stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


words i really like.

I'm pretty sure I made these all up, or at least i've convinced myself as such, so whether or not I actually did, I think I did and that makes it so.

Cogito ergo sum.

1. EXSQUELLENT. actually, I think my sister-in-law, Dilla, made this up. the best context for this particular word is when you are planning something diabolical in nature. Just creepily put your fingers together a la Mr. Burns and let the word rollll off your tongue. EXXXXXSQULLLLLLLEEEENNNNNNNTTTT. see? AWESOME.

2. SQUIDICULOUS. This word is squidiculous. I think I "made it up" one time after a weekend at a beach house in San Diego. We were young and had the tolerance of Clydesdales. Or at least we thought we did. There are fuzzy memories (AND PICS!) of me doing "interpretive dance" and I remember scraping marshmellows or a similarly sticky substance off the wall after a particularly intense food fight. At any rate, a weekend like that couldn't JUST be described as "ridiculous," and appropriately SQUIDICULOUS was born. Now I just use it around people I don't know very well. That, coupled with the phrase "I'm going to make like a baby... and head out" usually charms the pants off of people.

3. SQUIGGLESWORTH. This is just part of Camus' formal name. Mr. Squigglesworth McGillicudy Bear. Just makes me smile to say it.

What awesome words are you rocking these days?


how do you define ADDICTED?

well, let's see . in just 24 hours i've watched the olympics in the following locations:

  1. my house

  2. el guapo cantina

  3. my house

  4. the gym

  5. my house

  6. tina's nails

  7. my house

  8. fat fish

  9. my house

  10. my house

really? i mean REALLY?


so much awesome i can barely stands it.


  1. watching michael phelps win a gold medal by 1/100th of a second is MUCHO ENJOYABLE whilst sipping a vanilla vodka soda in a bar full of people

  2. as much as I wanted to make fun of trampoline, it was actually quite enjoyable watching it with my korean pedicurist. she was way into it! hee!

  3. four years ago, i watched the women's marathon whilst on the treadmill. i remember thinking AMAZING, i will NEVER do that as i ran 7 miles (which was a LOT at the time.)

  4. NOW? i can't believe i actually watched the entire women's marathon (almost 2.5 hours!!!). but you know? once you've actually run one, you can actually kinda sorta a little bit relate? but not really. shit. 6-minute miles? INSANE.

  5. watching michael phelps' 8th gold medal race was as much fun as you could imagine, and then some. brought to you by a contact high from my pot-smoking neighbors coupled with a nice french bordeaux.

  6. anyway.



10 cool things i've done recently

  1. rented a giant house in the desert with a pool and jacuzzi over the weekend
  2. had a late-night belly flop contest in said pool ( i lost, or i won, depending on how you view it)
  3. created an M.I.A - Paper Planes station on pandora (IT ROCKS)
  4. lined up plans to see "pineapple express" at the arclight tomorrow night (btw, pineapple express inspired the pandora station)
  5. booked one more [unmentionable] item in preparation for aaron's big surprise bday weekend (hi aaron!)
  6. got interviewed for a legitimate research project about my blogging habits and got $paid$ for it
  7. tried a new "DOWN LOW CARDIO*" class last night that involved LOTS OF JUMPING ROPE INTERVALS (i can't remember the last time i jumped a rope? dude! it's HARD)
  8. followed the super hard 45 minute "DOWN LOW CARDIO" class with 1.25 hours of YOGA which combined for 2 hours of good gym time last night (um, sore much?)
  9. got a lot closer to booking a business trip to atlanta (HOTLANTA, if you ask me)
  10. confirmed plans for a two-hour private bachelorette-flavored session at the S Factor

what COOL things have YOU done lately?

*don't get any dirrty ideas, you

the olympics are coming!!!

i've been trying to be cool about my olympics excitement. just like, oh yeah, the olympics, whatevs. but the secret truth is i'm so excited i can barely stand it! in preparation for the upcoming games, i've decided to dig into the dusty vault for a few choice olympic memories.

wellll let's see.. there was the time i missed my 6am flight to minnesota in summer '04. aaron had gone ahead of me, so i was left to my own devices (never a good thing). i was OBSESSED with gymnastics, particularly the MEN'S GYMNASTICS. even more specifically, this guy. (sorry aaron). anyway! the night before my early flight to MN, i cleaned, packed and got everything in order so i wouldn't have to do anything in the morning. just jump in cab. GO. i settled in with a bottle of wine and the remote and maybe it was like some super important event, like the FINALS OF MEN'S GYMNASTICS. all i really know is that what i originally MEANT to be a glass or two of wine ended up being THE WHOLE BOTTLE. and suddenly, i just remember waking up thinking OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIZ. i missed my flight.

the best part, though, was explaining to my family why i would be arriving several hours later than i originally planned. heh.

there was another time, when aaron and i "went" to the ' 02 winter olympics in Salt Lake City. really? i was there for work. we were promoting NESCAFE COFFEE and i was there to make sure all of our promotions and media efforts were successful. i had visions of partying with people from ALLLL over the world, but in reality, no one was really "partying" in SLC. sure, they relaxed some of the strict drinking laws to make it a little more visitor-friendly, but it was still pretty lame overall as a "scene." there was one night we found a totally white trash hole-in-the-wall place and had some stronger than average drinks and some of the "crazy party animals", but the party seemed to wind down before it really even got started, and everyone had scattered by midnight to get some sleep to be up early to take in the next day's events. meh.

oh also? the Mormons aren't fans of people pushing coffee, as they are against caffeine as well. so we got a lot of dirty looks and stares as we promoted our delicious "frothe" drink. WHATEVS, SLC.

anyway, i have no idea what's going on or when, but i can assure you, it's about to get olympic up in our place. ya heard?