stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.




prepare to get wet.


the #1 keyword search bringing people to the BLARGH! this week is "lolthom." i guess because it pops up in my feed to dooce ?

anyway, i figure i may as well give all the searchy mcsearchersons something to look at. here it is, the item that is making my blargh a sensation this week:



survivor. rocks.

best reward challenge everrrrr tonight.



best probst quote: "the opposite of trust is... not trust."

so true, so true.

and not to spoil anything for those who have not seen it yet, but aaron is 100% done watching the show based on who got voted out tonight. oh, aarrrrron.

go, mullet.

god damn mexican foods.

as i sip on a glass of delicious rose, i ponder what, oh what, should i write about tonight? i only have one day left of the nablopomo *, so i figure i should try to go out with somewhat of a BANG.

but man alive! i'm just running on alcohol fumes here. i mean, regular fumes. i mean, um. um. um.

what? i'm not addicted to wine. WINE IS ADDICTED TO ME.


i spent a good couple of hours at pink taco tonight half-heartedly watching the "mutha effing cowboys" edge out the "god damn packers." i also watched a few co-workers get a little punch-drunk, so i took the high road and took it upon myself to order a Big F*cking Plate of nachos in addition to Some Delicious Sweet Corn Tamales to ensure that they had SOMETHING to absorb the, um, TEQUILA they were drinking.

maybe i have a career in "mommying" after all.

anyway, i arrived home with a fancy bottle of wine in hand to celebrate the fact THAT AARON WORKED WITH GARY SINISE earlier today. it's chilling in the fridge at the moment.

but god damn, what a day to remember.

ps. gary sinise is super nice, according to aaron.

in other news, i can barely string together a sentence, much less an entry. so you know, thanks for stopping by the trainwreck i call my "blargh."

*a.k.a blog a day for a month challenge



ok so.

a lot of of you have been asking me what i want for christmas. well, actually, 0.1% have ACTUALLY asked, but i've sensed that a lot of you are THINKING about asking me. well, wonder no more.

here comes a list of some of the most awesome DORK GIFTS ever.


you can buy me all of this at think geek.

happy dorkidays!

it just so happens.

on this occassion she's actually ready to leave work, and the cloak of darkness that envelops her office view isn't making things any easier.

but still, to leave before 6p always seems so naughty. so she waits, adds a few touches to existing projects. enough to be doing work, but with just the minimal amount of effort. besides, an urgent request might come in at any moment (it always seems to happen after 6p. just the way it is.)

yesterday, she worked a full 12-hour day from 8a to 8p without so much as a lunch break. because you have those kinds of days. and you work really hard sometimes to get lots and lots and lots done just so you can face the next day with a list that clocks in under 80 million things To Do.

at the end of her long day, she met a friend out for drinks and a light dinner. and she didn't roll in until after midnight. she kissed her husband and dog on their respective heads, and realized it had been 17 hours since she left the house. but, still, she must watch The Hills before crashing into sleepville.

the next day, a co-worker sheepishly peeks his head in and asks, "so are you just like crazy busy, like all the time these days?" and she nods her head yes. i mean, there's no shortage of work to do, even if there are ebbs and flows, it still just keeps on keeps on coming.

but you can't just work for work's sake, she knows this all too well. you must have some Priorities. such as?


plain & simple.

her husband calls. he says they have tickets for iron & wine tonight, should they want them. another co-worker saunters in and invites her to watch the cowboys/packers game tomorrow night with the gang. her husband calls again with an invitation to see friends do stand-up comedy on friday. she quickly realizes that if she accepts these three invitations then she will be booked solid until next wednesday night, as she remembers her plans in place for saturday (tree decorating party), sunday (wedding in the OC), monday (red carpet movie premiere) and tuesday (company holiday party).

she thinks she does not have quite that much stamina and she, quite frankly, needs to visit her old friend The Treadmill tonight.

so she declines the invite to this evening's concert, although her soul weeps a little because of it. but she's ok with being booked solid from thursday to tuesday, just not from tuesday to tuesday.

but she thinks, life is good.

plus, it's pushing daisies//private practice night.

god love ya, hump day.

reading between the lines.

co-worker to me: hey, you look really nice today. is there any special occassion?
me: um, i just got my dry cleaning back? that's always an exciting occassion.

makes me wonder what i normally look like since i thought i just looked normal today.

i had dinner and some drinks with a high school friend from MN last night. she's stopping off in LA as part of a larger work trip that has, so far, included: hong kong, london and paris.


why isn't that MY life?

anyway, it was so awesome to see her, even if it was just for a few hours. it's always somehow a relief to see the people you went to grade school with flourishing as jet-setting adults. it's like, hey, we came from a small suburb of minneapolis, but we're doing our god damn best to see the WORLD.

as opposed to those who have decided to settle into said hometown with houses, babies, cabinet fixtures and actual "yards" with "grass."

i'm happy for those friends, too, but it's just way harder for me to relate to a lifestyle that revolves around a mini-human. and house payments. and mortgages.

i used to think i would need to have a baby to fulfill my womanly destiny on this earth. the older i get, the more i think my destiny on this earth is actually just to be the best damn aunt in the world. the one that all the nieces (and future nephews?) look up to and want to go visit. it's all of the fun without any of the actual responsibility. and auntie ruby has a really, really nice ring to it.

so my point is this: my destiny? TO TRAVEL THE EARTH. not my destiny? TO POPULATE IT.

[disclaimer: opinions about babies always subject to change at any given moment should i suddenly discover one is in my belly. but for the moment, all intentions are to prevent humans living inside me. plus, where would i put all the wine if there was a baby in there?? i mean, let's be real, here.]




dear DEXTER,

your show is pretty much more awesome than anything on TV, unless you count regular TV, in which case, PUSHING DAISIES is the best thing i've ever seen in my entire life. but, anyway, your show is super awesome. thanks for that.

dear Gossip Girl,

even though i don't ever watch you (haven't missed an episode) i hear you are awesome (you ARE). so um, GO YOU!

dear Heroes,

you were really good last night. i'm really going to miss you.

dear The Weather,

you're hot, you're cold, you're confusing the ever-living sh*t out of me. i come to work in a skirt and i leave wearing leg warmers and a parka. the hell? last i checked this IS STILL CALIFORNIA, is it not? let's try to keep it a little more consistent so that i don't look like an escaped mental patient as i go to and fro. k thx bai.

dear Body Sculpting, World Beat Dance & Yoga classes,

my jeans? LOVE YOU GUYS. keep on doing what you're doing. is good.

dear Guy at Work,

i know i don't LOOK my age, but i DO THINK MY AGE. so, um, let's save the high-school drama stories for ourselves and/or maybe for some people in high school. i'm very sophisticated and mature, in case you hadn't noticed. in which case, hey look at me! i'm sophisticated and mature.

dear Tenna,

please update your blog for the love of Sweet Baby Jesus.

dear google reader,

i can't believe i didn't discover you sooner!!!!!! i have the biggest crush on you. you make my world so much brighter, easier and awesomer. LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

dear Wonderful Readers,


**ps. NO WAY is this a good bye, sweet MNbird! i got no plans to go anywhere anytime soon. ;)


pressure to cyber.

ok. i didn't go shopping on black friday. i KNOW i probably missed out on deals of A LIFETIME and that i am a bad wife/sister/daughter/dog mom/in-law etc. because i could have found FABULOUS items for all of the 1,000,983 people i've decided to buy gifts for this year at a BARGAIN BASEMENT rate.



so now i've been reading about all these CYBER MONDAY deals and i am feeling like i have to buy something just to feel like a contributing member of society.

but it's ok if i don't, right? RIGHT?

yeah, because i haven't transitioned into holiday merriment mode yet.

usually? it kicks in right around 12/24.



i had such a lovely 4-day weekend, i can barely believe i have to actually get up and be a functioning human being tomorrow. ah well. c 'est la vie or whathaveyou.

today was a particularly satisfying day for a few reasons.

  1. i ate my weight in thai food
  2. i ran 9.5 miles
  3. i "raced" "dexter" on the treadmill (*unbeknownst to him and also? he won)
  4. my vikqueens SPANKED the giants
  6. i indulged in pinkberry
  7. did i mention my queens won? like, embarrassed poor eli manning
  8. also? my patriots won. well, my randy moss did, anyway.

i think that's about it.

and, back to the grind.



so aaron is a HUGE fan of macaroons. like, HUGE.

so today when i was at three dog bakery looking for the perfect treats for cosette's birthday party, it's no surprise that mutt aroons made the list. i mean, come ON. HOW DELICIOUS does that sound? i also bought large and small PUPCAKES. and a catnip toy, even though my dog is a dog, and not actually a cat.

but whatevs.

i'm sure there are 18 things about what i've written so far that would be considered legitimate grounds to HAVE ME COMMITTED, but hey, does it LOOK like i care?

anyway. what i love about my lovely friends is this: as soon as i busted out the muttaroons for my lovely little birthday girl to eat, my sister-in-law got inspired to MAKE macaroons that were fit for HUMAN consumption.

and also? they broke out delicious, high-priced wine. so this is how we celebrated: my dog, two other dogs, me, my husband and my brother & sister-in-law ALL drank wine and ate some version of chocolate macaroons.

f*ckin awesome, i say.

also? i say: time for more wines.

is it just me or... myspace suddenly like, not cool AT ALL? the idea of going to see enchanted super exciting?

...does my house smell like pumpkin pie? it totally weird that my baby dog turns 49 today?

...are you nervous that the writers' strike is going to last way too long?

...has 2007 gone by crazy fast? this a copout for entry #24?


scraping the barrel.

i think people are either leftover food fans or they're not. there doesn't seem to be any in between. i always cry a little inside when people don't bring home their uneaten food from restaurants or when we finish a big meal at someone else's house and the uneaten food goes in the garbage. i cry.

i'm a huge fan of leftovers. it may or may not be as delicious the second time around, but it definitely reminds you of the first time around, which i always think is pretty awesome.

obviously, thanksgiving is one of the biggest and BEST leftover situations ever. i actually look forward to finishing the meal so i can rest and then go back for round two late late late in the evening, or, even better, for brunch the next day.

i don't want to brag (i totally do), but we do thanksgiving like we walked out of a fancy magazine. everything is done beautifully, and the presentation is amazing. i can't take all (or any) credit for this, as it's my in-laws who are the culinary geniuses. but i can damn sure enjoy the fruits of their labours.

anyway, i just finished the best day-after meal i think i've ever had. it rivaled yesterday's dinner because i didn't actually have to wait for it. i just plopped myself down at my brother-in-law's table and dug in like i just got back from an weekend on survivor island.

and now i'm just counting down until i can dig into the "care package" they sent home with me.

oink *burp* oink, baby.

ps. 90 minutes of cardio allows me to do this with ZERO guilt today. thank god for the treadmill.


shake that thing.

instead of the usual treadmill run wherein i race myself and/or whomever is lucky enough to be on the treadmill next to me, i opted for a double dose of exercise classes at swerve this morning.

the first was an hour-long sculpting class which was designed to, um, kick my butt. the second was a world beat workout designed to showcase my awesome raw talent when it comes to "rhythm" and "dancing." in fact, my dance moves have been compared to elaine from seinfeld, shakira and, uh, your momma.

(maybe i am the only one who has compared my dance moves to shakira's, but let's be honest, these hips don't lie.)

anyway, i don't really have a point other than to say, hey, it feels good to workout for two hours before facing a day of stuffing myself silly.


gobble, gobble, gobble......


the city will be mine! MWAHAHAHAHHAHA.

so the bad thing about not going home to MN for the holidays is well, i don't get to see my lovely family (and rapidly growing nieces! 4 of them!). however, my parents are coming to visit in a few weeks anyway, and i get to paint the town red with them. (they are crazy, beleeev dat)

the good news is:
  • LA becomes more quiet and more manageable during the holidays because, like, EVERYONE leaves
  • i love lack of traffic
  • i have a beautiful set of in-laws in LA that can cook the living daylights out of a turkey
  • they live stumbing distance away
  • so if there was traffic, i could walk home if i wanted to
  • i get to clean my closet (SO EXCITED!)
  • i don't have to suffer through a northwest flight
  • no plane-induced dehydration
  • plenty of wine-induced dehydration
  • i have absolutely NO agenda for the next four days except this: eat, drink, run my ass off, REPEAT

happy thanksgiving eve, my lovelies!


upward drunkability.

so maybe i forgot to mention that when i went out sunday night and partied at the four seasons, i was with one of my high-level co-workers from NY. turns out? she's pretty awesome, which was evidenced by the fact that she let aaron & i crash her pad in central park when we were in town for the marathon a few weeks ago.

anyway, to repay her kindness and generosity, we thought we'd treat her to the $15 prix fixe menu at one of our favorite restaurants (we are soooo classy). only, she opted NOT to do the prix fixe and instead ordered off the *gasp* regular menu. she can't help it that she's fancy. but she DID indulge in the $10 bottle(sssss) of wine with us. or were they water? because good! god! damn! those bottles went down like chilled agua.

anyway, over the course of the evening as i got progressively more awesome and sophisticated, i confessed that i really really really, like, wanted to get more involved with some of the higher level work stuff. because obviously, if i can drink $10 bottles of wine like a fish, god knows what i can do whilst wielding more responsibility with our client's BILLION DOLLAR BUDGETS. right?

so she chuckled and back-burnered the information. and off we went to party at the four seasons.

cut to the part where my friend gently harrassed david spade.

cut to the part where i harrassed the guy who played the stalker on blades of glory.

cut to the part where we all kind of SUBTLY noticed kid rock at the end of the bar.

cut to the end of the night where i was asked to "not take a nap" on the couch in the bar area.

and then cut to today when i had a nice email in my inbox from her with the subject "per our drunken conversation...." to which i GASPED. oh shit. what did i say ...

it was only when i opened and read the email that i realized this was a GOOD thing and that she had just planted the seed for me taking on more responsibility starting, oh.. right about now.

so yay!

moral of the story? don't ever confuse a guy that has a beard for david grohl just because he has a beard. chances are? it's not him. and if it is? he probably totally likes people who fall asleep on couches at the four seasons bar... so hey, on second thought, knock yourself out.

this soup is hottt

Tenna: this soup makes me SO hot
Ruby: hahaha
Ruby: that is funny to me
Tenna: hahahaha
Tenna: like temp hot
Ruby: riiiiiight
Tenna: not like "oh thai soup you love me long time" hot
Ruby: suuuure
Ruby: but like "oh thai soup you make me feel so warm inside and let's snuggle" kind of hottt
Tenna: yes, exactly!


nothing is funnier than a good poop toy.

ok so, i might have regressed to the mental state of a 3rd grader, but this article about crazy, weird toys from around the world had me laughing so hard i almost simultaneously peed and hurt myself (in reality, i did neither of those things, but still, UM HILARIOUS)

it features such toys as this plush pee & poo set:

i know! why didn't they have this toy when i was young? i could have been the envy of my friends.

but please, run along and read for yourself. you'll probably be a better person if you do.

party like a ?

the thing is, when someone comes to town that you used to party with in college, you tend to regress back to your college selves.

only, without the resiliency to bounce back.

basically, i'm hurting today after a long, hard weekend of pure hollywood-inspired debauchery.

it included, but was not limited to:

indian food, thai food, wine bars, live music, kid rock, david spade, the four seasons, sunday supper at dominicks, yoga, more yoga, running, hiking, beaching, hollywood adventures, shopping and etc.

to summarize: good effing times. and also? I AM SPENT.

good night!



do you ever wake up after a night of partying and wonder to yourself, "am i still drunk?"

yeah, me neither.



so my friend heather is a yoga instructor in minnesota. as part of her visit, she wanted to go to some yoga classes to pick up some hot new moves and such.

i haven't done yoga since about a week before the big race. turns out? yoga kicked my ass yesterday, as did a little hike we took. me sore.

but? we decided to go again today anyway.

is it weird that doing yoga two days in a row has made me ALMOST as sore as running for four and a half hours in one day?

it really does kind of hurt to walk right now.

i'm such a puss.



so far today i slept in, went for a hike and spent an hour at the yoga studio.

next i will get a pedicure, go to happy happy hour and then party.

why isn't every day like this?


happy friday!

i know for you suckers, it's actually thursday. but for the me, it's Friday because i'm opting out of working tomorrow.

opting out.

in other SUPER EXCITING NEWS, the holiday episode of monk will be airing on 12/7/2007. set your DVRs for the exciting episode with lots of Monk-Shooting-Santa-Clause-Action and also?


just a little thing we like to call his TELEVISION DEBUT.


aaron also just booked a guest star on an upcoming episode of CSI:NY. updates on that to come.

I mean, when you're hot, you're hot.

en fuego.


so it's day 15 of the nablopomo challenge and so far, so good. except maybe? my posts are less meaty than usual and don't have the right amount of fortitude.

but no one said you had to write 30 QUALITY posts. just, um, 30 posts.

as it is, i am TRYING my hardest to be entertaining on an every day basis. but listen, people. it turns out that I'M JUST NOT THAT FUNNY. and also? writing a lot is HARD. now i can kinda relate to those people out on the picket lines.

except? they get paid for writing and i just get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.



so i spent a good portion of last night cleaning my bedroom, bathroom and the office. hell, i even washed the dishes and did the laundry and put everything away this morning. my goal? to have the house as clean as possible before the cleaning lady comes today.

because i can't have the cleaning lady thinking we are SLOBS, now can i?

not coincidentally, my friend heather is flying in from MN tomorrow night and will be staying the weekend.

we're going to eat food off the floor on account of how clean it will be. it's going to be GOOD EFFING TIMES, YA'LL.



i was planning to funnel all my energy and passion into helping eradicate KILLER MONKEYS, but then paris hilton brought to light the DRUNKEN ELEPHANTS epidemic.

now, i don't know WHAT to do.


just in time for the writer's strike, i think heroes is finally getting good.




i'm back to my pre-marathon weight.

just in time for the holidays.

i'm finally feeling like my old self and slithering into pants that were getting way too tight during training.

so let me get this straight:
marathon training = fat, puffy feeling.
post-marathon lack of training = fitting nicely into skinny jeans.

why the hell did i do this again?

oh right. sense of accomplishment.


seven years ago.


happy anniversary to us.


birth control.

i went to a baby shower today. and, i confirm i am about 110% not ready to have a baby anytime soon.

i mean, someone gave the mom-to-be BUTT PASTE.

THE HELL? i don't even WANT to know.

so that was good.

although, i am VERY happy for everyone with babies. they are all really awesome and yes i want to see 1,000,000 pictures of them. no really, i do.

who was it that said, dreams are like pictures, you only really want to see/hear about them if you're in them. i don't know either, but whoever said it is pretty awesome.

in other news: guess who ran 6 miles today? and guess who's looking for a half marathon to run? OH SHIT. the b*tch is back.

(running a marathon is like having a baby. eventually, the pain memories subside and you think HEY I KNOW WHY DON'T I DO THAT AGAIN. or so i'm told)


dark and dank.

so we dug our way through the throngs of WGA picketers at the Fox lot today and made our way to houston's at the century city mall. only, it was an hour wait. FOR LUNCH.

so the, um, seven of us headed upstairs to PINK TACO instead and dined in the dark, dank atmosphere. indeed, it was a pleasant experience enhanced by margaritas and chardonnay.

and yeah, i said DANK. WHAT?

(ps. it really wasn't dank. i just like to pretend it was because it gives a better :feel: to the story.)

DANK! fun word.


as we exited, i stipulated: "it's always weird when i leave a dark, pink taco and enter into the light of day."

i know! i should know better now that i've been trained in harrassment. ah well.

interestingly enough, i had a note when i returned from a blog reader whom i've never met that saw me at the PINK TACO. AND DIDN'T SAY HI! whatever, shy guy.

hidden immunity.

so i'm finally all caught up on survivor. and !&*#^!&*(#^@&*(!!

the more i watch, the more bummed i am that i'm not on the show.

it's so riveting these past few weeks. totally probably because we are a little bit crushing on james, which means that we are totally invested in seeing him be successful. but what worries me is that we are totally invested in james.

which means, uh-oh.

because, well, my track record for seeing people i like make it all the way is ...pretty much 1 for 1000.

odds? not so good.

oh, james.

in other news, amazing race just started up this past week. it's like double dose of awesome.

i'm tempted to brush off the old video camera and make some more audition videos for both shows.

maybe? 2nd time is a charm.

visualize this.

**click to enlarge**

morning excitement

getting ready to start!

running scared

can you find the ninjas?


nothing but smiles!

time to party!


***SAVE THE DATE***OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY!!! fun games food booze

this subject line of a recent email is why i love where i work.

among other reasons, of course.

and ps, is it ALREADY holiday party season? crickey.

the one where i relinquish my stranglehold on the stache

it has been brought to my attention, albeit a bit late, that this month has been dubbed by some as "MOVEMBER."

for me to post this information on my blog is like me saying, hey, maybe it DOES make sense to drink non-alcoholic beer or drink decaf coffee. essentially, i mean that this goes against my innate nature. it goes against my grain, if you will.

since, well, i HATE moustaches. HATE.

but anyway, i will put my hate for face fur aside for this very important announcement.

Movember - Changing the face of Men's Health
Movember (the month formally known as November) is a charity event held during November each year.

At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants known as Mo Bros then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their Mo (Australian slang for moustache) and along the way raise as much money and awareness about male health issues as possible.

Movember culminates at the end of the month at the Gala Partés. These glamorous and groomed events will see Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan and Borat look-a-likes battle it out for their chance to take home the prestigious Man of Movember title.

While growing a Mo (moustache) is left to the guys, Mo Sistas (ladies who support their guys or love Mo's!) form an important part of Movember by recruiting Mo Bros, helping to raise funds and attending the highly anticipated Gala Partés.

But it's not all fun and games, so why the extreme behavior?

Which ever way we look at it, men are far less healthy than women. The average life expectancy for men is many years less than females; seven years less for African American men and five years less for Caucasian men.



back on the horse?

i admit it. i was a little hesitant/scared to run again. i had heard enough horror stories about people who finished marathons and then, like, literally hung up their running shoes. i didn't want to be one of those people because, hi, i love running. even if i hate it. i still love it. right?

so i got home from work today and of course, aaron the freak of nature was all, hey i ran today. and i was all oh, really. that's nice (!!!) so my immediate reaction was: I MUST RUN TONIGHT. so it was already almost 8p and i was starving, but whatever, it was running shoes on and i was out the door and then i was at the gym. standing on the treadmill.

in my mind i was having a conversation that was kind of like: ONLY ONE WAY TO CONQUER YOUR FEAR IS TO FACE IT. and by face it, i mean RUN. RUN LIKE THE WIND.

anyway, long story short, i was able to pump out 2 miles on the treadmill, 1 on the elliptical and 3 on the bicycle.

so, i guess? im making my way back into the game one step at a time.

i need a new hobby.

horse face.

here's what a wind-burnt peg-legged marathon-finishing person looks like. and then there's that person's husband who wasn't really very sore at all and also? wore his hat, mittens and long-sleeved shirt the entire time and wasn't "that hot."

me? i chucked my hat, mittens and long-sleeved shirt at mile 2 because i was already over-heating.

i love la.

don't get me wrong, i do loves me some new york. but i have to say, there are probably a lot of places i would rather be hanging out after running a marathon. one of those places? MY CAR. oh my sweet car. how i missed it so. i actually didn't mind sitting in my regular commute traffic this morning because, guess what? i wasn't walking down the street in 4" heels in the windy cold. i was sitting in my car in 4" heels in the not-so-very cold. also? i had my KROQ pumping and my sugar-free red bull fizzing. i was not at the mercy of public transportation purveyors nor was i crowded into a train with people who smell weird.

but again, normally, i can't get enough NY.

i just need to go back when i'm my normal, walk/run-loving self.

ya heard?



i'm not going to lie. i've been a giant piglet since the day i arrived in nyc. i ean, i was carb-loading and eating way more than a petite girl should BEFORE the marathon, but i think last night's all-you-can-eat chicken wing excursion at blondies might have been one of the most gluttonous (YET DELICIOUS) displays of pigginess yet.

but, um, so good. all you can eat! for $11.95. amazing.

also good? lots of wine & vodka sodas.

the only part that wasn't so good? hot sauce combined with wind-burnt lips. yeouch.

anyway, in case you were wondering, i feel fabulous today, i.e., my legs work again.

who knows? i just may be back on the treadmill this weekend.

or maybe i will just be lying on my belly getting massaged all weekend. either or.

last but not least, i made it into the NY Times marathon section yesterday. so cool.


f*cking ow.

ok, so. my unofficial official time according to is 4 hours and 39 minutes. i happy about this time for a couple reasons.

1. it was under 5 hours
2. i kicked katie holmes' butt (she finished in 5 hours and 29 minutes)

the race itself was a huge test of fortitude for me. my worst nightmare came true when my IT band syndrome pain kicked in just before the halfway point. i had a decision to make at the point: walk the rest of the way or push through the pain and finish with pride.

guess which i picked?

so, at that point i was on pace to finish in 4:26, which i guess isn't too far off from what i actually finished at, but i went from averaging 9:45 per mile to over 10:30 per mile in the 2nd half. all things considered, i'm actually pretty proud of myself for pushing through the pain for more than half of the race. normally when my knee starts hurting like it did, i just stop. oh, and for additional fun, my right knee which NEVER gives me problems started hurting as well. it was sheer insanity that allowed me to run in that much pain.

but also? it was aaron's super strength that pushed me through. he was 100% positive the whole time, even when i was yelling F*CK!!!! at the top of my lungs. he was a rock of awesomeness and there really isn't any way i would have finished the way i did without him. we crossed the finish line holding hands in the air, and it was one of the BEST feelings i've ever had.

also? the spectators ROCKED my face off. it was so inspiring and awe-inducing to see the turnout. the city and the day was beautiful.

but today? i'm staying "home" from work, working from my hotel room because my legs? aren't working right now.



i did it. it was painful, amazing, exhilirating, frustrating, beautiful and crazy.

i'm so glad it's over, but i'm so glad i did it.

unofficial time (per the GPS watch): 4:35
clock time: 4:55
offical time: stay tuned!

thanks to the city of NY for making my first and LAST marathon experience a f*cking awesome one.

NOW! we party!!!!!!!



i'm eating myself silly. last night marks the first occassion in recent memory that i've ordered pasta for dinner.

and man, was it good. we ate at giorgione and i had OCTOPUS to start, and theni had the risotto with scallops, mushrooms and asparagus. i finished it off with PUMPKIN gelato. my friends, it was so much yum i could barely handle it.

normally, im all about protein and salad and super mostly boring. but not here, and not now.

if you're going to carb load, might i suggest NEW YORK for the occassion? yumster.

ps. i feel like a beluga whale with all this "stored energy." and now? i'm off to little italy to meet a bunch of friends and get even fatter.



i've been trained in harrassment.

traveling to NY didn't get me out of manager harrassment training. oh, no, it didn't.

i've been on a webex presentation (INTERACTIVE! WITH CHAT FEATURES!) with my LA counterparts for more than an hour going through the do's and don'ts of harrassment.

essentially: harrassment is a don't. GOOD TO KNOW.

it shouldn't have taken this much of my precious time to figure that out, but hey. there are some really retarded people with management jobs in this world.

oh shit, i just made a discriminatory comment. i'm fired.


another thing to do.

november is officially national blog posting month or somesuch, which essentially means i am going to attempt, along with my fellow bloggers, to post ONE ENTRY PER DAY FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER.

good luck to me, and good luck to us all.


as you were.

we are here.

the dork ship has landed. we've been running around the city of new york with our official marathon backpacks on, like chickens with our heads cut off trying to obtain everything we need to before the onslaught of "OTHER" touristy marathoners befall the city.

but finally now, we are officially marathon bib holders and we are completely stocked up on offical marathon gear. EFF YES MUTHA EFFERS.

additionally, we have walked nearly a marathon in the city trying to find a satisfactory place to eat. we settled on cheap chinese/japanese food and cheap wine, and listen, you wont hear any complaints from me because.. well, i am about to pass out on my keyboarzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.