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maybe i should have worn a padded diaper?

"Yes, spinning is an INCREDIBLE form of exercise. The music, the energy, the sweat… However as a spinning instructor, the most common complaint that I hear … is that Spinning Hurts! Many participants comment that they feel very bruised and sore from the seat. One woman even told me she could hardly walk the next day!" [source]

yeah, so. i finally relented and went to "art's" spinning class at my gym last night. and yes, i'm in pain today. but it was a really good workout, so i guess i got what i was asking for.

anyway! before class started, i jumped on an elliptical and tuned into larry king live for a bit. they were interviewing people (including buzz aldrin!?) about the crazy astrounaut who put on a diaper and traveled, like, 900 miles to kidnap/torture/scare some lady who was apparently in a love triangle?

did this ACTUALLY happen or was i dreaming?


Diaper-wearing astronaut charged with attempted murder of love rival

it's real alright.

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rockinraquel said...

yeah i heard about this on cnn...what a nutcase. apparently she had to go through rigorous psych testing before she could even become an astronaut. obviously they missed somethin' (cukoo)