stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.



so jamie & johnnie got engaged yesterday. therefore, a bunch of us had an impromptu dinner & champagne celebration on the patio at dominick's for the purposes of CELEBRATING THEIR AWESOMENESS.

dudes, i love LOVE.

i made aaron try limoncello after dinner (this after wine, wine and champagne) and everyone was like RUBY YOU ARE SO HARDCORE. and i was like yeah, no.

but yeah. i am.

remind me why i think it's a good idea to drink when i have to get up at 6A to run in the morning:


anyway, it was worth it, of course. because jamie & johnnie are so much awesome. so much awesome it hurts.

2007 is a year of L-O-V-E.

and i loves it.


restless brains syndrome.

i guess this is one of the first fridays in a really long time where i've actually been OK to stay up late, seeing as my scheduled training run tomorrow is only 3 miles.

i'm a little bit freaking out, i have to say. all the articles i've read so far are like, DONT FREAK OUT. YOU NEED TO CONSERVE ENERGY. EAT MORE. RUN LESS. but it feels, like, really weird. i feel like i need to run at least 10 miles tomorrow.

but no.

so yesterday, i was scheduled for a 3 mile run, but instead, i ran 4, you know. and also?? i increased my pace. just to satisfy my crazy brains. i had visions of myself running around the SMU campus, but i didn't want to get lost and totally miss my appointed meetings, so i treadmilled it up and ended up racing myself, per usual.

so i think tomorrow will be a leisurely run. all the articles, books and etc. i've read SAID THAT IS SHOULD BE SO.

we'll see. my running leggs are itching to go.

here's my whole running log. yeah, i did that.


get your banana OUT.

i walked by keith's area today to say hello and shoot the shizzle. i noticed he had some mini reese's peanut butter cups in a bowl, begging me to take one. so i did, thankyouverymuch. and then i walked over to tenna's area, unwrapped the little treasure and sunk my fangs into it.


something was wrong. so i slithered back over to keith and was like, DUDE, WTF. i must try another, something is weird.

and so then he was all, "oh yeah, they have BANANA in them."

at that point, as i finished the second one, i decided that i hated banana in my reese's peanut butter cups. who's dumbass idea was this???

oh, um, i guess it was elvis.

yum, chitlins.

so i'm off to dallas in a few hours to hang out at SMU for a day and listen to presentations from college kids on a research topic that we actually commissioned and will use in our decision-making process for upcoming projects. it involves movies & advertising, so is a pretty fun topic, if i do say so myself.

i just got the email from the project director with the schedule of events, what to expect, etc. in the final paragraph of the note, she reveals:

"The students are both excited and a bit anxious about presenting to agency executives. For some of them, it's their first time to participate in such a presentation."

i remember when i was just a young college squirt getting ready to embark on my fancy shmancy advertising career, and we visited an agency in downtown Minneapolis. there was one hot, tall blond executive who talked to us about "how to get in to the business," and i remember thinking, WOW i wonder if I will ever be as awesome as her.

well, i'm still not hot, tall or blond, but damnit if i don't have a pretty kickass career in advertising doing what i LOVE.

and so it goes.

ps. i'm totally going to grill those little rapscallions tomorrow. they better bring their GAME.


not so much.

we were driving home last night and i caught a whiff of the evening air and said,

"mmm, it smells like fireplace-food-winter smell!"

and aaron agreed.

today he called me and said,

"remember that smell from last night?"


"you know, that's malibu burning."



defenses are down.

i guess it was bound to happen. you don't just get to (literally) run yourself ragged and couple that with some hearty partying and expect to stay 100% healthy.

so as of last night, aaron and i have the "sick." i woke up last night at 3am with the worst sore throat, i think, ever. additionally, a mosquito had sucked blood out of my wrist, and it was itching like mad. as if that wasn't enough, the sliver in my thumb that i had acquired from a party earlier in the evening that i thought i had surgically removed, turns out, was still somewhat intact and was, indeed, throbbing.

so then. throbbing, itching and hurting, i dragged myself into the kitchen and popped a few ibruprofens and slammed a few emergen-c packets. and then back to bed for some mostly restless sleep.

i feel much better after 75 minutes on the elliptical, 1 sugar-free red bull, 1 coffee, 23 hot & spicy bbq chicken wings, 8 squares of dark chocolate and 4 more packets of raspberry emergen-c.

i'm still a little stuffy, extremely f*cking tired, sneezy and generally slothy. however, i expect to be back to 100% tomorrow, because that's just how i do.

on survivor.

i know i haven't written much about my beloved survivor this season, and i promise it's not because i'm bitter that i didn't make the cut.

well, it's a little bit because i'm bitter.

but anyway. this week's "shocking" tribe mix-up never felt like a good idea, ESPECIALLY when it came to keeping some of my favorite players (james, aaron, etc.) alive. this was confirmed when dear, sweet Aaron "got Nick'd" this week.

and in case you didn't watch big brother 8 OR in case you did, but forgot, the getting rid of Nick move did not end well for anyone who thought it might.

i can only hope PG's tribal life is swiftly cut short the same way, say, Dustin's was, and i can only hope that she 100% DOES NOT SEE IT COMING. cocky b*tch.

*getting "nick'd" refers to the premature ousting of the cute, nice, overly competitive threat in the game WAY before said person deserves to go.


before you dress...

please read top-10-topical-halloween-costumes-everyone-will-be-wearing-even-though-we-wish-they-wouldnt

and make sure you read the comments as well.

and if you get punched in the iphone touchpad on halloween, don't say i didn't warn you.
i'm not sure what i was thinking when i agreed to partake in back-to-back nights of debauch this week.

first there was the now infamous "prom" party [wherein i wore a chocolate brown dress with chocolate brown pumps with pink polka dots and an allegedly awesome pink wrap with golden accents (i don't know, everyone kinda kept commenting on it and touching it)]. and it was just three vodka sodas on a relatively satiated tummy, so no big whoop, right. but i DID get home kind of late and i HAD woken up that morning at 5 effing 30 AM to run 10 miles, but anyway.

then last night, becase my co-worker was in the mood to happy hour wednesday and i had to decline, i promised him a happy hour THURSDAY, AS PER USUAL even though i felt like warmed-over ass all day from wednesday's actions. it was just two glasses of wine at XBAR once again, plus the best HOT & SPICY CHICKEN MORSELS i have ever tasted. and then maybe another half glass of wine when i got home and then maybe it was me falling asleep halfway through a DVR'd episode of the office. and then maybe i was up at the ass crack of dawn again runnning around in circles, literally, at the park down the way.

[sidebar - is it just me, or are these hour-long episodes of the office really really weirding you out? curious.]

but you know, i'm not looking for sympathy here.

really, i just wanted to document that i am on a 5-week streak of thursday evening happy hours, which just so happens to coincide with a 5-week streak of running some of my longest runs ever (14, 16, 18 & 20 - milers) and i think to myself, hey, that's interesting.

i hope you do too.

tomorrow's just a 10-miler, btw. unless we feel frisky enough to do a half marathon, you know, for kicks.

and on that note. is it 5pm yet?



last night's fabulous "prom" party was sponsored in part by red bull and it's hott cousin, sugah free red bull (SFRB). interestingly enough, four cans of SFRB mysteriously turned up in our fridge this morning.



i take a lot of things for granted. the fact that i live in los angeles where it rains 2.5 times per year. the fact that i can party on work nights and still roll in bright-eyed the next morning. the fact that i can ride both the big kid rides and the little kid rides at an amusement park, etc.

what i didn't realize was that i am also lucky in the cereal department. i've never had an issue with soggy cereal, but apparently it is an afflication that affects some people SO MUCH that a company had to go and invent a bowl to alleviate this devastating phenomenon. my old-fashioned solution has been to just, i don't know, not pour a gallon of milk into the bowl. but hey, that's just me. some people, allegedly, need this highly technical bowl to help them keep their cereal safe:

um. really? i mean REALLY??

my favorite testimonial goes like this: "I received my bowl yesterday - it's a great invention. Eating cereal is no longer a race against time." Miss K - Essex.

A RACE AGAINST TIME. it almost sounds like soggy cereal is worse than, like, global warming. And hey, maybe it is.

*Upon further investigation, it appears this is a company based in England. Those crazy brits.

Click here if you want to end your soggy cereal woes for good.


coors light + running = ?

reason # 5303 why i like to run: free stuff

"Coors Light will be treating New Yorkers and our out-of-town guests to a variety of promotions at dozens bars and restaurants throughout New York City during the month leading up to the marathon. Be sure to stop by your local watering hole and check it out."

list of bars/details here

do you think coors light will be giving away sugar free red bull + vodka?

aaron kicked my ass.

i'm usually all about competition. but this usually only serves to make me happy when i like, win.

so when i am suddenly finding myself looking over at aaron's treadmill and seeing that he is running 8 miles per hour while i'm only running 6.8, i start to get a little, um, irritated. and at some point, even though i crank up my speed to 7.5 miles per hour (a little bit way too fast for a 10-mile run, but whatever) i realize i am not going to catch up, well then, i cry a little.

aaron's 10 mile run: 81 minutes.
my 10 mile run: 87 minutes.

ps. i don't recommend running 10 miles on the treadmill if you have a busy gym. those people "waiting" for us to finish were creeping me out. like, stop staring at my slower-than-aaron's time already, b*tches.



so this thing is pretty accurate. i asked it "am i awesome?" and it said yes. so there you go.

Ask The Spirits II

3rd prom's a charm.

aaron and i are attending "prom" tomorrow night. it's a fund-raising event with a raffle and everything.

this will be our, um, third prom together. we went to both my junior AND senior proms.

oh yeah, we did.

the question is this: fancy & cute attire, or tragically 80s prom theme?


might wanna skip this one.

i did my last long training run today. the next long run i do will be 26.2 miles. i did 20 today relatively pain-free and i've never felt so good in my entire life.


kinda like that.

so maybe i'll expand a bit. and also, guess what! only three weeks left of training and then I WILL BE DONE TALKING ABOUT MARATHONING! hall lay fvkcing loo yah.

ok, so aaron is shooting a film this weekend (the one he had to drop 10 lbs. for, making him extra scrawny and sickly-looking) so he opted out of the final training run (which is fine, he's good to go for the 'thon.) so i arranged to run with heather & brian, which is great because they tend to pace slower than me and i was hoping to do this last big one slow and stready indeed. oh and also? a much-needed change of scenery.

so we started in hermosa and the plan was to turn around at the marina. they even "hid" refreshments in the bushes to give us something to look forward to at 10.2 miles.

honestly, most of the run was pretty uneventful. it was BLISSFULLY uneventful because my knee pain that normally kicks in around 12-13 miles was dormant until 19.2. NINETEEN POINT TWO. i have never run more than 14 miles without having the onset of pain, and therefore, this will go down as MY BEST RUN EVER. im guessing the marathon will BE EVEN BETTER, but we will bask in the glow of this one for the next three weeks, won't we? OH YES WE WILL.

so anyway, i ran the slower pace with them most of the time. i would take my walk breaks and then have no problem catching back up to them. once we hit the turnaround point, i was feeling pretty awesome. i had my powergel and refilled my water bottle with powerade and we made our way.

we hit 11 and then 12 and then 13 miles and i was still pain-free, so somewhere around 13, i decided to run my regular pace. except, instead of averaging 10.5-11 minute miles, i was hovering around 9 minute miles for the final 7 miles. it felt so amazing. when i hit 16, 17 and 18 and was still pain-free, i realized i had been running with a high for about 5 miles and it was honestly, the best feeling ive ever known while running. i felt powerful and i felt energized.

by the time my knee pain set in, i was so close to the end it didn't even matter. i powered through and hit the 20-mile marker at 3 hours and 27 minutes (average of 10:22 per mile). heather and brian rolled in about 11 minutes later. yeah.

so what did i do different? well, last night i hung out at borders while aaron & eddie filmed the movie at our place (a story for another day). i just happened to pick up a book called "CHI RUNNING" it's AWESOME. it literally changed the way i ran today. i also got new shoes on tuesday (asics gel kayanos, my FAVORITE), i broke them in by running a 10-mile and a 4-mile run this past week, and they were probably to blame for a mostly pain-free run as well.

what i didn't do: pop ibruprofen the whole time. thank god. doing that scares me.

so there you have it. i just got done getting an hour-long deep tissue massage and i have a date for fat fish FATTY HOUR in a few hours and im going to drink some sake and CELEBRATE with heather & brian.

i am glowing.


stinks so good.

if coming home from an evening out at x-bar with colleagues, clients and NY co-workers smelling like onion-laced mac & cheese, mozz balls and patron shots is wrong, then i don't want to be right.

*some of you might be like, hey whoa, i thought you had a ban on tequila. and you're right. i do. but that doesn't stop incompetent waitresses from "acccidentally" dumping a shot down your back, now does it?



witching hour.

last year, aaron and i dressed as fidel castro & kim jong il. we threw some red & yellow mardi gras beads around our necks and called ourselves "the communist party." (aaron's the clever one, i am just along for the ride)

see it here

and here

it was a big "hit."

i'm not normally the hottest girl in the room, but i'm not usually THE UGLIEST. and last year for halloween, i was BY FAR the most unattractive thing at the party. not to mention that the party was thrown by actors and attended by, mostly actors. but whatever. as much as it was "fun, " i vowed to NEVER EVER again go as a scary korean dictator. or anything ugly or scary. ever again.

so that leads us to now.

what should i be?

i will beat you swiftly about the head and neck meat if you say any of the following:
  • "sexy" pirate (done it, 1,000,000x)
  • "sexy" hippie (my college go-to costume, 4x)
  • "sexy" satan (2x)
  • "sexy" avril lavigne (don't ask)
  • anyone with a penis
  • for that matter, hairy balls

so there you go. suggest away!

more ideas here

deathly awesome.

if you love dexter as much as i do (and if you don't, maybe we need to, um, "talk"), then i think you're really, really going to love dextering someone today.

oh trust me, you'll be glad you did.


within the span of 24 hours, i have managed to book two trips on either side of my big race in NYC.

dallas (meh) the week prior and minneapolis (yay!) the week after.

frequent flier miles ME!

on heroes.

you can definitely tell how passionate i am about a show by how long i will actually be able to stand going without seeing it.

there are hardly ANY shows i will actually stay home to watch at the actual scheduled time they are on, unless i have nothing better to do. on occassion, i will actually schedule my life around watching a show when the network gods actually intended me to watch it. but again, rare. hello, that's why they invented the damn DVR. shows in this category currently: pushing daisies, private practice, dirty sexy money.

however, there were times when i arrived home late on school nights that also happened to be big brother nights and i either a) stayed up super late to watch or b) woke up super early to watch. that show, i was obssssssesssssed with. other shows of this caliber might include survivor, and maybe that's it.

then there are shows like heroes. i might not particularly have anything going on, but i'm not in any particular hurry to watch it. i don't often let more than one night pass before watching these shows, but i can tell that my passion is waning when i can STAND to wait. last year it was a category 2. now, a category 3 or ?

so getting to my point. i think heroes is mired in the dreaded sophmore slump. i tuned in 24 hours late to get my 'roes fix, and i just kept kind of shaking my head and going "really?" i mean "REALLY?!"

the good news: i found the nissan rogue, it's in ireland. yeah, pretty much.
the bad news: heroes is phoning it in, like big time. i won't say jumping the shark, yet, but let's just say the skis are in the water and they are pointing in the right direction.


well hello, dave.

because my NY counterpart loves me with the heat of 10,000 suns*, he has secured aaron & i tickets to see letterman the day after i finish the marathon. i just want to point out that he received the request at 9:26 AM EST today and had the tickets secured by 2:56 PM EST.

dear mike,



*or else maybe he just likes me like a regular co-worker. probably that.

what i'm probably NOT going to wear.


but hey, mad props to the chicago marathon runner who did.

because i am awesome (and sometimes like to refer to myself in third person):

~rubiquity holmes had uncovered the following details about this totally sane person JUST FOR YOU!~

gender: male (amazing)

age: 34

from: london, england (EUROPEANS SO CRAZY!)

finsh time: 4:55:53 (not bad for a pair of hot, sweaty, hairy balls)

first name: patrick

last name: (WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT) COX!

ohhhh how i love it.

tourist, much?

i always make fun of people when they come to LA and get all excited to go see a live taping of something like, the LENO show of all things. because
a) um, leno sucks
b) hello, rookie tourist much?

but since my rules of nerdism only apply to others, i shamelessly hit up one of my NY counterparts to score me some tickets to one (or all?) of the following:

  1. letterman
  2. daily show
  3. conan
  4. SNL

to summarize:

people who come to LA to see talk shows being taped = lame

me going to NY to see talk shows being taped = awesome town

remind me to tell the story of the time aaron and i scored tickets to SNL many years ago, and it just so happened to be the evening when ashlee simpson pulled her now infamous lip-synching "trick."

good effing times, ya'll.


a whole new world.

so today was officially our first day in our new office space. according to our office, our office was closed. but according to our biggest client, it was business as usual. our client hates columbus, obviously.

i volunteered to work because, mostly, i'm a giant kiss-ass. additionally, it means that i get a free day off on the day of my choosing. i also got to get into the new digs early and stake my claim, so maybe there was a full-blown strategy behind what looked like me gettin browns on my nose from the outside.

does that even make any sense?

anyhoo, i aim to focus on the negatives because i'm a cynical curmudgeon who resists change. and so here they are:

  • my commute has increased by 400%. oh previous commute was only 5 minutes, but whatever. 20 minutes feels like a year in comparison.
  • my new ID badge has a picture of "me" on it, but for some reason "me" looks like a meth-addicted buttah face
  • additionally, the ID does not give me access to my floor. so therefore, not only is it scary, it's useless
  • the big drawer of my desk is locked and the keys have gone missing. they will never be found, this i know in the bottom of my soul.
  • my new office is approximately on the opposite end of the universe from my all favorite co-workers. i have yet to make sense of the politics behind this, but i'm suspicious that all the "fun" i was causing at the old place is to blame

ok, so that was the bad. in fact, i have saved the best for last. because, indeed, there are some goods.

  • there's a giant grassy quad that makes me feel like i'm in college again
  • except, with more money
  • and less house parties
  • in this quad, some of my favorite restaurants including one with a WINE BAR
  • hello? a wine bar on "campus." it doesn't much get better than that.
  • coffee bean in the quad, coffee bean across the street, starbucks on the level between parking and our office building
  • i will never, ever be deprived of a caffeine fix
  • ever
  • giant shopping center with one of the better movie theaters in town? two blocks away, b*tches.
  • shoe shine in the building
  • not that i um, ever shine my shoes. but it's good to know i COULD IF I WANTED TO
  • i have a lovely view of the hollywood sign. in case i ever forget where i am...

and i guess maybe that concludes the positives.

anyway, the best news of all is that we are in a temporary space until february. at that point, we will be moving AGAIN. into the building next door, and onto the 13th floor.

dont. be. jealous.


it's chilly here in hell.

the weirdest thing happened to me tonight. i was god damn rooting for the mutha effing cheese sucking packers against the stupid low rent dick lipped bears.

and then!!!! i saw a f*cking flock of pigs fly by my window!!! other news, it was a good day for the vikings, because they didn't lose.

i mean, it was a BYE week, so they didn't actually PLAY or anything. but! they didn't lose. so, i win.

take that, suckahs.

so proud!

just a little shout out to my lil' brother who finished the most beautiful urban marathon in america

way to go, bro. ya make me PROUD!


miles on these leggs.

this is my legs on 18 miles of running and limping and shuffling and etc.

3 hours, 3 minutes & 30 seconds.

i sleep now.



i guess it serves me right. last night i didn't plan to do happy hour, but then there i was, magically at the happy hour spot having another lemon drop martini. and then, tonight, i am supposed to go to a birthday party (ANOTHER ONE?) and i'm just sitting here on the couch in my yoga booty ballet outfit (much different than my running outfits, natch) contemplating how bad of a person i am if i opt out of celebrating tonight.

because, the thing is, i have to be up at 5a to run 18 miles tomorrow. so that puts a little damper on getting excited to go out TONIGHT.

i have a sneaky feeling that if i would have stayed in last night, tonight would be a little different.


*update: so i did end up going out. and celebrating. and of all the places in LA, the birthday girl chose one where you can technically smoke inside. so now i smell like a f*cking chimney. and so it goes.


does this blog make me look fat?

this morning, as i got out of the car, the parking security guard let out a nice, loud whistle of the cat call variety. aaron was dropping me off today because i am getting "some work" done on my car, so i was both embarrassed and flattered as i kissed him goodbye.

but hey, i am wearing a skirt today and hey, thanks for noticing my sculpted calves, yo.

as i approached the security desk to check in (i was at the client's studio lot today), the guard made a big deal of saying HEY THAT WHISTLE WAS NOT FOR YOU! IT WAS FOR THAT GUY ACROSS THE STREET.

and i was like, oh. and inside, i died a little.

i mean, THE GUY ACROSS THE STREET? the hell?

and then i thought, "DID YOU JUST CALL ME FAT???"

but i didn't SAY it, or anything.


i'm in love with the pie hole.

i can't lie.

i loves me some pushing daisies.

cute it be any more adorable? and awesome? and assorted other "a" words? awwww.

things ive said via IM today.

ruubee3 (12:31:33 PM): it relates to specific things you are working on assmunch

ruubee3 (12:33:35 PM): i should squish his head

ruubee3 (1:32:02 PM): like a little retarded kid. no offense to retarded kids

ruubee3 (1:38:17 PM): music for breakfast, bitches

ruubee3 (2:13:42 PM): im pretty good at sussing out awesomeness

did you just call me fat?

so i read this blog post: did you just call me fat recently and thought it was hilarious. too good.

then, just now, i exited through the back hall entrance to take a little "bathroom break" and as i exited my secret back door, someone else exited another door at the same time. it was a pleasant and slim asian chap. being a gentlemen, he motioned for me to go on ahead of him. i then heard him say, "this hall just isn't big enough for the two of us." and then, immediately, he laughed nervously. i was caught off guard and my immediate reaction was to say, "DID YOU JUST CALL ME FAT?" but i didn't. instead, we both had a hearty laugh as we went our merry ways.

but, hey, do you think he just called me fat?

*upon re-reading this post, i realized that i am talking a lot about back doors and back entrances. and, as such, i feel the need to say: don't read anything into it you dirty whores.

rubiquity holmes.

so if you saw the first episode of heroes, you may recall being beat over the head with the excessive productive placement & sponsorship of the nissan rogue. i have to imagine this little "partnership" cost nissan trillions of dollars. or so.

a wise investment? probably. effective? well i'm talking about it, so it must have been.

(i mean, i'm not going to go buy one or anything, but i'm BLARGHING about it, so there's that.)

anyway, if you saw the second episode, you noticed that suddenly the ROGUE HAS GONE MISSING.

so i guess my question is this: did nissan only front enough cash flow to sponsor the one episode, forcing the producers to pull a disappearing act on the rogue, or is this part of a bigger, multi-episode character arch for the rogue? and if so, where oh where has my little rogue gone?

stay tuned.


AwAy..and etc.

if you're like me (and i actually hope you're not), you've probably taken, like, millions of those online test things to see "what kind of dog you are" or "what kind of career you should have" etc. it's strangely comforting sometimes to be able to put yourself in a nice little box with a nice little label and then see how you compare to others. or maybe it's just something to do when bored out of one's skull.

at any rate, i came across this enlightening little analysis about status/away messages and what they say about a person. and while it won't tell you what kind of starburst flavor you are, it might show you how the outside world views your choice of away messages.

enlightening, indeed.



while at the gym tonight, i decided to tune in to the caveman show, because, you know, CURIOUS.

and even though everything i read so far said it was, bascially, horse sh*t, i still thought... maybe.

and so whilst watching, i kept wondering, "uh oh, am i lame because i like this a little?"

the answer is probably a resounding yes, but you know, i already knew i was lame. so shut it.

this guy probably has his sanity chip still intact


party on the QT.

tonight caps off a long string of birthday celebrations which have left me feeling both

1. like i'm 21 again
2. like i'm 55 suddenly

mostly, i rose to the ever-growing challenge of going out on multiple work nights combined with partying until the wee hours of the morning on weekend nights coupled with running more miles than i've ever run in my life. and! i've survived, mostly. so therefore, it brings me great pleasure that we end this birthday-induced string of parties with a nice, chill evening at big wangs to enjoy some MNF and feast on some BIG EFFING WANGS. also, there may be a shot or crazy cocktail to add to the mix, remains to be seen.

i have a few weeks of laying low until the marathon, and then! in november and december, the snow birds will infiltrate our home to escape the frigid nothern tundra. the current line-up of MN visitors includes:

  1. high school heather
  2. high school kelly
  3. my parents
  4. my in-laws

and, interestingly enough, all those people likes ta party. so we gonna have to brang it. ya hearrrrrd?

monday funny.

get your daily funny here: grandma bitten

just not right.

it's october already? im so confused. what happened to the rest of 2007?

in other news, i broke my dog this weekend. we were playing a friendly game of "attack the bedsheets" while i made the bed saturday morning, and she did her usual snort-and-attack move on the sheets as i pulled them out from under her, but this time, she manuevered oddly and somehow pulled a muscle in her hind leg.

she's been limping around all sorts of pitiful all weekend, and, as a result, i've been babying her 153% more than usual. and i already spoil her like crazy.

so anyway, i'm horrible. i broke my dog.