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watch out for boo

** survivor recap **

maybe it was because i decided to slam a diet rockstar and run 6.8 miles before watching survivor tonight, but honestly, i couldn't stop laughing any time "boo" showed up on screen. is this guy for real? he's awesome. he's like a real life SNL skit. i can't wait to see what he's going to get into next! hilar!


so then i started to kinda feel bad about making mad fun of dreamz last week right around the time he started seriously freaking out over "how much food they had" as compared to what's in his fridge at home. that's definitely sad, dreamz. you're still annoying in a "not so bright" kind of way, but i do hope this show brings you more positivity, you know, in the Game of Life.

anyway, i started to come down off my post-run/rockstar buzz somewhere around the time when sylvia's face kept popping on screen with a riduclous use of the buff as a head ornament. i don't mean to be rude, but is she half-retarded?

speaking of half-retarded.... rocky? i thought you had some brains in that sleepy-eyed noggin of yours. getting rid of erica because she is a "threat" this early in the game is not a smart move, dude. not smart. same for you, MOOKIE.

oh, and i really enjoyed earl's sea snake analysis. "snakes are misunderstood. we have an understanding now." damn straight, earl. damn straight.

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s.knight said...

my thoughts on what was a really good episode considering how early on it is in the show...

crazy to see one team laying on couches and being TOO well fed (Boo: "i think this may be the first time in survivor where someone gains weight"...great line) while the other tribe is stumbling around and falling down and licking dirt water and leaves...

When will they ever learn not to send the strong players to exile island? It makes no sense...wouldnt they rather have a weaker person immune from TC instead of a stronger person who now has clues about the hidden does that help them? this really bothers me...

yau-man = hilariously sneaky

rocky & mookie = not so bright, this tribe is in trouble if they are going to listen to them...def shoulda got rid of the bossy annoying sylvia...