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road rules?

so last night was the official premiere of the new and exciting season of road rules. i know, most exciting night of the week, tv-wise, right?

veronica was actually pretty tame compared to what i'm used to seeing. that is, until, it became clear that she had a giant bulls eye on her back... veronica no likey being "unfairly" singled out for the pit. well. um. sorry, sweet cheeks.

abram was in prime form, susie gave us tmi about what happens to her bowels when she gets nervous and then somehow whined her way to a decent showing in the challenge, shane continues to be one of my favorite although i can't imagine why he'd want to align with darth vader, but maybe i just answered my own question, adam just adams around and acts adam-y and kina's hair tries to swallow her head whole while kina acts self-righteous, per usual.

overall, i do think the season has potential. i think voting was already closed by the time i watched the show (which was midnight-ish) but HAD i voted, i would have tried to keep shane & send veronica EVEN THOUGH i know veronica makes for better TV. however, i also know that she's a wildcat and will probably rip off the limbs of whomever she faces in the pit and then return to the RV anyway. then the real madness will begin once they send her back to the pit next week. mwahahahhhahahahAa... ha.

as for the pit crew, did they cast these guys from the pile of rejects from next? i don't think they could be any more annoying or cheesy if they tried. the only one i can kinda stand at this point is dan, the professional wrestler! yeah, that's what i am talking about. would love to see veronica try to beat that ass. mwahahahahhahahahahahaahaahaha.

and back to the deprivation chamber i go.

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