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ivanka kick your arse

moreso for train-wreckish amusement than anything else, i found myself watching the season premiere of the apprentice: los angeles last night. i had to figure- heck! It’s in LA! that will totally make it awesome! :heh:

and, say what you will about the Don... in my book he totally makes for some excellent tv moments.

but the star of this show is NOT his trumpness. NAY! what has captured my extremely fickle attention meter this time around is the everso cruel element of “tent city” and the pleasantly surprising addition of little ms. ivanka. you totally expect her to be a little princess biatch, but she’s so not. she’s pretty kickass and witty, even.

as for the contestants... i was equally squeamish and riveted whilst watching frank square off with trump and against his opponents in the boardroom. He made me feel awkward, but i was also totally rooting for him. or maybe i was rooting against the pompousness of martin, his totally undermatched foe. martin can kind of be summed up in his parting words monologue where he ponders being the FIRST person kicked off of the show. something like, “well at least i was the FIRST and not like, the 3rd or 4th.” like he deserves some type of accolades for being number one, here.

um, yeah, martin. there’s already a show for that. it’s called the biggest loser.

so, in summary, i don’t know how much gas this show has in its virtual tank, but my tivo season pass is now firmly in place... that is, until, some other shiny object distracts me and my attention is, once again diverted elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

I watched it too! I'm glad martin was fired. He was a wuss.--Rachel

mnbird said...

I also watched this. I have not watch much of this show in the past. I will admit, I also set it to record each week, atleast until I get bored of it.