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i finally finished watching the end of the 4-hour season premiere of 24. and, well, there really are no words to describe how it ended on monday night. i haven’t purposely been avoiding this discussion, i just really can’t do it justice.

wow. right?

i know, i'm deep.

anyway, just some general thoughts

what i’m loving:

chloe & milo’s dysfunctional dynamic
jack’s downward spiral
assad (not sure why)

what is/was driving me crazy:
the annoying dude from ally mcbeal
the glaring lack of rick schroeder thus far
ah-med. (can i say how happy i am that he's dead?)

this show is insane. i can't wait to see what happens next...


RMP said...

I can't figure out what angle they are going for with the terrorists. They have the typical "Allahu Ackbar" Muslim terrorist angle... but then they have the "govt crackdown on muslim organizations."

The Angry Georgian said...

Ally McBeal! That's what I was trying to figure out. I can only remember him from Ghost Busters.