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and the award goes to...


award season is officially here and i couldn't be more excited. and i honestly i can't tell if i'm being sarcastic or not.

but anyway.

it's always really interesting to see how many of the films that i see leading up to award nominations actually get nominated. it's totally validating to see the movies that i personally picked as my favorites of the year getting "official" accolades. yeah, you know, i'm pretty good at stuff sometimes. don't be too jealous.

ps/ my favorite movies of the year: little miss sunshine, the departed, the u.s. vs. john lennon, pursuit of happyness

anyway, before i all go and start patting myself on the back to hard and dislodge the cucumber lemon concoction i just swallowed, let's just be honest and say that about 90% of the nominees are ones whose performances i have yet to see. that is, in terms of movies.

in terms of tv, well, you can pretty much color me in the know about 90% of those performances.

see? it's exactly opposite. i've seen 10% of the movie performances, but i have not seen only 10% of the TV performances.

yes, in fact, i did skip math my senior year of high school, thanks for asking.

moving along. i usually do my picks in the privacy of my own closet prior to award season. that way, if i'm horribly wrong, there's no chance anyone is going to make fun of me. this year i'm going to make my "closet" public and all my picks get posted for anyone to see. the upside of this, is that i can show you all how awesome i am if i'm right. i'm not predicting there will be a downside. positive thinking, bitches.



should you need to refresh your memory on the nominees, click here: click!

Best Picture - Drama: Babel not what i would pick, but i just have a hinkering that this is the one those foreign press people are going to go all ga-ga over. personally, i still have nightmares about the hairy monster. *shudders*

Best Actress - Drama: Penelope Cruz just, um, because... i haven't seen ANY of these movies ...yet and she seems to be the type the foreign press loves

Best Actor- Drama: _______________ omg!! leo v. leo!! i've just spontaneously combusted. check back with me on this one later.

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