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spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can...

for reasons that are sort of still sort of unclear to me, we have six reserved seats for the 10:40a showing of spiderman on saturday. is it just me, or is that super weird? or, conversely, is that SUPER AWESOME?


so super cultured.

  • thursday night was japanese sushi from here & french wine
  • friday night was salsa dancing,cuban food and italian wine here
  • saturday is thai food from here with californian wine
  • sunday will be greek food at my friend's beach pad here

just thought i'd impress everyone with my cultural diversitado. diversitado is a word i just made up. i'm also an impressive linguist.


GO MEAT so awesome.

someone mentioned as they thought i would get a kick out of it. a kick? a KICK? talk about the best commercial campaign i've ever seen in my entire life! so great.

this campaign is so amazing i can barely contain myself. seriously. i'm ROTFLMAO so hard it hurts.

ps. i used to be a cheerleader, shocking, no?


fast food is funny.

in case you haven't seen this yet, here's a nice little photo essay from my favorite blog on fast food: ads vs. reality

i would recommend looking at this before you eat. or maybe way after you eat. er.. hmm.

sneak peak:

Arby's Beef 'n' Cheddar

and so on. click here for more>

omg! no way!

**pussycat dolls finale spoiler**

ps. PCD = pussycat dolls. justsoyaknow.

like, OMG, can you believe that asia is going to be the next PCD? that is so crazeeeee!

i, like, TOTES knew it wasn't going to be chelsea. she totally doesn't have any flavor in her dance moves, you know? and i guess she can sing and whatever, but the PCD don't "do" awkward, and chelsea is awkward personfied. LOL!! LOL!!!!

we (aaron) had our money on melissa r., she was the BEST, IMHO, but i guess, the judges just can't see real talent when it's standing there shaking its boobs in their faces. oh well, better luck, uh, next time melissa r. i love you the most! LYL!

and yes, i did watch every episode of this show. what? them girlz can dance, yo!


they're back! sweet baby jesus, they're back...

ok. first of all let’s just take a moment to toast the return of our favorite show. cheers, i’ll drink to that. *i’ll drink a few to that, yo*

**heroes recap**

so let’s see... where are we? bennett, parkman and radioactive ted are all being held captive by the eeeevil mr. roberts. roberts & friends decide to eff with bennett a little more, apparently, for shits & giggles by having our favorite shape shifter take on the role of “clare.” but bennett smells a rat, and by “rat” i mean “candice.” rat-like indeed. makes it hard to trust anyone, you know? bad deal. not fun.

anyway, magical mind powers allow bennett to “talk” to matt in a distant cell and he walks him through a pretty zesty escape plan. and by “zesty,” i’m talking “awesome.” matt ends up needing BitterTed’s help, but with a little power of ye olde persuasion, ted reluctantly succumbs to matt’s wiley charms and bingo bango, the three horseman have flown the coop. see ya, evil roberts, wouldn’t wanna be ya. now the plan is to take down the dastardly tracking system so they can roam the world a bit more freely, ya heard?

back at grandma mansion, clare’s getting an earful about picking a bad time/place to try and do a little family reunion action. you know, seeing how the world is about to go nuclear any day now, and all. clare is understandably emotional, and predictably teen-angsty about having to travel to stupid paris with her stupid grandma. life sucks! waa. but it gets a little worse when mohinder arrives at the door with peter’s corpse in like, a taxi.. i mean, and you thought YOU were having a bad day!? nathan gallops in soon after and acts appropriately emotional while grandma conspires inappropriately in the shadows. “i know peter’s dead and your long lost daughter is here, but you have an election to win, nathan. let’s try to stay focused here. FOCUS!!”

ohhh grams!

ps. peter lives, thanks to clare’s super-glass-shard-removal-skills. and his hair, post-death? AWESOME.

linderman continues to weave a very tangled web, first, by revealing that he can “heal things” which is a pretty handy power to have in cases where certain exploding mans might need to be revived after blowing up cities, but let’s not count our chickens before they are hatched. linderman has been collecting the artwork and/or crafting this whole scenario bit by bit. so i’m a little confused as to what comes first, the linderman or the exploding man? you know? like is he CREATING this whole thing, or is just following along, like us? [insert confusion here] and like, is he good or evil? [insert more confusion]

anyway, i guess he wants jessica to hand over micah for a very important “job” now that hana has gone AWOL (ps. where the hell is hana??) and since jessica suddenly has a conscience, she responds with a definitive “no” and shakes her booty on out of there. well, you know, whenever there’s trouble, candice is there on the double and so she hands over micah whilst wearing jessica’s shape, which i don’t happen to think is going to end well for candice. i don’t know. unless getting your arms & legs ripped off by a she-animal is a metaphor for things “ending well.”

other items of note:
  • sylar kills isaac. we may have seen it coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier to handle. stupid sylar.
  • Future Hiro and ando decide to try to find isaac (oblivious to the fact that he may have died five years ago) and run into Future Future Hiro, who, by the way, is looking mightly fine. or, at least, better than Past Future Hiro. it’s little bit awkward, i'm not going to lie.
  • i know i’m probably missing some other key moments, but this recap has become long to the point of ridiculum, so i will now open the heroes blargh forum for all two of your insightful insights and comments. so, what are you waiting for? ... GO.


if i had a quarter for every time this happened to me..

i am in utter lust with this commercial at the moment. so hilar, it hurts me.

totes addicted

during a recent flight to minneapolis from LAX, i found myself sans laptop (i had left it had home for the short weekend trip to ensure that i wouldn't do any work whilst on vacation) and i had somehow managed to forget to bring any reading material. i was desperate for some sort of entertainment, so i decided to check out the BrickBreaker game on my crackberry.

i can now officially admit that i'm hopelessly and shamelessly addicted to it.

i find myself sneaking it in whenever i have a moment of waiting time- anytime, anywhere. i've started to make up reasons for sneaking away just so i can get in a quick fix without anyone interupting me. it's defintely a problem. the good news is that i quit my job and when i leave they are going to want their company-issued crackberry back, so i guess i will have to just up and quit: cold turkey.

i'm a little sad though, you know? because yesterday i beat my personal best and i'm up to level 15 now with nearly 9000 points. (i know! AMAZING!)

but anyway. i wanted to know if i was alone in my addiction, and of course, it turns out, i'm defintely not. i totally feel better after reading this: Newest CEO Hurdle: BlackBerry Game Addiction. it also pleases me to no end that i've joined the ranks of some really important CEOs who share my affliction. (ps. watch the video, it's hilar. well, maybe only to BB addicts...)

next up on my to do list? convince my new employer that i'll be "so much more productive" if they hook up that crackberry, and pronto.



survivor - china

i guess i won't be going to china, then, seeing as i'm not going to be on survivor 15.

you stink!

well it’s no secret that i think mookie is a few cards short of a full deck. but i guess i also underestimated the relative ignorance of dreamz. or is it brilliance? i really can’t tell. however, the “four horsemen” might have to go down as simply the worst alliance EVER.

in the aftermath of tribal council, mookie is yelling at dreamz for “screwing them both.” but if i remember correctly, it was mookie who voted against the alliance, right? so i get completely lost in his logic. um...huh?

the reward challenge reveals that yau is universally loved, that no one would invite boo over for dinner, and that everyone hates stacy and thinks she smells bad. and also? they never want to see her again after they leave the island. awesome.

cassandra wins by answering every single question correctly, so she takes dreamz, boo and yau on a magical mystery yacht ride with her and sends MOOKIE to exile (hee). earl? gets to stay home and baby-sit the remaining horsemen, apparently. poor earl.

yau and cassandra work on luring dreamz and boo to the dark side, but can see “in their eyes” that they aren’t 100% in. and this is: NOTED. with a capital N. back at camp, dreamz reveals to NON-four horsemen that mookie is going to slip alex the immunity idol so they should counter act this measure by voting for mookie. since dreamz is not so much “good” in the “manipulation department,” as he walks away stacy suggests they counter act the counter action and vote EDGARDO. it seems brilliant, but yet i wonder how stacy all of a sudden became “smart” and “trustworthy.” i missed the part how they went from hating her to having her in their alliance. hm.

anyway, the plan actually works brilliantly and edgardo is COMPLETELY shocked, alex is severely saddened (and now? IDOL-LESS) and mookie looks and feels dumber than ever, if that’s even possible. sorry fellas. rocky and michelle are loving it on the sidelines, however. hee.

oh, and i forgot to mention that OF COURSE yau man wins the endurance challenge. i mean, come on, it’s YAU. (pay up, aaron.)

next week: dreamz attempts to back pedal. yau’s idol is compromised. alex still mistakenly thinks he is running this game. love this show.


idol worship.

i think i almost saw simon cry.

sanjaya got voted off.

i'm back, b*tches.


lost rocks.

can't deny.

so good lately.

recap du jour


merge dynamics

**survivor recap**
the merge episode is always one of the best of the season. this season’s merger dynamics were undoubtedly some of the best ever, considering two immunity idols are in play instead of just one.

i love the dramatic irony in this situation because we know so much that the contestants don’t know. for example, as far as the old moto is concerned, lisi was the only person on ravu who could have feasibly known about and found the idol. they have no idea that she was retarded enough to share the clues or that the tribe members on ravu were retarded enough to let THREE people in on the secret location or that OF ALL THE PEOPLE, mookie finds and thusly gets control of said immunity idol. (that is three strikes for ravu, if you’re keeping track.) seriously, MOOKIE? anyway.

the old ravu has no idea, obviously, that yau man has the idol and that he and earl are in a seemingly air-tight alliance. ravu’s resident idiot is retarded enough to bring dreamz into their alliance by REVEALING that he has the idol, much to the chagrin of ed & alex. MOOKIE! GAH!!! but ed & alex aren’t winning any brilliance contests themselves as they propose to bring stacey into the alliance, which is obviously NOT going to go over well with dreamz. nor mookie, for that matter. but the effects of this remain to be seen.

by the way – this would also have to go in the books as the worst merger celebration EVER, as the contestants soon learn that they are returning to a gutted moto island and NO FEAST awaits their newly formed tribe. so. sad.

so now that we’re all thoroughly confused, it’s time for an immunity challenge. except, as always, nothing is at it seems. the tribe is split in two, and it is revealed that only the losing sub-tribe will be going to council. also? they won’t get to talk to anyone on the other sub-tribe NOR amongst themselves to strategize. d’oh!

so the tribe with yau and earl wins, naturally (because they rock my face off) which means the tribe with dreamz, mookie, alex, michelle and stacey is off to fend for their lives.

this is where it gets dicey. alex actually plays jeff brilliantly by making it totally obvious and clear who he is going to vote for. mookie doesn’t get the memo (i have a feeling most of mookie’s life is this way) and ends up being the only “horseman” to vote against the alliance. *sigh*

anyway, sadly, my good friend michelle is sent packing which will definitely compromise my earl/yau alliance and keep me on the edge of my seat in the upcoming eps. and since that’s why i love this game... well, then, yay!

next week – mookie gets called out for the dumbass he is. F*CKING MOOKIE! ahh. in other news, dreamz is totally growing on me. who woulda thunk it!?


it's just 420, honey

last night while we were watching a completely RIVETING episode of lost, a slice of breaking news appeared on our screen. this is what is said:

snoop dogg gets probation!

*and there there was a pause*

but can still smoke pot!

*and then they showed the abc news logo*

abc news, you're pretty rad.

thank god, though, right? i was worried about snoopizzle deeohdouble gee.


inferno: on fire!?


you know it's going to be wild wacky season when someone gets punched in the face before the challenges even start.

what i don't understand is this: how did the cameras miss the part where CT goes up to Davis and punches him? Clearly, CT was ass-drunk (my favorite is when he throws faux punches at the camera man as he exits the bathroom) so why would they, FOR ANY MOMENT, take the cameras off of him? CT was totally a jar full of entertainment just on his own, so i just have to wonder where the cameras where when punches were thrown. this perplexes me so.

not that i enjoy watching gay guys getting punched in the face. i just enjoy reality people in general getting punched in the face. NO! i don't... however, i do think this was just davis' karma from that stupid stunt he pulled early in the real world:denver season with tyree. but! i digress.

no one deserves to be punched in the face like that.


anyway, if CT had to go, i'm glad derek "the bulldog" is in as his replacement. derek is just RW/RR challenge: personified. loves him.

and i guess it's just the standard newbie insecurity whining and vying for position and alumni ego clashing that it's always been, so, i guess, YAY!

it has the makings of a good season ... but my expectations are going to stay cautiously low becase i've been burned before, mr. inferno.

and if there's one thing about me, it's: i'm no dummy. (no comment)


Cadbury Eggs...smaller?

this clip is fabulous. if you like things that are funny. and i know YOU do.

(looks like someone was spending some time on youtube today. hrm.)

Sad Kermit - Hurt

feel the pain with the kermster. hurts so good. if hurt is wrong, i don't ever want to be right. and so on.


we didn't get home until past midnight on sunday night, so i didn't get to watch entourage until last night. i'm so glad this show is back. i just love it so.

so... where are we...

drama is emerging as a definite favorite of mine (and aaron's). he's totes hilar, and effortlessly so. i actually find him to be funny of the laugh-out-loud variety. a rare find.

then there's sweet little turtle, who somehow pulls off an ingenius birthday party situation for vince. sponsored by victoria's secret, carvel, skyy..... loves it. it was so wrong it was actually... right. i nearly spit out my water when they had vince pose with a bottle of skyy whilst blowing out his birthday candles. so great.

vince is just ehhhhh vince, as usual. he's a lot like a president - just a figurehead whose worth is extracted from the company he keeps. his loyal followers need him, but moreso because they need something to believe in more that they actually need him for him. knowwhutimsayin?

and then the lovely E. still has his "little man complex and wants to fight." but he seems so much more chill, for some reason. he's missing the E-fire a little. i was definitely wanting a little more sloan in this epi. love her.

and then there's the battle royale: ari vs. amanda. i'm totally rooting for ari. amanda is just kind of whatever and ari's so ari. LOVES ME SOME ARI. sorry amanda, but you gotsta go. i totally have faith that mr. gold's going to pull some TRUE GOLD right outta his arse.

it's gonna be a good time this season, i can taste it.


heroes gives me the chills

if the video doesn't show up, click->here

two weeks, party people!

ohhhhh myspace.

myspace funny <-click




survivor rocks.

it just does. i’m really sad that i’m not going to be on it next season. i would have kicked some major ass, you know? not to brag, but i would have. it’s totally easy to say that now that i know i’m not going to be cast (but whatever).

there’s something pretty magical about watching yau and earl these days. it conjurs up feelings of last season’s yul/ozzy razzle/dazzle. almost, but not quite. no one PHYSICALLY played the game like ozzy, in my opinion. and also? no one has had better hair. it’s important to have good hair in this game. and no one, NO ONE is as ripped as YUL. 'nuff said.

anyway, earl OWNED the reward/dance competition whilst yau freaking OWNED the immunity/bullseye challenge. i’m not going to say i was actually clapping and raising the roof while i watched, but, um, i was clapping and (maybe a little bit) raising the roof.

this season is almost going too well at this point. for instance: last week i was like, i’d love to see rocky shut the eff up. suddenly? rocky’s toast. this week i was like, if lisi leaves in a cloud of dust, i’ll eat this hot tamale off the floor. consider that hot tamale: eaten. mmmm hot tamales.

so anyway, i sometimes have magical moments during survivor where i’m like wow, it just really doesn’t get much better than this, does it? and i turn to whomever is in the room with me with a sh*t-eating grin on my face and i say as such and then realize shortly thereafter: i’m being ridiculous. but!? it doesn’t matter. because at THAT moment? it doesn’t get any better than that. it just doesn’t get any better.

speaking of those moments, i had that during the amazing race a week ago when i realized that the midget/cousin team was kicking some SEVERE ass and it was such a mind-blowing coup that i honestly sat there, slack-jawed for more than twenty minutes pondering the awesomeness of it all while aaron had to clean my drool up off the floor. i was THAT in awe of the awesomeness.

hey! i’m going to start a new saying for myself.

"i put the awe in awesomeness."

don’t be jealous.

it’s at this point that i realize the quantity of wine that i’ve had divided by the amount of food i’ve had multiplied by the idea that tomorrow morning i’m off to ski for the first time in 16 years has made me DELIRIOUS. and, as such, i’m making like a baby and heading the eff out.



i want this t-shirt

don't you?

order it here


google = hilar

check out google's version of an april fool's day joke:


hilar. i think.

i didn't know henry the 8th was so ...

so i watched episodes 1 & 2 of the tudors (on demand) last week while i was visiting my in-laws. i'm not going to recommend that YOU watch this show with YOUR in-laws unless you are in the habit of watching soft-core porn with your in-laws. which i'm not, turns out. but i'm not saying it was that awkward, since my in-laws are pretty freaking awesome, but it was a lot of soft-core sexy action that maybe, next time, i will opt to watch in the privacy of my own home.


anyway. obviously, it's more than just sexy time. there's some other stuff going on and apparently, it's getting good reviews. soooo i guess what i'm wondering is: is anyone that reads this here blargh watching that show? and then? do you like it? inquiring minds DO want to know.


I got five on it

in lieu of writing any in-depth recaps of the numerous awesome shows i watched over the past week, i'm just going to give you my favorite moments...

1. whitney from the hills falls down the stairs on a live TV modeling segment (see it here)

2. michelle falls off a perch during a reward challenge on survivor ( here it is)

3. during a flashback on lost, they show that guy getting sucked into the plane's engine again. hilar.


4. natasha's photo shoot on america's next top model was pretty dope

5. yau man finds the immunity idol, and then creates a faux one and buries the fake to fool the others. possibly one of the best sequences i've ever seen on survivor. ever. i effing loves me some YAU!

and there ya go. top five brought to you by MOI, inc.