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we could be heroes

**heroes recap ahead**

someone DOES fly, and someone DOES indeed die. even if you expected it, the way it played out was pretty "unexpected," hence the name of the episode.


so good, right?

let's get to it.

we're finally introduced to hana on the show (she's been making waves online for quite some time now) when she she mind-IMs ted. we get more information about what the two slash-marks on the neck mean, and we learn hana's genius plan for "getting" whoever did this to them. "i can find them and then you can nuke them!" whee. fun for everyone.

meanwhile, mohinder & sylar/zane locate another "freak" and sylar does a, um, really job of gaining dale's confidence by exhibiting extremely nervous (aka murderous) heartbeats which she can hear from miles and miles and/or feet away. bad news? dale loses her head over it. good news? sylar's brain is getting rocked by bad rap music and killer headaches as a result. what goes around comes around, SYYYYLARRRRR.

matt keeps taking the diamonds out of their velvety home and molesting them. he gives his wife a ring, she's too fat to wear it, she brings it to get adjusted, finds out it's worth more than just a few bucks, acts all self-righteous (um...) about thievery and lies (um...) acts annoying and then finally matt is saved by the bell (hana & ted, yay!) see ya, fattie.

peter continues to increase his awesomeness by discovering he also took on sylar's mind control skillz. as peter continues to get frustrated/angry with everyone in his life, his powers continue to grow and he becomes more and more dangerous, just as... predicted. it seems they are definitely setting up for a big sylar/peter showdown in the near future, and i can't wait. peter's the man, dude! oh! and how could i forget - now he can stop bullets (tasers?) in mid-air and fly on command. so. awesome.

too bad claude doesn't appreciate it....

simone yells at isaac (i think), which is getting real old real fast, then she yells at nathan ( i wouldn't do that if i were you) and then up and gets shot by isaac in a VERY unexpected twist of fate. goodbye simone, we hardly knew ye.

in other news,

hiro finally cuts ando loose and does some weird thing to a bullet?? finally, hiro does "something" of interest besides "be funny."

claire totally yells at bennett which makes me really nervous and very excited for her all at the same time. don't mess with claire or ... she will yell at you and cry. eventally, the 3-pack consisting of matt, hana & ted end up at the bennett household and they are totally ready for some answers, and we're talking, like yesterday.

bring it.


Liana said...

Hilarious recap. Love it.

MNBird said...

Don't you just love Heroes? I know I do. I love your recap by the way. Very entertaining way of summing it up. I won't miss Simone and I loved Peter and all his skillz last night.

Sylar is a freak and I hope he has headaches for a long time to come. Do you think Sylar is the one to give Peter the scar that Hiro mentioned early on?

Can't wait for next week. Keep up the good blogging and congrats on your win last saturday night. said...

Loved this episode of Heroes! I totally didn't see Simone's demise coming. Shocking! But, eh, I won't miss her either.

I agree about the Peter/Sylar throwdown. Peter and his new slowdown power thingy is cool! So Matrixy!

HAHA! The 3-pack!!!!! LOVES IT!

Y'know, while me and my sister watched this ep we kept thinking Ted (radioactive guy) was one of the Geico Caveman! Hee hee.

Thanks for the recap, it's good stuff.