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don't blink.

sweet baby jesus! a lot happened in the past 24 hours... ummm. let’s review quickly:
  1. prison break premiere
  2. heroes premiere
  3. new 24 ‘sode
  4. oscar noms revealed
  5. my survivor audition

right? super big time.

ok, so. the fox monday night line-up is officially: pretty intense. prison break is back and things are crazier than ever... it’s almost come to the point where i can barely get through an hour without making fun of some implausible plot point, but at the same time, i’m kind of loving all the craziness as well. the highlight of the new episode was seeing kim realize he just got double-crossed. yeah big boy whatchu gonna do now? what what!? i can't wait to see how the bros get out of the latest snafu. those poor unlucky bastards.

24 was, as always, an thrill-ride of awesomeness. i don’t remember that bald dude from ER (paul mccrane) being jack’s brother? is that new information or was i drunk when that information was revealed on a previous season? (i’m guessing: yes) anyhow! i was so happy when jack bitch-slapped his bald a**. that’s what i’m talking about. it might be time for graham. to. die.

um, in the category of "am i seeing double" ... how is it possible for rena sofer to play graham’s wife on 24 whilst playing nathan petrelli’s wife on heroes? Isn’t that, like, a huge conflict of interest? or? Is it one of the awesomest double features EVER?

I am leaning towards the latter.


<<>> <<>>

also noticeable this week on 24: a severe lack of THE RICKER. Hello. Can i please get some ricker up in this mo’?

moving along.

heroes was spectacular. i love the intro of the new hero with a super awesome new ability: INVISIBILITY! loves it. i just can't get enough of this show. every week a whole new can of worms is opened and you never know what is going to happen next. whew.

i'm muy pleased to see little miss sunshine getting some serious oscar nods. i'll likely write a separate post on the oscar stuff, inlcuding my notorious picks which will, most likley, be more wrong than right. yeah. you can pretty much put money on anything i DON'T pick and you're guaranteed: a fat win.

whatevs. just because i'm smarter than the hollywood foreign press AND the academy doesn't mean you have to be jealous of me.

finally! i know you're all dying to know all about the survivor audition process. look for a separate post on this as well. if you're lucky, there just might be come pics and videos involved. JUSTSAYIN'.


rockinraquel said...

i haven't seen rena sofer on heroes lately, so perhaps she is no longer part of that cast?

MD said...

Hey Ruby,

I created a new blog, this will help explain why TGB is currently on hiatus.

I couldn't find your email addy on your profile, so I figured I'd post it on a really old post and let blogger pass on the word.

Take care