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totes. totes hilar.

i got a slightly intoxicated IM from jason last night around 9p wondering what i was "still doing up." i was like, um, last i checked 9p wasn't very late, and wasn't he supposed to be in mammoth shredding up some sick snowshizzle? (cuz, isn't that how snowboarders talk?) however, it turns out 9p is pretty late when you've been up since 4:30a traveling to mammoth and, upon realizing a storm is rolling in, you start partying at 11:45a. i told him he should just read the blargh! and call it a night. turns out? this blargh is good for putting you to sleep.


the other night i got a call from british ben and it sounded like he might be in the middle of some sort of shenanigannery. it went a little something like this:

"ruth!" (he calls me ruth because he likes that name, go figure) "i'm totally taking totes hilar across the pond! i'm with a room full of english blokes and i've just introduced them to the saying and they love it! what was the other one you told me about?"

"totes delir"

"right! totes delir... totally delirious! brilliant! that's wonderful. i will talk to you soon. cheers!"

(ben also got extremely excited when someone introduced him to the term va-jay-jay, citing that the euphemism was "amazing." you gotta love it.)

i'm assuming you all know what totes hilar means, but if i gotta 'xplain it for ya, than so be it.

totes = totally
hilar = hilarious
totes hilar = totally hilarious.

i think i have liana to thank for that awesomenonsense.

however, i'm going to take full credit for totes delir. yeah. i'm totes delir just thinking about it all. and then i'm taking totes delir to the bank.


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