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i honestly don’t know how i managed to watch so much tv tonight. i must have the endurance of a freaking cockroach. and, ps, if you don’t want to know what happened on the white rapper show, i love new york, prison break, heroes OR 24, you best be skipping along to another entry now, son.


white rapper show
in an unexpected turn of events, 100 proof steps off. yo, i totally did NOT see that coming. so long, proof. your old school raps will be missed. in other news, this show is quickly emerging as one of aaron’s new favorites. therefore, it must be terribly awesome. other highlights included: jus blaze, house of pain aka whatever they are called now and some keith guy. i don't know. aaron was excited. there were also a lot of strippers in this episode. i hope those two facts aren't related.

i love new york
onix learns the terrible consequences of disrespecting sister patterson, 12-pack does possibly the world’s most hilar version of the [drunk] robot (in a leopard print pair of underpants, no less), mr. boston sticks his foot directly in his mouth, heat googly eyes his way out of the house and chance continues to “charm” new york. this house gets crazier by the day. do you love it?

prison break
the standoff between mahone and michael amplifies as the brohams (brohyms, jason m?) release a video designed to confuse the hell out of everyone except sarah. i’m still confused about whether or not it worked? i’m going with yes, for now. bellick shows up with a shiner the size of texas and haywire lives up to his name by going postal on a random wisconsin chick’s dad. but, ps, what’s up with the “orgy of hate” t-shirt, miss?

dear prison break,

i’m still on board, but i’m getting worried that you might jump the shark soon. um, please don't.


ps. more haywire.

more questions, more questions, and more questions. but seriously, where did hiro’s power go? i’m not buying this sword thing. something else is wrong with his powers. maybe it's his daddio. otherwise... what does his dad have to do with it? my favorite? micah discovers the best use of a power. EVER. empyting cash machines. so. awesome. sylar's back (it's bad that i'm kind of excited abou this one, right?), peter's m.i.a. with the awesome invisibility action, something about a sink and some plumbing and a baby (wake me up when this storyline gets interesting) and some totally rad walking-through-wall action in a padded cell. cool. oh! and claire finds her fire-fingered mom. aka that one chick from boston public. remember that show? yeah, me neither.

was it just me or was this kind of a slow episode? a lot of exposition, not a lot of action. but i guess they can’t deploy suitcase nukes EVERY episode, can they? CAN THEY? !?!?

chad lowe made his first appearance in this hour, someone gets beat up in the school yard for stealing someone's cell phone, jack's brother? still an ass. a super big one. and that guy from ally mcbeal, could he BE more irritating?

and did i just DO a chandler?

ps. ricker? where art thou?

on that note, i'm off to watch studio 60. don't look for a recap. unless by "recap" you mean me typing like this: NFSYDF&EYR%&#(*GR&#GWESJFBDLJSFJDS... bleepS*^*&#WT&*G*&EGRIUFDblargh!KJFSAA*YFOAIUSFAl , .... sKJBFKJSBFSD... snorg.

(although i should mention that "hiro" makes a cute cameo on the show. totes gnar gnar.)

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MNBird said...

Claire's mom was on Boston Public? I remember her from Nip/Tuck.

I think Hiro's dad must have some powers or something... seems that most these people have parents with power, or they are implying that anyway at this point. I think maybe Peter and Nathan's father may have had a power, but they covered it all up with him being depressed and stuff... that is just my theory anyway.

As for Prison Break, I think that they sort of fooled the feds with that tape. Maybe Mahone got the right name for the hospital, but the wrong location. I am sure there is more than one St. Thomas hospital out there. Mahone is looking in Akron Ohio... but could the boys have gotten from where they were to Akron in that short of time?