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way too much stupid fun.


kibbles n bits.

i watched big brother: after dark on showtime for more than four solid hours* yesterday. so fascinating! wow. seriously.

accidentally, this included seeing zach streak naked into the pool.

I won't ever get those four hours back, nor will i ever be able to erase the unsavory image of zach's kibbles n bits that has now been burned into my brain.


however! this will not stop me from continuing my unhealthy and probably brain-damaging practice of being somewhat obsessed with the live camera feed.

as you were.

*during this time i also cleaned out my closet and accumulated two garbage bags of stuff to throw away and/or give to goodwill, so all was not completely lost.

**check out the profiles of most of the houseguests on myspace here (scroll down to the top 10 friends). um, nick's is particularly enlightening.


i could eat horse.

ruby: ill tell you what
ruby: i could eat horse

tenna: I am STARVING too and I ate breakfast and a snack
tenna: did you work out this morning?

ruby: yes i ran 4 miles
ruby: and it was painful
ruby: because i had too much wine last night

tenna: that's probably why
tenna: HAHAHA
tenna: do you want a granola bar?

ruby: no im hungry for horse, like i said

tenna: like specifically for horse?

ruby: yes. preferably horse breast
ruby: white meat

tenna: with a nice gravy?

ruby: that's sick
ruby: but yes

tenna: eww, ok I am dry heaving over here!

new zealand rocks.

just showing some love love love for two of my most favorite guys.

is all.

welcome to awesome town

my mom wants you to watch this. hey! don't mess with my mom. just do as she says.

watch me


les deux me.

we celebrated eddie's birthday in true hollywood fashion last night. this, after he spent friday night in vegas and had "such a crazy time" that his friend visiting from seattle decided he couldn't handle another night of such debauch and headed back home early saturday morning.


so, first about 16 of us gathered at the magic castle where one of eddie's friends was performing. we saw some magic, listened to invisible irma play the piano, engaged in some imbibing and generally had a great time. the magic castle's dress code is pretty strict, so everyone came dressed to kill, and it was a hot looking crowd if i do say so myself. and i do.

then we left around 10:30 and headed to les deux. eddie had set up bottle service, but jessica biel outbid him and b*tch stole our tables. ah well. we preferred to stand in the courtyard, anyway, since that's where shizz was going down.

my drink of choice started out being red bull/vanilla vodka but i quickly switched to chardonnay when i saw how much they poured in each glass (um, a lot)

there was a ruckus later on in the night when britney and her entourage entered (pictured here) but i guess i was too busy, uh, with my head up my arse to notice.

it was drink drink drink and then dance dance dance and before i knew it, it was 3am and eddie was like LET'S EAT! or maybe it was me that said it. i just remember thinking, mmm food.

after that we hit up la cantina where i devoured a ceviche salad and mass quantities of chips & salsa, and then, apparently smuggled three bottles of hot sauce out of there in my purse for use at a later time. not sure.

anyway, it was totally hollywood fun and i'm quite honestly glad eddie only celebrates his birthday once a year cuz this morning i was in a world of hurt when i did my training run. like whoa.


free bird.

so, i didn't go to jail yesterday following my traffic court appearance at the Metropolitan Court House, despite a few of my jokester co-workers tried to convince me to wear an orange jumpsuit to my arraignment to "make things easier."

NAY! although my multiple violations included:

  • a burnt-out headlight
  • an improperly displayed license plate
  • a little "failure to appear" at my last court date (uh, oops?)
  • a potential penalty of nearly $400 for the above-mentioned item

i only had to show proof of correction and pay a $10 processing fee and i was on my merry little way. it loved it when the cashier handed me my receipt and said, "YOUR CASE IS NOW CLOSED."

it feels good to be free.


foam rolling.

i spent a good portion of yesterday in anxious anticipation of waking up at 6a today to go for my training run. see, i knew that i had fabulous something something going on tonight, and tuesday is a training day, which by my math 1+1 = means a sistah has gotsta get her ass out of bed early and log the good miles, goddamnit.

so i did. i woked up, jumped outta bed directly INTO my shoes, sleek black shorts & tank and was two blocks away before i even know'd i had woked up. and! green day was on the mutha effing iPod. ya heard that? punk rock for breakfast, b*tches.

ok i will stop talking like that.

anyway, it was just a four-mile loop, and it was actually quite nice out, so it was no thang, no thang. no thang but a chicken WANG.

additionally, i got a foam roller in the mail yesterday and spent a good portion of last night rolling out the tight areas in my IT bands, calves and lower back. f*cking love my foam roller. so much? i'm going to sleep with it tonight. maybe.


ps. self myofascial release SOUNDS dirty, but it isn't. MFR deets

so, obviously, my run today was magical. just ... magical.

i haven't actually run outside in quite some time (treadmill, much?) and all i kept thinking was, hey this is pretty neat, i should do THIS more often.

like, a duh.

me, voyeuristic?

why, i never....

ok,so. my newest guilty pleasure is Big Brother 8. i guess i got hooked last summer when Charlesworth lived with us for the summer and opened up my world to voyeurism at its worst/finest when he force fed me the All Star version.

anyway! i started watching the regular airings on CBS, and then started watching the "After Dark" feeds on Showtime from 9p-12a (we get the east coast feed, b*tches!). As such, I've now become a whole new level of involved/addicted than i ever thought possible. In fact, i suspect they must have laced the latter version of the show with some sort of unseen visual crack because my husband has actually taken the remote control and hit "select" on the After Dark airings all by himself.

i mean, like whoa.

anyway, just a few initial items to ponder if you're one of those people who is also unashamedly addicted.

  • is jessica REALLY that vapid, or is it just a "strategy?"

  • does evil dick really exist, or is he just a figment of danielle's worst nightmare?

  • could joe BE any more annoying?

  • is kail totally brilliant, or just super lucky?

  • jessica's just maybe half-retarded, right?

  • is jen for real? for really real? holy wow.
  • do you think that kail should have NOT nominated for amber because of the "mom-bond?"

  • or is that totally as retarded as it sounds?

  • do we, america, love eric AKA "america's player" as much as CBS wants us to think we do?

  • how awesome is MN Nick's accent? (ps. not as awesome as mine)

there's more highly highly important ponder-worthy thoughts rattling around my brain-cage, but let's just start there, shall we?


to bidet or not to bidet

i guess bidets are something that i don't really think about, much.

until now.

up pops this campaign in the middle of times square, nyc, and suddenly i'm wondering if my life wouldn't be better with a remote-controlled heated toilet seat with cleansing action.

or not.

check it out here


rhymenocerous / hiphopapotamous

too much awesome! can't handle the awesome.


the siiiiimpsons

if i was a simpsons character, i would look like this:


go make your own HERE


just like i threatened...

starring the illustrious, sturdy and unashamedly bitchy: COSETTE!