stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.



dear my pants,

i'm so happy our relationship is back on track. i know i put you through some business here over the past, ohhh i don't know, 9 months or so. and you had every right to be angry with me. but i am back in the saddle now and i don't think i will be falling off the fit wagon anytime soon. i'm really excited about our future together. pants, you complete me. i just feel bad for the dresses & skirts who will now be getting a little less love. they were there for me when you weren't. but i told them this was just a rebound thing. they knew. so their tears are only sort of sad to me. my happiness to be back in you just outweighs their pitifulness. and now: the happy pants dance!

[insert dancing here]


dear james mcavoy,

a classic actor move - a no-show at your own movie screening which was being billed as "an evening with james mcavoy." i know you SAID it was the swine flu that was keeping you away, but i don't know. you're an actor, you're supposed to be good at lying. so how can i be sure you weren't just ACTING sick? right? anyway, you did a great job in the movie, which doesn't surprise anyone. it would have been fun to ask you some jerk questions about your process just to be a douche, maybe next time, "jim." next. time.


dear york peppermint patties,

you are so f*cking delicious to me. i'm starting to crave you more than my cowpals cheese items, of which i have not had ANY for two whole days. NUTS, right? here's the thing sweet little pattie, i like to eat you cold, i like to eat you frozen. i like to eat you slightly warm from sitting in my pants, i like to squish a bite of you between my tongue and the roof of my mouth and let your cool mintiness coupled with dark chocolateness ooze through my tastebuds. i just do. i know i might seem "creepy" or "obsessed" with you and i totally understand that restraining order threat. so i will try to tone it down a bit. but salivating is involuntary, you can't be mad at me for that.


dear the packers and the bears,

it was awesome of both of you to lose the week my beloved vikings had a bye week. you guys our making this year so much fun for us. our position in the NFC North keeps getting better. and better. and better. so anyway, tough break for you (especially YOU packers mwahahahaha) but yay for us. and obviously i'm not getting my hopes up or anything because that would be the act of insane person. but if you guys could keep this type of tomfoolery up for the next.. let's say 8 weeks... that would be bloody brilliant of you. i would totally owe you, like for serious.


dear viggo,

please don't pull a mcavoy and flake on our "date" tomorrow after the screening of the road. i'm really looking forward to hearing about your process and why you chose this script and etc. and then asking you some douchey questions about it. then i'm excited about going out for drinks with you afterwards and talking to you about hooking aaron up with a role wherein he stars alongside you as maybe your younger brother, or somesuch. i think it will be fun. if you show up. which you will. or else.


dear monday,

can we just take a break from you this week? my schedule tomorrow has me in back to back to back to back meetings from 7:30a to 1p and i'd actually really just rather sleep in and then eat patties on the couch all day in my dayjamas. the good news, i will be eating patties on the couch in my dayjamas either way, because it's work from home monday! but the sleeping in part... well.... not so much. well just be kind to me this week, will ya? i know you get a bad rap and i know deep down you really do mean well, but sometimes you just have the undeniable ability to rub people the wrong way. so take it easy on me, yeah? i'll then do my part to help you better your image.




one of my favorite parts of the day, weirdly enough, is the morning. shortly after i rise in the morning i head to the bathroom to take care of some showering and getting ready business. camus takes note and jumps of the bed and clickety clacks his too-long nails across the wood floor to investigate. he's forever the most curious dog and his little face always looks like its questioning you. "why are you going in that place where the water runs on your head? why are you sticking that black thing in your your eye? why aren't you playing with me and this purple ball i put right here right by your feet? do you not see this purple ball? why don't you pick it up and throw it? why do you hate me?" and so on. usually i squat down and and he jumps up and puts his little paws around my neck and gives me a nice hug while he does his morning stretches.

once i've showered and gotten semi-ready, it's time to wake up little cosette who only stirs if if prodded. otherwise, she's usually moved into the space i've vacated and her face is snuggled into aaron's back and she's curled up into a little ball, snoring sweetly. i don't turn on the light so as not to disturb aaron and i feel around for her in the darkness, following her little noises that start to get a little louder as if to say, "five more minutes.... just five more minutes, pleeease." which is what i say to aaron several times a morning when the alarm starts to go off, coincidentally.

when i find her, i pick her up and cradle her in my arms, trying to keep her little body in its little fetal position because i feel like i'm picking up a warm little furry baby and i don't want to wake her up, too much. i carry her down the stairs where camus follows closely by my side. i keep holding her, because she's so infinitely snuggly and malleable at this moment that i don't even want to let go. not to mention that she doesn't "do" the stairs because she's a princess and because i'm an enabler, i don't ever make her.

today, for some reason, i was thinking about how far she's come in the past few months and how she's like a brand new doggie since all of her surgeries. her fur has almost completly grown back in on her back leg that used to be shaved, and her little face looks so great with her new little nose. she's going to be nine years old in a few short weeks and i'm honestly just so grateful that she's been in my life this long, because she's given us quite a few scares, and it often scares me how much i love her face off...

i leash them up after they do their morning downward dog stretches, and i pause briefly before i open the door into the blinding light of the outside world, and then away we go on our morning walk.

in some ways, it's a pain to walk them them all the time. they have to go out several times a day (tiny bladders! gah) and we walk them around the block almost every time, which means we have to encounter various people, dogs, weirdos, film shoots, lakers fans, USC students, FIDM students etc etc. our neighborhood can be crazy busy sometimes.

but, i cherish the morning walk so much because they are so sweet and adorable first thing in the morning when they are still groggy and waking up and usually the walk is relatively uneventful and they take care of business pretty fast rather than lolly-gagging around, which is what they do during most of the other walks.

and so today, i am thankful for the instant joy i get from the simple act of walking my two little f*ckers every morning. it's f*cking awesome.


it's 4:18pm and i have yet to shower today. but this is a normal monday for me. i wake up two hours earlier than normal and work from home in the comfort of my sweats while i crank out our monday deliverables and by this time of the day i've already worked 9 hours and i'm ready to be done. and done. but yet, i still clickety click away, until the usual 6p end of day time and then i will finally turn my brains off after nearly 11 hours of work.

no big deal right? but, also, it FEELS like i'm cheating somehow because i'm at home, with my dogs, and sometimes i even get some aaron time. i don't hate mondays nearly as much as i should.

moving on.

a new 14-theater mulitplex situation has opened across the street and tonight they are showing a bunch of movies for FREE just because. the options range from district 9 to up to star trek to 500 days of summer. since we missed seeing star trek in the theater this past summer, we picked that one, because it's a) free and b) why not?

so in mere minutes, i will actually BE SHOWERING and getting ready to be seen in public and it's ever so awesome. fancy movie theater ACROSS THE STREET showing FREE MOVIES. i die of excitement.

oh and popcorn and soda are selling for $1, proceeds to benefit inner city arts. top that suckas.

right now, as the sun starts to set and the room starts changing colors through the slightly open blinds, the dogs are by my feet snoring sweetly i'm listening to regina spektor in surround sound and, you know what, i can get lost in eet forever and ever. so much.


i weighed in yesterday at a somewhat satisfactory weight so immediately i knew: it was going to be a good day. then off to the gym to work on my fitness and then it was MISSION: complete our costumes. we ventured into santee alley for the first time ever, which is very surprising because we live like 6 blocks away from it and it's like FASHION FEVER everywhere and anyway, it was a little overwhelming. but after about an hour, we left with the following items: a mustard-colored ascot, long white gloves, fake pearls, a cute little red dress and a tiny revolver-shaped lighter. we spent less than $40 so we felt pretty awesome about the whole excursion.

then we hit up wokcano where aaron ordered three separate items off the menu and proceeded to eat himself into a happy stupor. his items were: spicy tuna tornado (hold the mayo), sashimi & seaweed salad and the sashimi sampler. i had the sashimi sampler and the salmon sashimi with ponzu and one giant glass of sauvignon blanc. NOM. aaron said it was the happiest he's been in quite some time, food-wise. it was highly exciting.

then we were high-steppin it home to get ready for the evening and i donned the look of miss scarlet whilst aaron transformed himself into colonel mustard. liana and tal opted out of the group costume thing, so cosette filled in as mrs. white, the french maid and camus put on a top hat and a bowtie to do his best professor plum.

i would have to call the overall effort a "success." you'll notice, please the mini revolver in aaron's hand and i'm sporting a candlestick. i think mrs white did it though, with the lead pipe in the study... you heard it here first.

the party at corkbar was WAY TOO MUCH fun, for sure. today i was feeling none too good as i remembered the deadly combination of wine, champagne and jello shots? that i did? but i definitely powered through a 5-mile run on the treadmill while i watched the NYC marathon and remembered that I DID THAT 2 years ago. i can't even IMAGINE doing it again, but so glad i did it back then when i was young and crazy and had no idea how ridiculously hard it would be to run for 4+ hours. GAH.

then we donned the lucky vikings jerseys and headed over to watch the game with jason and, even though i almost couldn't handle the up & downs of the game, we soldiered on to VICTORY AT LAMBEAU FIELD thusly making this the BEST HALLOWEEN WEEKEND EVER.

ya heard?