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take another little piece of my heart.

i’ll never forget the first time i saw ryan atwood. it was at the fox upfront presentation in may of 2003. (to be honest, the presentation was more memorable because clay aiken and ruben performed live, but i digress)

anyway, i even wrote about my initial reaction in my (ancient) blog:

The O.C. (FOX) Picks off, in some ways, where 90210 and Melrose Place leave off. It's about (over) privileged young adults living in Newport Beach, CA. It’s full of all the naughtiness and cheesiness I loved about its predecessors, and the main character is totally adorable in an Eminem-meets-Sean Penn way. The best thing about this particular show is that it starts this summer, so I don’t have to wait until September to see it! Fantastic!

yeah, i have to admit i was quite taken with benjamin mackenzie when i first saw the pilot episode. i always gave him the benefit of the doubt, even with bad acting choices and ridiculous storylines. however, at some point during its 4-year stint, i just totally lost interest in the OC. sure, i’d check in to see how everyone was doing now and again, but it was more out of morbid curiousity and boredom than anything else. oh, and i totally tuned in to watch marissa die. that was awesome.

and then i found out they were canceling it. it’s one of those situations where, like a friend you take for granted, you might not talk everyday, but you can always take comfort in knowing they’re still around. and when they move away, to like another state, you're like, shit, i should have called you more often. well, sorry buster, too late now! or something like that.

it truly does make me sad to see it come to an end. i’m glad it’s going out on a relatively high note (i totally admit i’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last four or five episodes) and there will always be a special place in my heart for sweet ryan atwood.

goodbye the OC. and, good luck.


The Angry Georgian said...

I never liked that show, but to each his own I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Love the show. This was the best series because it was different. Marissa was predictable. The penultimate episode shows on Tuesday in the UK.