but keep it simple. Remember you’re not catering for an intimate dinner party. This is football -- everything is big and bountiful [ed. note: the bigger the better the tighter the sweater. or, something]

10) Even if you’re serving mostly beer during the game, keep some Champagne available for after the last play. If your team wins, it will be fun and celebratory to pop the cork and toast your team's win. If they don’t win, you can always crack open the Champagne and toast to next season. [ed. note: we substitute "handles of hard alcohol" for "champagne" up in our homepiece. how we roll, yo]

i think that just about sums it up. and, if you weren't invited to our bash this year, don't fret. we just put names in a hat and only picked the ones of the people we like the most.

better luck next year.

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