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a little something i like to call "kickin your a%^!"

while the world mourned the loss of britney's hair/sanity/etc. this weekend, a battle of monumental significance went down at my brother-in-law's bbq on saturday evening.

in an intense battle of the sexes, the four ladies emerged victorious after winning 2 out of 3 matches of cranium (TURBO edition). i don't want to brag, but the ladies were pretty awesome.

ok, yes i do want to brag.

to be fair, the ladies' team did bring in a little ringer in round two and turned our 4-squad into a 5-squad.. that "ringer" was of the furry variety and is better known as COSETTE. turns out? cosette is super awesome at the "side show" challenge, also known as the puppet show.

anyway, i just really wanted to post the results of the cranium challenge because we (i) won. woo.

ps. cranium turbo edition is the most fun you'll ever have with your pants on.

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