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minne, you hurt me.

my sister (who lives in minnesota) just reminded me that AI was on last night, and wondered if i watched it. i have to say that i was trying to supress the memory of it and forget it ever happened.

initially, i was all kinds of excited to see the auditions ramping up in lovely minneapolis. I had high hopes that my minne people would do me proud. in fact, i was even wondering to myself how i would celebrate when the first american idol winner from my hometown was announced.

alas, it was not to be so. instead, it was a train wreck of a show that had me scratching my head and flinching in my seat. I know there’s talent in minneapolis. but seriously, where the hell was it?

read this for a better synopsis then i could ever provide: AI recaplet


Heather said...

From a Minnesota-ite's perspective, maybe it's because anyone in Minnesota with musical talent is smart enough to NOT pursue their career through AI. Just a thought!!! I mean really, anyone with real musical talent from anywhere should be smart enough not to pursue it on AI. I guess by musical talent I mean not only can you sing, but you write the songs you want to sing too!! If you want to sing Lionel Richie covers for the rest of your life, then AI is your ticket!

rubiquity said...

heather! that is EXACTLY what aaron said. i think you are both on to something

rockinraquel said...

for sure! i mean i am the karaoke queen and i would never audition on ai...heh (i definitely sound better with earplugs in, tho...) plus i'm too old *sigh*