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another early morning for me, another solid workout. what the nuts is going on? i guess falling asleep at like, 947p while watching the new version of top chef probably enabled me to have enough energy to wake up at 630a again. but hi, i'm lame. aaron was like, reallllly? it's not even 10p, lady! ahhhh welllll. zzzzzzzzzz.

so cosette's new nickname is franken-leg, a la frankenstein. when they said they were going to remove "wide margins" of skin around the area where her little tumor was, they were not kidding. no joke. so her little leg is completely shaven, and there's a super long incision that's all bruised and gnarly with stitches. she looks half naked. poor little nunkin!! now her two front legs have little shave marks from all the IVs they've stuck in her, and now one whole leg + haunches is nakey. cosette is like, um, hi. can i please have some pants here? i feel naked. or maybe that is me talking. either way. DOG PANTS! i need them.

now... it's just a bit of a waiting game until we know our next move. hopefully we will hear good news tomorrow.

speaking of naked, there was this super awesome article in marie claire this past month about naked ladies in the gym locker room. i felt like it could have been written by ME because it was so exactly how i feel. how can we stop naked ladies from being completely disgusting in the locker room? how do we start this movement to eradicate ridiculous displays of gratuitous naked grooming?? i' being serious about this. i'm completely over the ladies who feel like its ok to treat a PUBLIC PLACE as a place to do things that you should ONLY DO IN PRIVATE. what the eff is wrong with these people? someone who grooms naked in public - I WANT YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY. WHAT THE NUTS ARE YOU THINKING?!?

oh look, i found the link: put your goddamn undies on for the love of sweet baby jesus

i think i'm going to take a half day tomorrow. i have one summer half day left to use before labor day weekend and hey, why not. then i can wake up super early again, pound out another 5-miler, go to work, sit in on a lunch meeting, and then go home and sleep until happy hour, go to happy hour, see 500 DAYS OF SUMMER already since it takes place IN MY HOOD. i can't believe i haven't seen it yet! and then who knows where the night will lead me. oh i know. i will fall alsleep around 10:59 ( later, since it's the weekend) whilst petting cosette's sad little frankenleg. i like sleep.

speaking of crazy people, what's the deal with people bringing fully loaded automatic weapons to obama's town halls to "exercise their right to bear arms?!" honestly, this makes no sense to me - the discussion is about HEALTH CARE AND INSURANCE REFORM. i can't imagine there is any sort of sane, reasonable logic going on inside the heads of those people. shit is scary, yo.

on that note, happy thursday party people.