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some girls have all the luck.

i guess i generally think valentine's day is kind of a lame commerial holiday and aaron & i never get overly excited about it since we've celebrated this day like 15 times together and whatever, you know?

so anyway, a few years ago we found ourselves without plans on v-day and made a last minute attempt to try and get into matsuhisa, which is right down the block from us, but generally has a month-long wait or so to get into when it ISN'T one of the busiest nights of the year. so, we were like, let's just check it out. we walked over there and lo & behold, it was half-empty!! we were shocked! we were even more shocked when they gave us a table by the window, one of the hardest tables to get. so we were just totally enjoying our awesome good luck until...

at some point we found out that the reason the place was empty was because there was a bank robbery down the street (complete with gun shots and everything) and they closed off many of the main streets that went to the restaurant, so people with reservations had to cancel.

in hindsight, we did think it was weird that there was NO TRAFFIC at all on san vicente, which is normally gridlocked at that time of day. hmmm. perceptive much? not us.

and so even though some cop did get shot, no one died so it would seem everyone "won" that particular year on vday.

oh, and the hairy horse crab was definitely righteous that night. uhhh. soooo good.

the end.

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The Angry Georgian said...

This story is so funny. I'll write about my V-Day debacle sometime tonight.