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wha he f?

i know! you are all DYING to know what's going on with my dead/alive/dysfuncional sidekick these days. so! i'm gonna fufill your lofty desires with this sordid tale.

remember how the little wheel thing stopped working before i puddle-dunked the 'kick, but then miraculously sprang to life post-dunk?

yeah. excellent, right? but! i knew there HAD to be a catch. and i discovered it today whilst replying to this text:

jason m: hey is it cool if my roommate lindsey comes tomorrow too?

ruby: sure...jus make sure you guys bring somehing o drink
your mom can come oo.

yep. ha' s righ . the " " bu on has jumped he damn shark. his should make ex ing ex remely in eres ing.

effing sidekick!

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