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and... done.

i survived my survivor audition! hooray!

here are the highlights of the day:

  • woke up at 4a to get ready and be in line by 5a (per recommendation of hotel staff)
  • secured place #15 in line
  • traded the guy behind me (brad) one sugar free red bull for eye drops
  • auditioned 5th for camera #1 (there were 3 cameras)
  • don't really remember what i said
  • was done and done by 9:13a (auditions started at 9a)

so tired i don't even know what my name is.

now i have to wait until march to see if i get to the second round where they "narrow" it down to 800.



rockinraquel said...

wow! #15 is pretty darn good. at least you didn't have to wait all day...

Anonymous said...


The Angry Georgian said...

Good luck!

MNBird said...

Good luck! I hope you end up on the show.