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2007 nfl playoff predictions: NFC

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chicago bears

QB: here’s what limited information i have in my brain about rex grossman. In 2004 or so, he was hailed as the savior of the bears. i remember this because my old boss was a bears fan and she was all sorts of cocky about it. anyway, then he got injured, like, before the season started? or maybe right as it started. either way, he was out the whole season. then he broke his ankle in a 2005 pre-season game, so then he was out most of that season. so now that he’s finally played a whole season, he’s led the bears to some solid success. so... let’s see... not so cute, questionable talent (a lot of luck) and shaky marketability.

QB CQ: .5 (5) + .25 (4) + .25 (7) = 5.25

LB: even though i technically have to hate the bears because they are one of minnesota’s biggest rivals, i have mad respect and admiration for urlacher. just a plain & simple badass. how can you not love him? according to wiki, urlacher’s jersey sales have rivaled those of other NFL icons, such as vick & favre. there’s been some talk about him being overrated, but no one can really dispute his all american good looks & charm. so there.

LB CQ: .5 (8) + .25 (8) + .25 (8) = 8

new orleans saints

QB: i have to admit that i had to consult with my resident football expert on matters of drew brees’ talent. aaron’s giving him a solid 9, right on par with bush, brady & manning. so because he says so, then it is so. aaron wouldn't comment on brees' "cuteness, however. psssh. so, based on my expert opinion, looks & marketability are both a little better than average.

QB CQ: .5 (7) + .25 (7) + .25 (9) = 7.5

RB: most people know that reggie bush was a first round pick for the saints in 2006. before the draft even commenced, he signed a multiyear deal with adidas and is considered 3nd to manning and brady in the category of “marketability” (according to sports business daily). he’s got the USC alum thing going for him, which works really well in this particular part of the world. he's got some crazy mad skillz and he’s a good-looking cat to boot. holla reggie!

RB CQ: .5 (9) + .25 (9) +.25 (9) = 9.0



  • bears CQ: 5.9
  • saints CQ: 7.9

based on CQ scores, i'm giving the NFC win to the good ol' saints.

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rockinraquel said...

i dunno about the whole "cq" thing but if you have money on the saints, i hope they win!