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against my better judgement, i found myself standing at the vending machine in the office kitchen eyeing various salt-laden delectables. i had a moment of clarity when i told myself: don't get the cheetos, you will regret it. instead myself found myself hitting the code for the sour cream and onion baked lays. i know? boring, right? i just wanted a salty distraction to get me through a particularly challenging project i'm currently working on.


guess what.

the baked lays did not fall.

nay. instead, they are precariously perched on the edge of the coil, hanging on to the other baked lays for dear life. i gave the vending machine a half-assed shove and murmured some choice words under my breath. i stared at the baked lays, willing them to fall so i could nosh on their crunchy little speckled bodies. and then, well, i threw my hands in the air and declared victory on the side of el machino vendingo.

damn you machine. i'll get you yet.

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