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before i moved from minneapolis to los angeles, i received a lot of advice. you know things like "don't forget the little people when you make it big," and "don't become a coke whore." stuff like that. but one of the most important pieces of advice i received was "start saying 'soda' instead of 'pop.'" really. extremely important. you obviously don't belong in LA if you say "pop." you may as well just go back to the farm or under the rock from which you came, you know? and forget about getting into skybar! i mean, seriously. (yes, i moved to LA that long ago.)

so i changed my terminology without looking back. i needed to fit in, and if i had to stop saying "pop," than "pop who?" it would be. i even took it to the other extreme so that if someone said "pop" in my presence, i would look down my nose at them and shake my head at their unfortunate lack of training.

i know, right? i'm pretty awesome.

so anyway, i came across this today and now i'm all sorts of confused. if this highly scientific research document says people who say "pop" are much, much cooler than those who say "soda," but if i say soda i won't get into, let's say, hyde... then WHAT? WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?

answer: stop drinking carbonated beverages altogether. problem solved.



MNBird said...

I grew up in the same place you did. I still live here in the Twin Cities actually and all my life I have used both soda and pop. I guess that is what comes from having a grandmother raised in Cali and the other in the midwest. I say one or the other depending on who I am talking to and where I am travelling. Maybe you can just do the same. Say soda at the ultra hip clubs/bars and if you like to say pop, say it at home or when talking to old friends from the Twin Cities.

You don't have to give up carbonated beverages altogether. How would you drink the good mixed drinks with out the "pop"?

Anonymous said...

I always knew people who say pop are cooler than people who say soda. Duh!