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**24 spoiler - if you haven't seen last night's episode**

this week's episode of 24 was a little more action-packed then last week, but really the most exciting stuff happened in the final moments when the true graem/daddy relationship is revealed and then daddy turns out the lights on graem. um. i'm not surprised, first of all. it's like the unpredictable nature of the twists and turns have made it so that you almost expect the unexpected, if that makes any sense. i'm glad graem is gone, though. so there's that.

i WAS surprised that morris turned out to be the engineer mccarthy was pimping to fayed. i think this storyline has a lot of potential, i have a lot of faith that morris is going to somehow get himself out of this one... mostly because he's quickly become one of my favorite characters this season. and also, chloe can't handle anymore heartache, ya know? poor chloers.

anyway, since that's all i can seem to remember from last night, that must be all that was important. i have high hopes that the two-hour "event" next week will bring some much-needed juice to the party.

*remind me not to schedule any trips to palm springs, paul weller concerts or any other frivolous monday night events that might hamper my viewing experience. **

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