stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


oh, hello there bloggy blog world! as i embark on almost one full year of living downtown los angeles, i think maybe it's finally time to start documenting the awesome that is downtown LA. for no other reason than i want more people to move there so that my property value skyrockets and then when we sell our loft we will have buckets of cash to roll around in and such. oh and- so far, so good. i think the new direction of this blog will also have to incorporate where i work, since the sunset & vine area is also pretty awesome and the surrounding area has a lot of cool things to offer. so from here-on-out, i plan to document new and old adventures from sunset&vine to 11thandFlower and i'm very excited for you to jump on this train and ride it to awesome town!

ps. you can also take the metro from where i work to where i live. so nuts. is this LA? or some weird parallel universe of LA??