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i've been tagged by maddy and i am going to be a good sport and play along. i have to list five things that you don't know about me. are you ready for this?

1. today i actually turned on my car and started to pull out of the gas station before i realized that the pump itself was still in the car and it was STILL PUMPING GAS

2. directly after that, i slammed the sugar free red bull that i had just purchased in the station, you know, to kill time WHILE I WAITED FOR THE GAS TO PUMP

3. i'm pretty sure that this act of ridiculousness makes me certifiably insane. couple this with another interesting fact about me - i once contemplated putting some delicious fattening food items in my mouth just to get "the taste of it" and then spitting it out so i wouldn't actually have to deal with the calorie intake. it almost worked but then the food items tricked me into chewing & swallowing them. damn you, delicious fattening food items. damn you to hell.

4. yesterday, whilst watching the remaining hour of 24, aaron asked me if i knew what was going to happen based on talking to people "around the water cooler." i said no. but actually, i DID jump online before i watched it and read the spoilers on someone's blog. so technically, i didn't find out "around the water cooler." i realized i might be stretching the truth, so i immediately 'fessed up. he laughed at me and shook his head. but seriously, who even says "around the water cooler" anymore?

5. today i'm wearing a daisy fuentes designed shirt that i picked up at kohl's while i was in minnesota over the holidays for like, $19. who ever even KNEW daisy fuentes had a line of clothing at kohl's? not i, that's who. i'm not really sure why i'm telling you this.

i guess i have to tag five more people, but i don't think i know that many people with "blogs" that will actually do this. oh well. here goes nothing.

not kat

haha. this should be interesting.

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