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red bull always wins.

**24 recap**

in this week's episode...

milo “heroically” protects marilyn from his dad’s evil henchmen (which, by the way, are probably the worst. henchmen. ever. henchmen is a funny word. henchmen. henchmen. henchmen.) and actually wasn’t milo doing much of anything as much it was jack showing up just in the nick of time (weird) and saving the day (again). poor, awkward marilyn has to make a tough choice that looks like it might end horribly, until jack offers to be the sacrificial lamb and the sorta worthless josh is safe and free as a result. ps. nice try on trying to escape using the old “soda” excuse. um... yeah.

and! just when you think gramps is gonna put a cap in jack’s ass, he *disappears.* oh! but he does leave a phone with a note to holla at ex-president logan so... there’s that.

in other news morris chooses whiskey over red bull and.. loses. never choose whiskey over red bull, friends. red bull RULES. and, ps, if you’re going to shoot liquor, maybe try one with a less potent scent, such as vodka. mmm. vodka. and also? worst endorsement for altoids ... ever. apparently altoids does NOTHING to cover up whiskey breath, and surprisingly, bad things happen when people smell the liq on yo’ breath. *note to self*

something something happens with chad lowe and tom in a dungeon... which i totally saw coming. what? i did! smarmy is as smarmy does. and lowe? like i said – the SMARMIEST. sucks for the prez, but you know, whatcanyado? i know they have to have these plots involving the president and politics and blahblahblah stuff, but eh.... personally, i’d rather see more of morris getting drunk and making weird googly eyes at a shirtless milo. but that’s just me.

i guess that’s it?

update: still NO RICKER. now it’s just getting MEAN.

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I'm excited about the return of weasel ex-president Logan. I hope the ex-first lady comes along for the ride too. Jean Smart plays cuckoo well.