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someone flies, someone dies

someone needs to come up with a new tagline...

besides the cheesy promo action, this episode was great on many levels.

**heroes recap ahead**

poor, poor claire. it's disappointment from every angle when it comes to parentals. bad moms, bad dads. the girl can't get a break. i just want to give little claire bear a big hug. and then i want her to kick someone's ass already!!

this was maybe the first episode in awhile where niki/jessica didn't annoy me. maybe that was because i thought for a hot second that they might actually kill her off. but yeah, no. i totally loved how matt used his skillz to figure out that psycho hose beast was creeping around. best crime-fighting power everrrr. too bad no one can out-limb-rip jessica. i mean, no one. i'm glad matt didn't die. he's becoming quite likable.

the whole hiro/ando story was upsetting. damnit hope. not cool to toy with ando's emotions. i have a feeling she's going to regret that... you know, just a "hunch." getting irritated that hiro is power-less though. not much good as a hero if he doesn't have any powers, yeah?

sylar just keeps gettin' mo' and mo' EEEEEVILLLLL. turning solid stuff into liquid stuff is a pretty interesting skill, although my slow brain doesn't know how that will come in handy, yet. but it will, obviously. oh yes, it will.


anyway....i still have lots of tv to watch (2 hours of 24!!!!!!!!!), so maybe more thoughts from my mushy brains later.

someone flies.... someone dies..... *someone laughs hysterically*

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rockinraquel said...

this was a good episode...better than the last one. i like it when new freaks come into play (the lady who can hear sylar's heartbeat for example) creeeepy