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**heroes recap**
OK – so a lot happened in this episode and it’s going to be tricky to get it all wrapped up nice and neat, but im a gonna try. just for you. because that’s how much i care.
ok. um. dude, that was a crazy episode. lots of answers, which is awesome. but whoa!! hold the press, we’ve got a live one here.

let’s start at the beginning.

the episode starts out with ted & matt’s perspective on the bennett household shakedown, where they break in and start looking through HRG’s stuff to find some answers, damnit.

(am i crazy or was hana with them last week? don’t answer the “am i crazy” part of that question)

so they want the goods, but chances that HRG has left revealing files around for their reading pleasure is: highly unlikely. but ted’s on the case, “if we can’t look inside his files, there is somewhere else we can look --INSIDE HIS HEAD.”

bennett and family arrive and crazy ted and rationale matt try to figure out a copasetic course of action, but due to ted’s inability to remain calm, things get a lil complicated.

ted reminds me of the incredible hulk. YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE HULK ANGRY.. HULK MEAN WHEN HIM ANGRY.

~~black & white flashback time~~

ERIC ROBERTS appears and, i guess, he’s HRG’s boss. and he looks... ummm, well let’s say he’s interesting-looking and leave it at that. he’s the man of this operation and he’s got some plans for HRG. also in flashback format: a sharp-looking claude and! hiro’s DAD. good. it’s not a party without papa hiro. and then we’ve got mini-hiro, baby claire and at some point we even have teenage haitian, complete with iconic necklace (a la jessica’s tattoo). i love how they can all speak japanese. bad ass.

are you following all of this?

MR. ROBERTS instructs HRG to take the baby, and whatever he says HRG’s gonna do. that’s just how it is, folks. ok so – the deal is if claire “manifests” HRG has to give her up. which is why he’s been lying and mind-melting and etc. all these years. to protect the family, DAMNIT. you can’t help but kind of adore HRG in this episode. now that we know he isn’t well, evil. Ok ... so... he’s not evil but... then, um, HRG shoots claude because he’s been hiding claire or something, i’m not sure, and claude obviously doesn’t die, but he does pull a vanishing act on a bridge.

back to the future...

matt’s trying to get into HRG’s head, and, i gotta admit the old “thinking in japanese” trick is pretty slick. i havent used that in years. then everyone starts getting up in everyone’s heads and then ted has his gun on mama bennett and then, well, per HRG & claire’s request... matt shoots claire to thwart ted’s intentions. pretty intense. PRETTY INTENSE. i love the mind tricks. good times.

so matt & HRG take claire upstairs so that no one has to “see her like that” and then they lay out a much more logical course of action wherein HRG says “do what i SAY so nobody gets hurt.” and to matt “YOU do what i THINK.” i totally loved that line. it loses it’s effectiveness on paper, but it was good. trust me.

OK so, matt & HRG are off to the paper factory to find some TRUTH and HRG yells at the haitian (who used to be mute, but isn’t, but has always been erasing claire’s mom’s memories, turns out), they all go back to the house where claire’s had an unsuccessful escape situation, and ted is stewing in his radioactive fumes... HRG tries to calmly have a dialogue with ted, and then ERIC ROBERTS shows up AND SHOOTS HIM IN THE ARM.. so... radioactive ted goes nuclear and.. yet, doesn’t die. claire gets a little crispy though. and the house is pretty much, well, TOAST.
AND ALL THE NEIGHBORS ARE WATCHING. the haitian is gonna be busy. ps. claire’s brother? worthless and lame.
cut to primatech and ted & matt are all “under wraps” and “gettin’ probed” (i might have made that up) and im still kind of confused about what’s going on, but it looks like HRG is supposed to bring claire back to get into ERIC ROBERTS’ good graces and instead of doing that, he kind of just has the haitian shoot him in the lower stomach. on the left side. it’s better that way.

then? tears, confusion and.... of course ... TO BE CONTINUED.


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rockinraquel said...

yeah, i wanna know why it took the police like 30 minutes to get there? claire's brother called them and - wha happened? that is a pretty posh part of town and, well, i'm pretty sure they would have been there in like 5 minutes...just a thought. good episode, tho'!